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Heather VanDeven – Sacred Sin

Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

by Maya Cherry
photos courtesy of NinnWorx

X: Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself, Heather?

Heather Vandeven: I grew up in northern California in a really happy family, lots of hippies, in wine country. It was a very liberal upbringing. Just out of high school, I joined the U.S. Army and I served in the military for two and a half years [as] a food and health inspector. I was a full-on soldier, though; I went through basic training, learned how to shoot weapons, hand-to-hand combat…

X: Did you go anywhere?

Heather: Yeah! I actually went to some really exotic locations like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana…isn’t that fascinating?

X: Absolutely! Why did you get out of thaHeather: Well, I only had a two and a half year contract, so I was finished. I didn’t want to make a career of being in the military; I liked my freedom too much, so I got out of the military and started to travel the world.

X: So how did you get involved with Penthouse?

Heather: When I was living in the jungle, I decided that I actually really wanted to model and act, so I moved to L.A. and started working and started modeling. I met an erotic photographer whose name was Ken Marcus, and we became friends. I was doing very traditional acting and modeling and hadn’t done any nude work at all, let alone adult movies, but he showed my picture to Penthouse and they were like, “Wow, this girl’s really beautiful and we’d like to bring her in and see how she tests.” They did a test with me, and my centerfold was in January of 2006.

X: And now you’re up for Pet of the Year.

Heather: Yes! It’s really exciting. We should know really soon.

X: What made you move to hardcore?

Heather: Well, I’d seen some of Michael Ninn’s films, and I just thought they were so beautiful and so well-done; and since working in the adult industry in the capacity that I’d been working in, I wanted more. I had training in acting and I wanted to use that, but I wanted to use it in the erotic sense because I really like the industry and all the people. I told Penthouse that I really wanted to work with [Michael], and they helped me get a meeting with him. We immediately hit it off and he ended up offering me a contract in a matter of our half-hour dinner meeting.

X: Your first movie was “Sacred Sin,” which was a really big deal within the industry. What was it like to just appear on the scene in this huge movie?

Heather: I don’t know, because I’m not even in the scene; so for me, I didn’t experience that at all. How can I explain this? It was my first movie ever, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to. I knew it was a big budget and I knew it wasn’t the normal thing for a porn, but after seeing Michael’s work, I expected a certain level of production, so I was just excited because I had lines, I liked the people I was working with, and it was just a whirlwind… I just did the best that I could.

X: Do you like having sex on camera?

Heather: I do! (laughs) I like women, and I’m an exhibitionist. I think you have to be in this industry.

X: Will you ever consider working with men on camera?

Heather: You know, it is something that I would consider, but not something immediately because I want longevity in my career. And in talking to people and watching other girls’ careers, I’ve found that you can either go and do men immediately and you’re either going to take off or you’re going to be forgotten after a few movies because people don’t need you anymore since they’ve already seen it all. Or you take your time, and I have the gift of being able to do that, and slowly…reveal. The reveal is like a dance.


X: How mysterious. That’s fine anyway, because Michael gets

hot chicks for his movies.


Heather: Superhot! It’s so good for me because I’m so new to it — I mean, SO new — and I feel more comfortable working with women.

X: Have you ventured into the world of toys and strap-ons yet?

Heather: I have in my personal life, and in a few of the movies, toys are involved. I’ve had glass dildos used on me and I use them on other girls. I haven’t tried a strap-on yet. I was actually talking about this the other day to some girls, and they were like, “Wow, that’s crazy! It’s usually the first thing you do!”

X: I bet it’s weird. Don’t you think it would feel weird if you were wearing it?

Heather: I would be into it. I would want to wear it. I like dominating over women…well, I don’t know. I could get into being fucked by it too.

X: Generally speaking, you like dominating chicks?

Heather: With women, I like being the dominant, and with men, I like being dominated.

X: Have you ever practiced that, even mild BDSM? Do you have any fetishes?

Heather: I do have a few fetishes. Being tied up isn’t one of them, but I have been tied up. I really like being choked when I’m getting fucked because it really intensifies the sensation. Not to the point of passing out, but nearly. I also really like it when men wear black suit socks and black bikini briefs.

X: Really?

Heather: It’s a big thing for me. Any of my boyfriends can attest to that.

X: For birthdays, do you just show up with bags of black socks and underwear?

Heather: No, but that’s a smart idea. Usually the men were smart enough to take care of that before I have to buy socks for them.

X: So you really get off on the black socks/black underwear combo?

Heather: Oh, yes.

X: I’ll have to make my boyfriend try that. He doesn’t wear black socks because he doesn’t work in an office…

Heather: Neither do any of my boys.

X: But they do for you!

Heather: I don’t even know where it comes from. I never had an Uncle Chester who molested me or anything, but I guess it is a weird creepy uncle thing.

X: See, now I’m thinking about my dad, and he was a lawyer and would wear black socks.

Heather: Maybe this isn’t good for you then.

X: Okay, we have clearly gotten off-track here. Has anything really good and scandalous happened to you since getting into porn and hanging out with all the crazies? Or even anything before getting into the business?

Heather: This was one of the most interesting sexual experiences that I’ve had. Not too long ago, I had a lover who picked me up from my house and was like, “I have to stop by this church really quick. Do you mind accompanying me?” I didn’t know why we were going, because neither of us was religious, but I went with it. So we get to the church, he pulls out a ring of keys and he opens the door to this church, and I’m looking at him like, “Why do you have keys to this church?” He looks at me and puts his finger to his lips, like, “Quiet…” so he keeps unlocking all these doors until finally he unlocks the door to the actual main rooms with the pews and the altar and the big cross. He grabs my hand and looks at me and says, “I want to fuck you on the altar.” I was like, “Oh, my God, you’re the best. You’re so dirty and wrong right now.” So he leads me up to the altar and rips off my clothes and, just behind where the priest would stand giving the sermon for the day, I’m getting fucked under the cross, looking up at the cross. He had me say something like, “I’m your dirty slut!”

X: That’s so wrong! Did you ever find out why he had the keys?

Heather: You know, he didn’t tell me. But that was a pretty good one.

X: I heard you on Howard Stern and you mentioned the vibrator being the most important invention of the 20th century.

Heather: Yeah! I’m a big toy person.

X: You should come out with a line, because those girls get boxes of toys that they have to test and pick from.

Heather: I would eventually love to. I spend a lot of time alone, and I can really please myself when I have my toys. If I really, really want to get into it, I’ll sit in front of a mirror — because I like to watch myself — and I’ll use a vibrator and a glass dildo at the same time. If I’m just halfway into it, I’ll use a vibrator and my fingers, and if I’m just playing around, I’ll just use a vibrator.

X: How about when you’re with guys?

Heather: Oh, yes. Definitely a big fan of using the little bullet vibrator when I’m being fucked. I can orgasm without them, but it makes it such a strong orgasm when I use a vibrator. I like having every hole plugged…

X: Whoa!

Heather: I like when a guy puts his hand in my mouth, his cock inside me and then a butt plug. I’ll fuckin’ go for it.

X: Go for it, girl. Where can your fans get in touch with you?

Heather: They can get in touch with me through ninnworx.com or michaelninn.com.

X: Well, Heather, thank you so much; and best of luck with Pet of the Year!

Heather: Great. Thank you, Maya!

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