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Jessica Drake – Golden Girl

Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

by Maya Cherry
Photos courtesy of Wicked Pictures

2006 was a big year for Jessica Drake. From her AVN Award-nominated roles in two of Wicked’s biggest features to date, “Manhunters” and “FUCK,” to being chosen to host the AVN Awards and even making a recent appearance on “Tyra,” her star has risen into a new league. As it turns out, this flawlessly statuesque beauty is not only at the top of her game professionally but she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. We got a chance to sit down with Jessica to talk about her insatiable sexual appetite, her contract with Wicked and her plans for the industry’s biggest night of 2007.

X: How did you end up being selected to host the show? Do you apply, or do they just pick you out of the blue?

Jessica: Since I’ve been in the industry, I have always just been so interested in the awards show itself. I’ve presented awards just about every year, and I just loved getting up there. It’s a really great feeling for me; I am so comfortable in front of cameras, especially when I’m speaking to people. When I won for Best Actress in 2005, I guess they started looking at me seriously then as a contender to host the show. I know I wasn’t the only person that they were talking to, and I think that things just worked out in my favor. I was actually in New Zealand on a trip doing an expo, and I had just gotten back into town. I had kind of a rough flight; it was delayed. I finally got my luggage after having to track it down, and the car rental agency couldn’t find my reservation. I finally get on the road when I realize that they didn’t load one of my bags into the car so I have to go back and get it. By now, I’m absolutely at the end of my rope. All I want to do is get home, and about five or ten minutes into that drive, I got a call on my phone that I almost didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the number. I’m telling you, at the VERY last second, I grabbed the call, and it was [AVN’s] Paul Fishbein and he was like, “Hey, so we’re having this little show in January and we were wondering if you could host it for us?” I got so excited that I had to pull over to the side of the road. I was totally floored and it was a beautiful end to my horrible day! Well, I went in different stages. Obviously it’s a huge honor to have been selected to host the show, but then I started thinking about the new venue. This is the first year that we’re at Mandalay Bay, and this is the first year that Ticketmaster has handled the tickets and that it is this open to the public. The seating capacity for the theatre is seven or eight thousand people. That’s huge to me!

X: Well, good luck! You probably won’t even be nervous.

Jessica: I will! I get really nervous about five minutes before, but then when they count down and it’s time to actually go out and do it, the second I set foot on the stage is the biggest rush. All the nervousness goes away and I feel very much at home.

X: I know you mentioned winning Best Actress 2005. Have you won others?

Jessica: I won an AVN Award for Best Tease Performance when I first came in, and the same year I won Best Actress I won Best Oral Sex Scene (Film); and I’m nominated for eight different things this year. If you count the movies that I was assistant art director on, I’m nominated for eleven things.

X: I didn’t even know you did that.

Jessica: I find that the more I have to do with the movie personally, the more satisfied I am with the end result. I just like understanding every aspect of my job, and I haven’t really chosen to be Wicked’s next director, but what I’m doing instead is sort of learning everything I need to do in order to be the director, because I don’t want to be the person who sits behind the monitor and goes, “You know what? I really don’t like that. How do we fix it?” I want to be the person that goes, “You know, the lighting’s off,” or, “The camera angle is wrong,” or, “I want to change this.” I really take a lot of pride in just being a part of the big picture, I think.

X: Alright, let’s get personal. Tell me about your sexual attitude.

Jessica: I’m super-aggressive and super-experimental. I’m really dominant when it comes to women. I LOVE sleeping with women. I love finding new women to sleep with! If I have the right man or men, I’m more submissive because it gives me kind of a release that I don’t get on a daily basis. I’m pretty much an independent woman. I do things for myself, and I definitely take care of myself, and sometimes it’s really nice to not have that control.

X: So you’re truly bisexual.

Jessica: Very. As a matter of fact, I had sex with three chicks last night.

X: All at the same time?

Jessica: Yeah! If I knew them better, I would name them by name because they’re all in the industry. We were at a party last night, a birthday party for a girl in the business, and I just made myself available to them!

X: You know how in the regular world that if two coworkers get drunk and get it on that it’s always awkward forever after that? Is it like that in the business, or totally not at all, because for all you know you could end up having sex with any of the three girls for your job?

Jessica: Well, it depends, but with chicks, though, I’ve never gotten weird. Even before I got into porn I was already having sex with women. The only time it’s ever been awkward for me was the very first time I had sex with a girl, [back] in high school. I slept with my best friend, and we weren’t wasted when we did it; it just kind of happened. The morning after when we woke up, we looked at each other and we were like, “Whoa! What’s going on here!?” She was like, “I’m not gay, are you gay?” and I was like, “No, I’m not gay, are you gay?” It was really bizarre. We were afraid to go to school because we thought that people would be able to tell. That was the only time it’s ever really been awkward with me. Women are very… I don’t want to say that’s necessarily how I bond with a woman, per se, but it just means that we had fun together last night. I’m sure I’ll see two of them again, because I run into them a bit anyway, and the other one I’ll be making it a point to see again! I’ve only ever been with two guys in the business, so the guy thing has never really happened to me. None of those drunken Christmas parties that you hear about.

X: Do you prefer to sleep with men or women?

Jessica: I lean towards men more; but that being said, if somebody came to me tomorrow and said, “Alright, you’re in the perfect relationship. I’ll keep you here, but you can never have sex with another girl as long as you live,” I would have a really hard time making that decision. But I couldn’t just be with a woman for the rest of my life because after a while, you need the cock. Sorry! There’s only so many toys.

X: Are you a big toy person?

Jessica: Well, if I’m by myself, I kind of have to be. I’m not a great big toy fan, but I do like a couple of them for vibrating purposes.

X: What’s your number one toy recommendation?

Jessica: Shameless self-promotion…the best-selling toy I have in my entire line of toys from CalExotics is actually my favorite toy. It’s really cool that it happened that way! It’s called Jessica Drake’s Bunny Teaser. It’s two very small silver bullet-like egg things, and I use one internally and one of them externally and they vibrate so great. It’s so amazing.

X: That works out very nicely that every time you get yourself off you’re giving yourself a plug too.

Jessica: I did a TV show once where I was demoing my toys and they had me with the Bunny Teaser. They have me stand up on a little ledge — I know, it’s not the greatest of ideas — and I have one of the bullets inside me and I have the other bullet on me, mostly modeling it. They’re like, “Alright, now turn it on!” so I did and I almost fell off the ledge. I [would have gone] one of two ways: I can either go off the ledge, six feet down to the ground, or I’d fall into the pool. It was scary!

X: I’m glad you didn’t fall — especially the six feet down way.

Jessica: Can you imagine the paramedics getting there and I’ve got the thing in me?

X: You’re naked in dirt with a vibrator stuck inside you.

Jessica: Well, it’s the Valley. I’m sure they’ve seen it before.

X: So what are you promoting right now?

Jessica: Aside from the fact that I’m completely excited to be hosting the show, I just shot a movie with Michael Raven called “Delilah,” which we don’t have a release date for yet, but it’s a modern-day retelling of “Samson and Delilah.” I’m Delilah and Herschel Savage plays Samson, and I think that’s going to be a really good movie. It’s in editing right now. I figure it’ll release probably in February, March or April.

X: Do you think you want to stick with Wicked for a while?

Jessica: Well, I just renegotiated my contract several months back. Wicked is really responsible for every great experience I’ve had in the industry. I really owe it all to [them], and to show my gratitude, they have me exclusively for the duration of my career. I will never shoot for another company as long as I’m in the business. They have my exclusivity, and in return they’ve given me a phenomenal career.

X: Well, I’m glad that everything is going so well for you! Where can your fans find out more information about you and your movies?

Jessica: There’s wickedpictures.com, jessicadrake.com and manhuntersthemovie.com; and fans can email me off my website.

X: Thank you so much for everything, and good luck hosting the show!

Jessica: Thanks!

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