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Alexis Texas: Lone Star Superstar

Posted in Interviews on Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Lone Star Superstar

Alexis Texas

by Maya Cherry.

Xtreme: Hey Alexis! I feel like this interview has been such a long time coming. There aren’t too many girls who are such veterans that I still haven’t interviewed.

Alexis Texas: Well, you’re finally getting me!

Xtreme: It’s about time. Tell me about yourself – where are you from, whatever you’d like to share!

Alexis: I’m from Texas, specifically from the San Antonio area. I started in the business when I was about 21 years old. I was going to college before I got into the industry. The first thing I ever did [for porn] was for Shane’s World; they did a line called “Shane’s Amateur Tour” and I was the prodigy of that line, and that’s basically how I got into this business. It’s the first amateur scene I’d ever done. I kept in contact with the male performer because we’d kind of hit it off really well, and he told me that he knew of this company in Florida called Bang Bros. that wanted to shoot me, so I flew out to Florida, and I loved it and I’ve pretty much been doing it ever since.

Xtreme: What were you studying in school when Shane’s World stole you away?

Alexis: I was doing respiratory care therapy, which is a lot like nursing.

Xtreme: I think I completely misunderstood your foray into porn. I knew that your debut was in a Shane’s World, but I thought you were fucking a college student. I didn’t realize that you were the college student!

Alexis: Oh yeah! Basically they were trying to find a girl who had never done a scene before on camera, and I was tending the bar and they just found me. These people just approached me one night and I told them that if they really wanted to talk to me to come into the bar

and talk to me, so they did and they were asking me all kinds of personal questions like what my favorite position was and how many partners I’d had, and then at the end they finally explained what they were all about. They were like, “We’re a company from L.A., we’re trying to shoot a porno out here,” but they really didn’t think that I would consider doing it.” But I really did kind of hit it off with the male performer and he had given me his number and vice versa and he said that he’d call me, so when he never did I called him up and just kind of asked what had happened to him calling me back, and he said, you know, “Well, we didn’t think that you were really going to do it, and we’re in Houston right now, but if you want to do it we’ll change our plans and come back.” At that point I was still mostly just intrigued, so they talked me into doing it and came back and picked me up and we off-roaded and did it on somebody’s property. That was weird. I kept thinking somebody was going to come out with a shotgun and kill us.

Xtreme: So now that you’ve had four more years of experience, how would you say that your sexual attitude has evolved?

Alexis: I would say that I’m a very sensual, sexual performer. I’m a very intuitive sexual partner. I love kissing and hands-on sex. I love vanilla, not-so-hardcore sex. I’m not really into bondage and I love the art of sex itself and how every orgasm is achieved differently. I love how, with my job, you never know what you’re going to get. It’s not about looks and it’s not about size and sometimes you can achieve things from people that surprise you very much.

Xtreme: What is your favorite way to achieve orgasm?

Alexis: My favorite way to cum is by getting fucked while having my pussy eaten, like during a threeway with a man and another woman. Mmmmm. It’s by far one of the best things ever. At home in a sexual setting, I enjoy cowgirl because I can control the situation and I know what it takes to make myself cum.

Xtreme: Surely you are best known for your ass, but I’m dying to know whether that’s your own favorite body part or if that’s something that the media has put on you more than you’ve anointed
on yourself.

Alexis: You know, of course I love my big ass, which has gotten me very far in this industry, but I love my breasts that are very overlooked at times. I myself think that my breasts are my favorite part of my body. But my booty’s pretty fun to play with too.

Xtreme: How long into your career did you do anal? I know it wasn’t immediately by any standard.

Alexis: I did it about two years ago for the first Buttwoman movie, “Alexis Texas is Buttwoman” by Elegant Angel.

Xtreme: Had you done much of that in your personal life?

Alexis: No, I hadn’t done any anal until they approached me to do the movie and we were kind of thinking about ideas of what I could do next, and not until I finally agreed to do the movie and started processing what it was all about [did I start really thinking about anal]. I think, for myself, I’m such a control freak that if I don’t know what something feels like before, I get very nervous, and it was such a taboo thing to begin with, but once I went over to the other side it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Xtreme: Oh, so you’ve actually learned to like it!

Alexis: Yes! The more scenes I do, the more I enjoy it.

Xtreme: Are you doing it more in your personal life too?

Alexis: Definitely. Still not on a regular basis, but I’m doing it a lot more than before.

Xtreme: What other things will you do on camera? I know you said you’re fairly vanilla.

Alexis: Well, I started doing girls about two years ago as well. I’m very picky about my women, probably moreso than I am about my men, just because there’s a lot of girls in this business who don’t really like girls and they only do it for money. That’s not really worth my time, if someone doesn’t want to be there, so I’m very particular about my women.

Xtreme: What about interracial?

Alexis: Nope, I won’t do that. I don’t do gangbangs. Most of my scenes are either threeways or one-on-ones. I have done two guys, but I am more of an intimate performer. It’s just that I really like to please who I’m with. If there’s too many cocks, I can’t focus on what I really want to do, [which is] enjoy sex and suck cock at the same time. It’s kind of a hard time!

Xtreme: I bet! So if you had to tell your high school self that you would go on to be a porn superstar, would that have come as a surprise? Were you always really sexual?

Alexis: I don’t really know about that. I lost my virginity when I was about seventeen, and it was more or less a curiosity, everyone-was-doing-it kind of thing. It wasn’t a personal thing. We were at a lake house, and it was my prom date, and we were experimenting if anything. I don’t even really count it as my first time, but I know he does because, like I said, we were interrupted and he didn’t really get it in all the way so I don’t really count it.

Xtreme: Maybe he shouldn’t count that…

Alexis: Yeah, I know, but we were best friends and I didn’t want to mess up his reputation!

Xtreme: Speaking of high school, I heard this really weird story that I’d like for you to confirm or deny, and it was that you used to give tutorials to your male classmates on how to remove bras with one hand. True?

Alexis: That is true! I’ve always been the girl who had a lot of guy friends, so I always thought it was my duty to teach them and to keep them up on their game so one night at a party I taught them how to do it in exchange for them all showing me their penises!

Xtreme: Whoa! Would this have been before or after you lose your virginity?

Alexis: Um, I think after, but this was more for my own entertainment and not so much in a sexual way.

Xtreme: You mentioned being really picky when it comes to fucking girls on camera. Do you fuck girls off camera and, if so, are you just as picky?

Alexis: I do fuck girls in my personal life and I’m still just as picky! I probably don’t take as many girls home as I’d like to because I’m so picky. I think maybe because of the industry that I’m in that I have a little bit of an [opportunity] to be picky. I sleep with some of the hottest people and I don’t want to ruin all of that!

Xtreme: Well, you did “Deviance,” and that’s with three of porn’s
hottest chicks!

Alexis: Yeah, with Teagan Presley, Eva Angelina and Sunny Leone. That was really hot. I also did “Deviance 2.” That was all so fun for me because it was the first time that I’d ever made a girl squirt, Sunny Leone, on camera or at all! Plus, Sunny said she’d never squirted in her life so I was very proud of myself.

Xtreme: Do you do that yourself?

Alexis: I do. I wouldn’t say that I’m a squirter and I can’t make myself do it, but it happens randomly when it’s really good.

Xtreme: So this is pretty random but I always do a Google search when I’m going to do an interview and when I looked you up a ton of Hannah Montana stuff popped up, and it turns out that Disney almost used Alexis Texas instead of Hannah Montana. Did you know that?

Alexis: I didn’t know that when I picked my name, but I do know that now thanks to doing internet searches. Who would have known that Alexis Texas would end up being a porn star, not a child star?

Xtreme: Is your official website, AlexisTexas.com, the best place for your fans to get in touch with you?

Alexis: Definitely, as far as locations and appearances and my blogs. As far as staying up to date, come check me out on Twitter, which is Alexis_Texas. I’m quite the Twitterbug! Check those things out, and I just hope that my fans continue to enjoy my work as much as I enjoy doing it for them!

Alexis agency for movies and print work: LADirect Models – www.ladirectmodels.com

Alexis agency for Feature dancing: The Lee Network – www.theleenetwork.com

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