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Nina Mercedez – Heartbreaker

Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

by Maya Cherry
Photos courtesy of Vivid Entertainment and Heartbreaker Films

X: Tell me the basics about yourself, Nina.

Nina Mercedez: I am from Corpus Christi, Texas. I started out as a house dancer, and I went on to start featuring. I was published in Penthouse, and I won Miss Nude Universe… I won like four major awards in one year. Then I decided I wanted to do movies, so I got a meeting with Steve [Hirsch, co-founder of Vivid] and he signed me two hours later. After four years, when I was done with Vivid, I started my own production company, Heartbreaker Films, and we have distribution through LFP so I’m really happy.

X: Since you’d never worked independently of Vivid on movies before, do you enjoy the freedom?

Mercedez: I love the freedom. I get to hire who I want. I decide what’s gonna get shot. I do all the styling, I do all the casting. So yeah, I’m really happy with it. I love putting my face on a product that I’m very proud of.

X: Would you say you’re still on good terms with Vivid?

Mercedez: Oh, yeah. I’ve contacted Marci [Hirsch] a few times about some things on the internet, so yeah, we still keep in contact. I saw them at AVN and I went and said hi to them.

X: Do you perform in all the movies that Heartbreaker Films puts out?

Mercedez: For right now, yes. I want to try to put out six movies a year with myself, and then put out another five or six that we just direct.

X: When you are performing in your own movies, do you feel like you can give more sexually?

Mercedez: Definitely. The movies that I’ve put out so far, I’ve performed with Ray Balboa. We’re married, so it’s definitely real chemistry. The sex is passionate and it’s real. You don’t always get that with every two people you put together. What else can I say?

X: Had Ray done any performing before you started the company?

Mercedez: He’d done some softcore movies for HBO and Cinemax before he started performing with me, and in the movie we just shot, he did a scene with me and Brooke Haven.

X: Did you like that, or was there any jealousy?

Mercedez: I didn’t get jealous at all. The next movie we do is going to be a boy/boy/girl scene with me and him, so there’s no jealousy at all. It’s work. We want to put out a good product, and we’re both happy with it. If we weren’t happy with it, we wouldn’t be doing it.

X: Are there certain things that you’ve never done on camera before, like a two guy scene?

Mercedez: No, I’ve never done two guys. It’s not like I did it a long time ago, and then I stopped doing porn, and then I did it again and now I’m going to put out a movie saying, “Oh, it’s the first time you’ve seen me with two guys.” When I do it, it really will be the first time I’ve been with two guys in a movie.

X: Are you excited?

Mercedez: I’m nervous and excited.

X: If you don’t mind my asking, what are you going to be doing with them?

Mercedez: I think that I’m gonna take it slow the first time and just go with the flow, with the way the scene goes. If a double penetration happens to come up, then we’ll go with it. I don’t ever plan my scenes out that way. I like to go with the way everybody feels. That way, we’re not forcing anything.

X: You mentioned that you do all the casting. When you’re casting a scene that involves you and your husband as well as a third party, do you just sit around and discuss who you think is hot, or what?

Mercedez: Yeah, that’s what we do; we go through the agencies and look at all the girls. I had picked Brooke Haven because she was at a convention and she was very touchy-feely over me. I had never done a scene with her before, and she knew Ray from before we were married, so I just figured it would be really good chemistry. When the three of us are together, it’s just a good vibe.

X: Are you actually into women off-camera?

Mercedez: Oh, yeah, definitely.

X: Vivid movies are typically pretty couples-oriented with nice, sweet sex. Especially now that you have your own production company, how do you feel about this new extremely hardcore direction that the industry seems to be taking?

Mercedez: I think there’s not that many people that want to see the extreme, hardcore sex. I would never shoot that. We dress the girls up and make them really beautiful, and then they go in and do a gonzo scene. But it’s not extreme gonzo, like, I’m not sticking baseball bats in anyone’s ass. I call the girl [or the guy] and I ask who they want to work with so we get real chemistry. Then we let them do their scenes.

X: Tell me about one of your own favorite scenes.

Mercedez: I did “Latina Anal Heartbreakers” and we actually did my favorite thing to get me off. I have a little vibrator that I use while Ray does anal on me. That’s always the best. It was so good that tears started coming out of my eyes, and that’s when you know it’s really good. That was a good scene.

X: With that rockin’ bod of yours, it would probably be hard not to put out a good scene. What is your workout regimen? You look amazing!

Mercedez: Thanks! I used to do fitness magazines, and “Muscular Development” published me four times and once on the cover so I had a really good trainer at the time. I eat five meals a day, and I try to go to the gym at least five times a week. I do 45 minutes of cardio and then 45 minutes of a full-body workout, and it works for me. I don’t want to get thin, I just want to stay fit and I don’t want to shake on film!

X: Another thing that keeps you in shape, I’m sure, is your intense feature dancing schedule. I was on your MySpace page checking out your calendar, and I didn’t realize you traveled as much as you do.

Mercedez: Yeah, I’m practically booked every week!

X: I know you started out as a feature entertainer. Is that still something you really enjoy?

Mercedez: Yes. I’ll always love feature dancing because that’s how I started. I’ve been feature dancing for so long and I really enjoy it, and you can tell when I’m onstage. Even if there are only five people in the room, I’ll still dance and really sweat doing it. I never do the same show twice. A lot of the guys will stay from my 9:00 show until my 2:00 show because they want to see the different costumes I put on, and then they’ll come back the next day because I wear more costumes.

X: Speaking of performing in front of people, I was surprised to find out that you actually auditioned to be a WWE Diva!

Mercedez: Yeah, I’ve been watching wrestling since I was little with my dad. I sent in some photos, and the lady emailed me back saying I’d made it to the finals from my photos and that they wanted me to come to Chicago. So I left a booking in San Francisco to go to Chicago, but they said they were worried about me not being able to make all the shows because of everything else that I do. So that was that.

X: What else besides your wrestling passion would surprise your fans to know about you?

Mercedez: I collect dolls. I collect “My Child” dolls from the 1980s. I go on eBay and collect them, and I have about forty of ‘em in my room. It really freaks Ray out. In our bedroom, we have a retreat, and they’re on the opposite side of the room in the retreat so he can’t see them. I have patterns for their clothes, since they don’t make them anymore because they’re from the ‘80s, so I’ll set up my sewing machine for like two days and sew clothes for them. Then I’ll put the dolls up on eBay after I’ve spent two days redoing their hair and outfits. That’s always really surprising to people.

X: Where’s the best place for your fans to contact you?

Mercedez: Definitely not on MySpace. Sometimes people get really upset that I haven’t answered their emails, but because I do answer my own emails, I need a certain amount of time to be able to catch up. Right now I’m looking at over two or three thousand emails on my MySpace, so I don’t know when I’ll get that down to five. So the best place to get ahold of me is on my website, NinaMercedezXXX.com; I have an email address on there and those emails get priority over the MySpace emails.

X: One last thing: where did you get your name?

Mercedez: Well, it started out as just Mercedez, because my mom is from Mercedez, Texas, which is four hours from Corpus Christi. So at the time I figured it would be a good conversational piece, but everyone assumed that it was after the car and it’s not. It’s after the town. For Nina, we wanted to be able to advertise on the internet, and if you type in “Mercedez,” you’ll still get Mercedes Ashley or Mercedes the car. If you type in “Nina Mercedez,” it’ll narrow you down to just me.

X: Good to know! Well, thank you so much for chatting;

it was a pleasure!

Mercedez: I really appreciate it and I’ll talk to you soon!

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