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Bridget the Midget

Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

By Nicola Fergeson
Photos Courtesy of Bridget the Midget

Xtreme: Hi Bridget. How are you doing?

Bridget: I’m good.

X: So tell our readers how you got into the business.

Bridget: I got into the business sort of by accident. A friend of mine invited me down, he was a make up person for, I guess a porn, I didn’t know it was a porn. He invited me down to check him out at his job. Oh my god it’s crazy. I actually thought it was pretty neat and started liking it. I talked to the director and there I was wham bam.

X: Do you have any recent projects that you’re working on?

Bridget: I just did a man’s show, Manswers. It’s on Spike TV. I guess the question that they had for me was, “Who makes more money, a feature dancer or a high priced call girl?” I was on the side of the feature dancer. (laughs)

X: How long have you been dancing for?

Bridget: Let’s see I’ve been dancing for about five years now, actually four years.

X: Were you nervous when you first started featuring?

Bridget: First couple of times I danced, I’d say I wasn’t nervous at all. I don’t think I’ve ever been nervous at anything I’ve really done.

X: What kind of shows do you like to put on?

Bridget: I’d say the type of shows I usually put on are burlesque style.

X: I understand that you’ve been in porn films as well. Are you still performing?

Bridget: No.

X: How come?

Bridget: I’d say the guys in the porn industry are dirty and I was afraid I was going to catch something. I heard rumors going around. I had decided to do condom only scenes, but when I did that, a lot of the time, the guys takes the condoms off during the scene, so I said screw that. So I stopped because no one wanted to play by the rules and keep it safe.

X: How many adult movies have you made?

Bridget: I’d say I made about sixty-five, maybe seventy movies, with compilations probably over 110 movies.

X: How has size affected your career?

Bridget: Um, wow. A lot. Everything I do with my career is based around me being little.

X: How tall are you?

Bridget: I’m 3’9.

X: Do you catch any flak from any other little people for being in this business?

Bridget: Yes I do. A lot of little people are quite angry at what I do. They think, well a lot of them think that people are put me up to this and are making me do these kinds of things. They don’t know that I do it all on my own.

X: Do you ever receive any odd fetish type of requests?

Bridget: Uh yeah sometimes. I think the weirdest fetish that I’ve been asked to portray is for me to pretend to be a very, very young person. (grimaces) That’s kind of sick.

X: Are you a member or involved with the Little People of America (LPA)?

Bridget: Little People of America, very interesting. It’s interesting that you know what that is. It’s a foundation that gets together and they have regional conventions and they have these big international conventions every year as well. They’re very interesting. I used to go them all the time. I’d say probably in the last ten years, I haven’t gone because they’re kind of weirded out by what I do. They don’t really approve of it.

X: Have you ever wanted to be a normal size?

Bridget: Of course there’s time I get really frustrated, like when I go on a roller coaster, I wish I could be taller, but it’s not like I want to be a normal size.

X: Do you feel that as a little person, the industry exploits you more than other actors or actresses in the business?

Bridget: I think I get exploited as much as anyone who has found their niche. I don’t know, like if some girl is really, really fat and she finds her niche and she goes by Fat Matilda or something. Yeah, I think we all get exploited for finding our niche.

X: If you could, are there any changes you’d like to see made to the industry?

Bridget: I’d say that the only thing I’d really like to change about the industry is that the porn star women should get paid a little more for porn. I also think they should get some type of residual income for the movies they’ve done.

X: Have you always been a very sexual person?

Bridget: Yeah, every since I learned how to masturbate when I was like six. (laughs) I’ve always been a very sexual person. I love masturbating. I love having sex. I love playing with toys. I love having sex with girls.

X: Have you always been comfortable being fully nude?

Bridget: Yes, I love being nude. I’m probably a natural nudist because when I’m at home and not working I’m always topless, half-naked running around the house. (laughs)

X: What’s your favorite position?

Bridget: My favorite position…I like spooning and I like scissors. I don’t really like doing reverse cowgirl that much. I just bought a swing so that might be my new favorite position. (laughs)

X: Do you like anal?

Bridget: Yes I looove anal. I did two anal scenes in the porn business, one kind of hurt with Ed Powers. The second time it was lots of fun. It’s definitely something that I haven’t done a lot of but I do like it.

X: What’s your best sex act?

Bridget: Fellatio. I’m very good at fellatio. When I was sixteen, I used to be a sword swallower at a renaissance fair, so I don’t quite have the gag reflex that some women have. Yes, I do enjoy fellatio.

X: What’s your dirtiest fantasy?

Bridget: One of my dirty fantasies is that I’d really, really, really, really like to bring another woman into the bedroom when I’m with a guy, a threesome, and have fun.

X: Who’s the most famous person that you’ve fucked?

Bridget: Oh I can’t tell you. I’ve been contractually signed not to tell, but I never kiss and tell anyways.

X: Any person that you liked particularly when working in films?

Bridget: Probably Rob Fantana is probably my favorite guy I got to work with. As a director, David Coldwater did get me some of the hottest chicks, so thank you David.

X: What’s your favorite sex toy?

Bridget: My favorite toy is a strap on. I love strap ons because that means you have to have a girl. (laughs)

X: When you have sex do you like normal sized guys, midgets, guys with big dicks, small dicks, etc.?

Bridget: I like guys who have big dicks and I like guys who are cute. Once you go tall, you don’t go small, so I usually end up being with a lot of taller guys. I mean I’ve been with little guys, and it’s fine.

X: Do you like girls more or guys more?

Bridget: I don’t know. I actually like them the same, except that I have to sway a little bit towards guys, because I’ve been with a girl for years and years and I missed dick so bad. So I think I really need to have a dick there. Girls it’s all good, but I think I go a bit towards the guys.

X: I read that you worked at the Bunny Ranch. What was that like?

Bridget: It was cool. It was fun. I went down there and it wasn’t really my thing. I wouldn’t go back. I’m not the call girl type.

X: You’ve also been on Howard Stern. What was that like?

Bridget: He’s cool, he’s cool. I think behind the camera or when it’s not on, that a personal level he’s very shy, very quiet.

X: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Bridget: Five years from now, hrm, I’d like to have ten kids. I want to have a huge family. I’d like to be super mom.

X: And you have kids now?

Bridget: Yep, I have a son, he’s two and he’s crazy, climbs into everything. He’s about my size.

X: Does your family know what you do? Do they approve?

Bridget: My mom knows what I do. She’s very proud of me because I make a lot of money in a short amount of time. I have a lot of free time so I can stay home with my son, and the fact I don’t have to work so hard every day, you know? I can spend more time with my son.

X: Do you drive?

Bridget: Yes I do. I drive a Ford Explorer and there are pedals so I can drive it. It also has regular pedals so tall people can drive it because it’s got two sets of pedals, bottom ones for regular people and tall ones.

X: Well we’re going to wrap this up. It’s been a pleasure to talking with you. How can your fans get in contact with you?

Bridget: Through Myspace at www.myspace.com/bridgetthemidget08 I’m always looking for hot girls to be my friend on Myspace and you also see where I’m going to be, what I’m doing, where I’ve been.

X: Thanks Bridget!

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