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Shy Love VIP

Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

X: Hi Shy! So, I hear you’re a Connecticut native like myself.

Shy: Yeah, I was born and raised in New Haven, CT.

X: What brought you to California?

Shy: My ex-husband. He was starting his own advertising company out there and I found a job of my own there. I was a CPA for years.

X: Accounting is pretty straight laced. What made you switch over to porn?

Shy:: I got into porn because I was really bored and I got tired of being the perfect housewife. I wanted to do something completely opposite of my personality. I was absolutely self-conscious. Even to this day, I am, when doing movies. When I started I told myself that I was going to do one movie and if I didn’t like it I was going to walk out. I ended up liking it and six years later, I’m still in porn.

X: Now, I’ve heard that you make sure that 75% of all of your films are anal. Is that true?

Shy: Yes, I love doing anal. My pussy’s really small, so I prefer to do anal on camera more than I prefer to do anything else.

X: Does that affect working with women at all?

Shy: No, I love women. Women are very fascinating to me. Let me put it to you this way. I love women in my personal life. The only time I will perform with another woman on camera is if she’s really into it. If I work with someone who’s basically ‘gay for pay,’ I find that a very boring, tedious job. When I talk to a director the first thing I say is "Is she ‘gay for pay’ or does she really enjoy it?"

X: Do you enjoy women more than men in your personal life? Or is it somewhat equal?

Shy: I do prefer men over women any day. Women are fun to play with. They are toys. You know, have your fun and then send them on their way. Men are more to keep around. I can’t see being satisfied for the rest of my life by a woman. I like a man who lets me do whatever I want and can just deal with it.

X: So, seeing as you’re very independent, it makes sense that you have your own talent agency.

Shy: It’s called Adult Talent Managers. I love it.

X: You also direct movies. Do you prefer being onscreen or directing?

Shy: I love being in front of the camera. I find it really extreme to know that people are watching you and getting turned on because of you. That’s a huge turn on for me. I don’t think that I could ever give that away.

X: Is it possible to get caught up in the moment in your scenes, or is it ruined by all of the lights and people and camera angles?

Shy: Sometimes it’s hard to have an orgasm on camera. You do have to be aware of the cameras and how you look. The positions you would do in your personal life are usually a lot different than the ones you see on film. A lot of the positions are actually very uncomfortable.

X: I imagine you have to be pretty limber!

Shy: Yeah, it’s fun, though.

X: If you’re working on a movie, about how long are you actually having sex for?

Shy: Depending on the director and the way they shoot, you’re having sex for anywhere between 35 minutes and an hour an a half.

X: The editing is probably a pain in the ass.

Shy: What you see onscreen is only about twenty minutes, but they shoot a lot more. The longest scene I ever shot took two hours and that was my choice.

X: Wow. Were you just that into it?

Shy: Actually, it was supposed to be my retirement scene. I thought I was done with porn and wanted to go out with a bang. It was a DP. I planned on ending my career right after that scene. When it was done I was like, "You know, I’m not ready to retire."

X: How long ago was that?

Shy: I would have to say 2 yrs. ago.

X: Well, I bet you’re fans are glad that you didn’t retire.

Shy: I’m glad I didn’t either. I think I would have been bored and unhappy. I will never say that I’m going to retire. I don’t want to be one of those girls who say they are retiring and then after a year or two they’re back because they need the money.

X: Do you have a favorite star to work with?

Shy: Male or female?

X: Both!

Shy: Well, for female’s I used to say Nikki Benz. The best girl/girl scene in my career was with Lisa Daniels in a film that hasn’t been released yet….Big Tits something. I can’t think of the name of it. So, she’s my new favorite. Guy-wise, I’d have to say Evan Stone.

X: What made you decide to start directing?

Shy: I think the main reason was because I wanted to have other options when I get to be too old for the camera. No one wants to see a grandma onscreen.

X: Well, having two Masters Degrees and being a director certainly gives you plenty to fall back on.

Shy: After what I’ve been doing, I highly doubt I could get back into accounting. I have really found what I’m supposed to do with my life. This is the way I’m going to be permanently.

X: Do you think sex and porn have always been a big component in your life?

Shy: No. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 17 and that was with my ex- husband. I’ve only slept with three men in my personal life. If I want to have meaningless sex, then I’ll do it on camera. Otherwise, I need love and passion and fire. It’s not worth it if love isn’t involved.

X: If you’re going to have meaningless sex, you might as well take home a big paycheck after.

Shy: Exactly. I guess people think that’s weird. I’m considered a prude in my personal life.

X:: I think that’s great! So, how can your fans reach you?

Shy: My website is www.shylove.com. I also do a lot of feature dancing at clubs all over the country, which I love. I like to be really interactive and get the crowd involved.

X: I’ll have to make sure and come see you soon! Thanks again Shy. It was great talking with you.

Shy: Thank you hon!

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