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Jesse Capelli – Destined for Stardom

Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

By Bryan Keith
Photos courtesy of Club Jenna

Xtreme: Hey Jesse, I gotta admit I’m excited about working together, but to be honest, I don’t know too much about you.

Jesse: Well, I came from a background where I was doing all glamour. I’ve done so many frickin’ layouts and probably like 50 covers; plus I was contracted with Perfect 10 magazine for three years. I also did the mainstream thing for a while.

Xtreme: Were you ever a dancer or just always involved with some sort of modeling?

Jesse: I actually started acting and modeling when I was like 12 years old.

Xtreme: Is that what brought you to California?

Jesse: Yes. I originally came out here from Vancouver, five years ago, to do a TV show called Battledome and I just stayed.

Xtreme: Five years ago? How old are you?

Jesse: I just turned 26 a couple months ago.

Xtreme: How much do you weigh? How tall are you?

Jesse: I’m 5’8”. I’m like 125 lbs. And my hair is all real. People ask me if I have extensions. No fucking extensions, everything is mine.

Xtreme: How ’bout your lips?

Jesse: I don’t have anything fake. I’m Italian! My whole family is like this, big lips, big eyes, lots of hair (laughing).

Xtreme: But nothing down there right?

Jesse: Well, I have a little line on the top.

Xtreme: What about your boobs? I know they’re real, but do you have any plans on getting fake ones?

Jesse: Not right now. I might at some point, but I wouldn’t do anything crazy. I wouldn’t get huge tits. It would just be subtle.

Xtreme: And you have a couple tattoos right?

Jesse: Yes, I have one that’s a Gemini sign on like my pubic bone. I have one on my lower back, and white ones on the inside of both wrists that you can’t really see.

Xtreme: What do they say?

Jesse: I study Buddhism. They’re Buddhist symbols for good luck; and I have Japanese symbols on the back of my neck that say, “Go to your destiny.”

Xtreme: That’s very cool! I really like that one.

Jesse: It’s going to be continued. I’m going to have 17 more symbols. They will go all the way down my spine and end at my tattoo at the bottom of my back. It will say, “Go to your destiny, and one day we will only exist in fairytales.”

Xtreme: So, speaking of fairytales, how’d you end up with Jenna?

Jesse: After I left Perfect 10, I kinda went on my own and was just doing freelance stuff. I’ve done celebrity-boxing matches, a lot of TV shows, and I also did some movies like Not Another Teen Movie and Van Wilder. But I realized I didn’t want to do the mainstream/acting thing anymore. Not because I couldn’t or I failed at it, just because I was tired of the bullshit. The networking, the casting couch, and going on 100 auditions a week. It wasn’t worth it to me to go on set for 17 hours to have one line. I was just like, “Ya know what, forget it.”

Xtreme: Yeah…

Jesse: So I thought, “I’ll start doing a little bit harder stuff, just to see how I like it.” I only did one or two girl/girl scenes just trying it out, and Jenna called me.

Xtreme: She called you personally?

Jesse: Yes, she actually called me on my cell. I don’t know how she even got my number.

Xtreme: What’d she say?

Jesse: She was like, “Hey, I heard you’re doing girl/girl scenes. We want to sign you.”

Xtreme: When she called, were you already a fan? Were you totally freaked out it was her when you answered?

Jesse: Well, ya know, it all happened so fast. I knew who she was, and obviously she’s amazing and everything…but it wasn’t like “holy shit.” It was just weird; I was tripped out that she was calling and wanted to sign me because no one really gets girl/girl contracts.

Xtreme: When you did sign the contract, how did you celebrate? Did you buy a car, a house?

Jesse: I don’t think I really celebrated…I don’t know, it wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

Xtreme: You’re insane!

Jesse: I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be snobby or something but it wasn’t.

Xtreme: Do you realize every girl I know, from porn stars to strippers, they all ask about Jenna? What’s she like, is she cool, is she really that hot, blah-blah-blah and you’re like “Eh, whatever.”

Jesse: (laughing) I guess it’s because it really wasn’t my background, ya know? I’m doing this because I love women, it’s fun, and it’s a cool experience. I was never really star-struck.

Xtreme: I hear ya, but still, I think most girls would’ve been totally freakin’ out.

Jesse: Well, it was really cool that she called, she has so many fans it’s unbelievable! I mean even a couple girls that I’ve worked with…when they find out that I’ve worked with Jenna, not even contracted with her, but that I’ve had sex with her, they like freak out. They’re like “Nooo, you’ve had sex with Jenna!” They just trip out like “Oh my god, I’m so jealous! How was it?” And this and that, it’s like “Holy shit, she is a celebrity!”

Xtreme: I know…there will never be another Jenna.

Jesse: Yeah, you’re right.

Xtreme: So when ya finally shot with her, how was it?

Jesse: It was great!

Xtreme: Were you nervous? Was it as good as you thought?

Jesse: Ya know, for me, I’m bisexual. I’ve been with so many girls, that I just wanted them to let the cameras roll. I said, “You know what? Just let us do our thing, and let us have sex.”

Xtreme: That’s cool.

Jesse: Yeah, so much of it is staged. It’s like “Ok, we’re gonna do two minutes of this camera angle and then we’re gonna switch to this…” They really just let us go at it, so it was really passionate…

Xtreme: What’s the name of the movie?

Jesse: It’s called The Jesse Factor.

Xtreme: Let me back up for a second…you’re only doing girl/girl scenes?

Jesse: Yes, I’m doing 8 movies a year with Club Jenna, all girl/girl.

Xtreme: So now that you’re in “porn,” did you research the girls? Like do you know which ones you want to hook up with?

Jesse: There are a couple girls I definitely want to work with. Briana Banks is on the top of my list. I’d like to work with Janine…

Xtreme: (Interrupting) Yeah, but you say “work with.” Isn’t there anyone you’d just love to take home and bang the shit out of?

Jesse: Yeah, I just picked up a Club Magazine because Sandee Westgate and I are on the cover. She’s my friend, but I’d fuck the shit out of her in a second! She is hot as hell!

Xtreme: As hot as that would be, it still kills me you won’t do a boy/girl scene.

Jesse: No, never.

Xtreme: Not even a “maybe one day?”

Jesse: No way. It’s funny because everybody is like “Oh, you will.” No I won’t, stick around and watch. It will not happen.

Xtreme: I don’t know, (laughing) I’m gonna go on record saying you’ll eventually do it.

Jesse: No, I’m sure tons of girls have said that in the past; but I know without a doubt. Come back in a couple years and say that to me, we’ll see.

Xtreme: Can we bet?

Jesse: I’ll bet you whatever you want.

Xtreme: I need some time to think of something good…

Jesse: How ’bout “water rights?”

Xtreme: “Water rights?” What are “water rights?”

Jesse: “Water rights” is just whenever you need water, they gotta get it. Like 4 o’clock in the morning you can be like “Ahh, I feel like some ice water.” They have to get it for you…“water rights.”

Xtreme: I’ll take that. Of course that means we’ll have to live together. So wait, with that in mind…what’s the sex like in your personal life?

Jesse: Well, I do all sorts of shit. I’ll try everything! I love being tied up or tying someone up…I can be dominating or submissive. I love role playing, talking dirty…just all that shit.

Xtreme: And what do you do for fun?

Jesse: I go out and dance, I dance all night. I work out a lot, I do yoga, I box…

Xtreme: Yeah, you said that before…something about a celebrity-boxing match. But I didn’t realize you were actually one of the boxers.

Jesse: Yeah…I mean I wear a facemask.

Xtreme: That’s insane. Well, we better wrap this up quickly before I start with the blowjob or anal sex questions and you start swingin’.

Jesse: Nah, I love this stuff. Anytime you want to talk, you know how to reach me.

Xtreme: Well Jesse, thanks for everything! You’re amazing!

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