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Pillow Love

Posted in In the News on Friday, July 30th, 2010

Because the fetish has made more appearances in pop culture, most people are familiar with the slightly pathetic and ridiculous phenomenon of men falling in love with body pillows with images of anime (Japanese cartoon) women on them. Last July the New York Times published a three-page article about a man who was madly in love with his body pillow, whom he endearingly called Nemutan.

The lonely 37-year-old’s love for Nemutan was so great that he told reporters he hoped to be buried with her when he died. In May of this year a Korean man took his love for his body pillow one step further: he married it. He and the pillow, who was dressed in a white wedding gown, were married in front of a priest, in a wedding documented in photographs eerily similar to traditional marriages.

Some people blame this trend on a sexually repressive culture, and there isn’t any word on whether or not men in the U.S. are also falling in love with their pillows to the same extent as men in Japan and Korea are. We believe, however, that Americans are even more extreme.

When American men repress their sexual urges they secretly resort to male hookers and meth. I’m sure Gayle Haggard would’ve preferred Ted had fallen in love with a body pillow named Sexy Haruhi.

Posted in In the News

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