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Madelyn Marie

Posted in Interviews on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Getting a Doctorate Degree with

Madelyn Marie

by Paulie K.

Madelyn Marie is yet another sign that porn has turned a huge corner in society. A sign that maybe it’s not so dirty, and not so taboo, maybe it’s just a job. This girl has the face of an angel, and is smart enough to challenge anyone on Criminal Minds. She was a simple, normal, pretty Pre-Med college student. So for all you guys still in college, if you sit next to a pretty girl now, hit on her while you got the chance, because tomorrow, she just might be the next biggest porn sensation!

PaulieK: Hello, gorgeous Madelyn Marie!!

Madelyn Marie: Hey Paulie K

So good of you to grace me with your hair, god I love your hair.

Madelyn Marie: Thank you.

PK: Now, I don’t think you have much history, you just shot straight to the top of the porn industry, right?

Madelyn Marie: Well, I’ve been in the biz for about 2 years now.

PK: 2 years, and already, your on covers, winning awards, making men hard all across the globe- that is fantastic!!

Madelyn Marie: Thank you.

PK: Let me get your measurements, because they are unreal.

Madelyn Marie: I am 5’7”, 23 years old, 32F – 28 – 34.

PK: Wow, you are like a super woman, you are Wonder Woman!! And your Italian.

Madelyn Marie: Yes, I am Sicilian.

PK: Hear that world? Watch out – Sicilians will cut your throat in a heartbeat. Ever since the Moors invaded Italy, they’ve been the angry ones. I should know, I’m a Calabrese.

Madelyn Marie: Ha ha, it’s true, as this story goes on, you’ll see how bad of a temper I have. Ha ha, only if you make me angry.

PK: Ok, let’s get on with your awesome story – I am so glad I get to do this, by the way.

Madelyn Marie: I am from West Point, NY. I am a military brat.

PK: Alright, well that’s not the awesome part, but keep going.

Madelyn Marie: I was going to George Washington University, in DC, I was a pre-med major, finishing up my 2nd year in graduate school.

PK: So you were really getting your education on!

Madelyn Marie: Oh yes, there was no doubt about that with me. Both my parents are physicians, so you know they were gonna make sure I get a pretty good degree.

PK: That is hot – both your parents?

Madelyn Marie: Yep, so naturally I was gonna do the same thing, until I met this guy.

PK: UH OH!! Here we go!

Madelyn Marie: Yea, I met him when I was 21, a sophomore, that’s when I lost my virginity as well.

PK: You, a pornstar, lost your virginity when you were 21 years old?! That is a little late.

Madelyn Marie: Like I said, I was a very good girl.

PK: God that makes this whole thing so incredibly sexy.

Madelyn Marie: Ha ha, so – I meet this guy, we fall in love and I am hooked, I am all ready to move in with him and everything.

PK: Yes.

Madelyn Marie: And he goes down to Miami, I forgot if it was for work or with his male friends or whatever.

PK: I can hear it coming.

Madelyn Marie: Now my email is very similar to his best friend’s email, which at first I wasn’t happy about, but now, I am so glad it was.

PK: Uh oh. Email.

Madelyn Marie: He thought he was typing to his best friend’s email. He attached pictures of himself having hardcore sex with an older russian pornstar.

PK: Oh wow.

Madelyn Marie: He was bragging about it in the email, and he attached multiple pictures to the email, which I opened and saw – I was expecting like a love letter of how much he missed me or whatever, and instead I see him fucking an ugly old
russian hooker!!

PK: Caught red-handed, with a Red!! What an idiot

Madelyn Marie: I went online and was in porn in 3 days!

PK: Didn’t you think that was a bit excessive?

Madelyn Marie: I was beyond mad, and I wanted to get back at him like you have no idea.

PK: Apparently.

Madelyn Marie: I started with Gina Lynn, Travis shot it, called Fresh Bread #5

PK: Yes, you are fresh bread alright, nice and doughy. So did you have your implants way back then? Or did you buy them after doing a few videos.

Madelyn Marie: My implants were paid for by me, when I was 21, for my eventual husband.

PK: Wow, you really think ahead, don’t you?

Madelyn Marie: Then I moved out to LA, and had my first scene with Ramone Enomar, which is weird, because we were actually married less then a year later.

PK: You fell in love with and married your very first co-star?! What happened to keeping it professional and keeping feelings out of it!!

Madelyn Marie: Oh everyone on set knew it – we just clicked and it was amazing.

PK: Is he still in porn now?

Madelyn Marie: Oh yea, he’s contracted with Reality Kings for 2 years.

PK: Isn’t Reality Kings based in Miami?

Madelyn Marie: Yea they were, now they opened up an office in LA, so he stays here now. It’s pretty awesome.

PK: Now, you being the ultimate good girl pornstar, I know, from your Tweets, that you are in love with horses. You are always tweeting about horses.

Madelyn Marie: Yes!! Horses are truly the love of my life. I breed Friesian horses, which are a rare breed from the Netherlands. I keep them in Georgia, on my plantation down there. I bring up a horse or two when they need work or when I miss them too much. A company will drive them up to LA for me and I’ll ride them and spend time with them.

PK: You have a plantation in Georgia, breed rare Friesian horses, working on your Doctorate Degree, and your a pornstar.

Madelyn Marie: Yup, that’s me.

PK: Plus you look like . . You!!

Madelyn Marie: Yea, I’m doing alright.

PK: Alright?! I’ve never even been on a horse or got a degree in anything!

Madelyn Marie: Well, there’s a lot of time still before you can call me a Doctor.

PK: Well you let me know, I’ll get sick right away!

Madelyn Marie: Ha ha, so yea, riding my horses relaxes me from a hectic or a bad day
at work.

PK: Hectic? You have sex, what is so hectic about that?

Madelyn Marie: Oh lots can go wrong on a porn set, are you kidding me?

PK: I can already hear the Sicilian coming out of you as you said that to me.

Madelyn Marie: One day, on a shoot, I got into Hair and Make Up at 11am, and we did not start shooting anything, until 6pm.

PK: That’s not so bad.

Madelyn Marie: Wait – I had a broken jaw that day, from one of my horses.

PK: Ouch –

Madelyn Marie: Yea, anyway, we had this new girl on set, it was four people, Me, New Girl, Marc Davis and Pike Nelson.

PK: Heavy hitters, nice.

Madelyn Marie: Yea, and right away, this new girl starts literally crying – “He’s too big, his dick is way too big I’m not doing this”.

PK: Really?

Madelyn Marie: The guy was Pike, and he wasn’t even hard, Pike hardly gets all the way hard, because of his cock size. It’s not like Billy Glide who is always stiff as a board coming at you, you know?

PK: I thought these guys today used Viagra?

Madelyn Marie: Well Marc tries to go natural when he can, and Pike will never really get a full erection, so even if he’s ramming you, it’s still a soft dick, you know? So I dunno what she was crying about it. Plus the heat in the room was unbearable, must have been 90 degrees, easily.

PK: So what did you do?

Madelyn Marie: We switched -I had to suck them both off, with my broken jaw, and fuck Pike because she was too scared.

PK: Sounds like fun.

Madelyn Marie: Then you have the girls who don’t “prepare” properly for anal scenes. That’s always a very fun day. Shit gets everywhere.

PK: Eeww, you know, that’s not sexy, at all.

Madelyn Marie: No it’s not, it’s horrible. A porn set can be a rough place to be sometimes.

PK: I saw a video clip of you, dressed in blue, on a couch with some guy. You were about to go down on him when he physically stopped you because he was about to cum. He literally pushed you away, and just let his dick rest for a few seconds. I see that a lot in amateur, but not in the pros. What do you do to these guys?

Madelyn Marie: I know, that tends to happen with me, I dunno know why. One time Pike shot his load only 10 minutes into the scene! Some guys won’t even try to work with me because they say I’m intimidating. I don’t know.

PK: Honestly, Madelyn, I have never ever heard of that in my life. These guys are professionals and fuck every single day of their life on camera. Here you come along and they can’t keep from shooting their loads!? I don’t even think Jenna Jameson had that problem.

Madelyn Marie: Well, I dunno what that’s all about, I’m just a normal girl.

PK: Yea right. So how long have you been with BlueBird Films?

Madelyn Marie: I signed March 2010, I wanted a company I could grow with and that would back me up no matter what. I had shot with them several times before, I knew they liked me, so when I went to them with the decision, I signed with them the very next day.

PK: Of course, your a runway model who makes male pornstars shoot their loads early! Who’s not gonna sign you!!

Madelyn Marie: The best thing Nick Steel of BlueBird Films said to me, the day I signed was “Now it’s up to you”. Which I thought was great, because most companies own you when you sign, and they’ll give you a schedule and films to do and all that. These guys are leaving it up to me, which is exactly what I wanted.

PK: Now BlueBird follows the testing policy right?

Madelyn Marie: Oh absolutely!! Within 28 days of fucking, you need a test, that’s for everyone in the entire industry. I demand a test no later then 10 days old, so if you work with me, you need a 10 day old test or earlier.

PK: Jeez, to work with you, I’d chop off my left nut.

Madelyn Marie: Oh yea, 10 days, I don’t fool around with that sort of thing.

PK: Now I hear a lot about “No” lists, do you have a “no” list with guys?

Madelyn Marie: I give everyone a chance, really two chances, before I put a guy on the “No” list. Some girls hate working with new guys, and just won’t do it. I like to take on all cummers, as they say.

PK: Why – what’s so bad about a new guy?

Madelyn Marie: Well some men come from gay porn, or do gay porn on the side. In gay porn, there are no tests, whatsoever. So you honestly don’t know what your getting yourself into.

PK: Gay porn, the one industry that should have the strictest testing policies doesn’t even test!?!

Madelyn Marie: Nope, gay porn does not test anyone, at all.

PK: That’s a little scary.

Madelyn Marie: But you know these new girls sleep their way to the top anyway, so I don’t know why they would not work with new guys. I hate new girls, you never know what your gonna get.

PK: Alright, Madelyn Marie – time for the good stuff. What is your favorite way to get fucked.

Madelyn Marie: Doggystyle. There is just something about it, and I’m submissive during sex anyway, so – I love it.

PK: Favorite place for jizz?

Madelyn Marie: Umm, my tits or my tummy.

PK: Not the face?

Madelyn Marie: No, not the face – a lot of time goes into the make up and hair and everything, why ruin it?

PK: True – you do have an amazingly beautiful face.

Madelyn Marie: Thank you.

PK: Anything you wanna plug before we go?

Madelyn Marie: www.batfucks.com is a movie I’m in. It’s a parody of The Dark Knight, and it is crazy good. You can see trailers on youtube and on that site, it’s amazing. You can also learn more about me at www.bluebirdfilms.com, Twitter me @madelynmarie, like you do, Paulie K – we chat on there once in a while.

PK: Yes we do, I enjoy every second of it. I actually touch myself when I tweet you, I hope that’s ok.

Madelyn Marie: Ooh, yea. I like to hear that, that’s hot! You can also be friends with me at myspace/madelynmariexxx.com

PK: Nice. You know I saw that trailer for the Bat Fucks, it’s the stupidest name in the world, but the film looks great – and you look amazing in that Catwoman costume – way better then Michelle Pfeifer or Halle Berry. You definitely are Catwoman, I loved it.

Madelyn Marie: Thank you! You are so sweet.

PK: Thank you for sitting in with me, it was a pleasure and am definitely watching a movie of yours, tonight, because you got me horny.

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I can answer all your demands and needs!! Stay horny, America.

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