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Posted in Interviews on Friday, November 5th, 2010


Loves the Ladies

by Maya Cherry

Xtreme: Tell me about yourself, Prinzzess.

Prinzzess: I was born in Florida, grew up in Belize – we moved there when I was six, we were missionaries.

Xtreme: Because you were Amish.

Prinzzess: No, everyone keeps thinking that I was Amish! There are interviews that mistake it as, because I lived in an Amish community, that I was Amish. But we were [just] missionaries. We moved there because it was a nice place to live while we were doing missionary work. We were always dressing modest, but we weren’t Amish.

Xtreme: Did you have Amish friends?

Prinzzess: Yes.

Xtreme: But you didn’t do the lifestyle.

Prinzzess: No, no. Well, living around them, yeah, but we didn’t go to church, we didn’t believe like they did, stuff like that.

Xtreme: Were you just as conservative?

Prinzzess: No, not at all. Well, Mom would like us to be.

Xtreme: Okay, so the next step: when you finally left home, how old were you and were did you go?

Prinzzess: Moved in with a boyfriend; that lasted three months. That was in Belize. Moved to Jacksonville with my best friend’s family. Then I moved in with my grandfather, and about a year later I started modeling when I turned eighteen.

Xtreme: Was it, like, sexy modeling?

Prinzzess: I started out nude modeling because when you turn eighteen you want to do it all of a sudden because you weren’t allowed to do it when you were a kid; you want to go to the extreme. I wanted to model since I was twelve or thirteen, since before I was growing the boobs, I don’t know when that was exactly. My mom went shopping for bras for herself. I saw the labels and I was like, “I want to do that.” They’re naked, and my mom was always trying to hide the tags.

Xtreme: So you started with only photos?

Prinzzess: Photos mostly. I did a few videos, they were nothing extreme.

Xtreme: And was it just you?

Prinzzess: Well, when I was eighteen and a half, I went to L.A. for the first time, and I did my first girl/girl scene. That was video. But for the first, like, four months, it was just photos, and then I did videos.

Xtreme: Hardcore photos?

Prinzzess: Yeah, hardcore photos, but when I went to L.A. and did that girl/girl scene, the rest was all solo. So pretty much the first few years of modeling I did were solo. Only the last two and a half years were girl/girl.

Xtreme: So had you been with women before you got into the business then?

Prinzzess: [Laughs] Yes.

Xtreme: Oh! In Belize?

Prinzzess: Yes.

Xtreme: Tell me about that!

Prinzzess: That started out I think before I ran away from home, and it was before the boys.

Xtreme: Not to quickly change the subject, but was that the circumstance of your leaving home? Were you running away?

Prinzzess: ‘Sort of. They knew I was running away with a boyfriend, but they didn’t know before that.

Xtreme: Okay. Sorry, back to the girl!

Prinzzess: [Laughs] The girls started because me and my best friend both got grounded from seeing each other or even leaving the house. Well, when something like that happens and you can’t see each other, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna sneak out of the house at night, it’s your only option. So we started sneaking out at night in the old abandoned van in between her house and my house, and you know how you get bored talking, and you kind of start kissing and stuff.

Xtreme: Wow! Okay, so with a buildup like that, that girl/girl scene you did at the beginning of your career must have been really hot. Who was your co-star?

Prinzzess: That was with Jessica Jaymes. She is very pretty and very nice and her boobs are amazing.

Xtreme: Were you nervous?

Prinzzess: Not so much nervous, because to me it was just an act.

Xtreme: Had you been on camera like that before?

Prinzzess: Not with a girl, no. And for me, like I said, it was just an act because I didn’t really know her, so [mostly I just wanted to] make it look good, make it look like I was really enjoying it. I wasn’t really into it at that point.

Xtreme: Well, without counting that then, how long have you been making movies?

Prinzzess: Probably about two and a half years.

Xtreme: Have you ever done a scene with a guy?

Prinzzess: Nooooo.

Xtreme: But you’re approached all the time.

Prinzzess: All the time. [And] I’ve considered it for one company, I just ended up… it wasn’t enough incentive to go that route yet.

Xtreme: Is it a money thing, or a mental preparedness thing?

Prinzzess: I think I’d do it mentally; I don’t think it’d be an issue. It’s just another step, and it’s something I said I’d never do when I started. Like girl/girl, obviously I did that when I was eighteen, I was never against it. So I’ve been in the business, and I’ve never crossed any of the [boundaries] that I originally set.

Xtreme: Plus you always have this one thing to give back to your fans.

Prinzzess: Exactly! Or maybe I’ll even do it just for my website. Just gotta find that one special guy to work with on my website. Who’s it gonna be? [Wiggles eyebrows]

Xtreme: Would you want to be on camera in the same room as sex with a guy? Maybe playing with yourself while other people are fucking?

Prinzzess: I’ve done that. One [scene] was for Bang Bros. It was sort of like the girlfriend was throwing a birthday party for the boyfriend, and she had the other girls, and the girls are making out, and she’s making out with me and she goes to suck his cock and then I leave. I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was totally fine.

Xtreme: At any point were you thinking, “I’m gonna jump on it!”

Prinzzess: It crossed my mind.

Xtreme: Tell me about your personal life.

Prinzzess: Well, I like guys, but another reason I didn’t want to get into boy/girl is because after I have sex with someone, I tend to get attached, and it’s not the same with girls.

Xtreme: Do you have a preference sexually, like one being better in bed than the other?

Prinzzess: Oh, that’s a different subject. Like I said, I like to take it slow. I like foreplay; I would like to do oral on a guy for a few nights before we had sex. That’s how I like to do it. With a girl, there’s all the foreplay you want, but there’s no cock afterward. I like to fuck after I have an orgasm. With a guy, they kind of tend to want to rush it. If they tend to want to take it slow, I would say it’s the guy I like better.

Xtreme: Maybe the girl throwing the party for the boyfriend had the right idea. Start with the chicks, then go to the man.

Prinzzess: Perfect!

Xtreme: Do you ever watch your own porn?

Prinzzess: I watch it, but not for the sex. I watch the dialogue.

Xtreme: Do you ever watch anyone’s porn?

Prinzzess: I love porn!

Xtreme: Is it lesbian porn?

Prinzzess: No, I like boy/girl. My favorite time to watch it is actually when I’m having sex with a guy. That being on in the background is a turn-on.

Xtreme: Do you ever see stuff in the movies that makes you think to yourself, “Even if I did fuck guys in movies, I would never do that!”?

Prinzzess: My limits are silly stuff, like I won’t pee on camera. Probably a lot of the low-budget amateur porn is more stuff I wouldn’t do. High-class glamorous stuff… if I decided to do boy/girl, I would do it.

Xtreme: So if it was, say, a double penetration scene produced by Wicked, you’d go for it? Because it looks pretty.

Prinzzess: Yes. I probably would. But it would be more along the lines of, you know, I sign a contract and the first year would be basic. The second year I’d do anal. Then the third year I’d be DPed.

Xtreme: So for the really overzealous male fans, it’s gonna be a while until you’re doing some crazy stuff with guys.

Prinzzess: Yes. Unless I do it for my website, and I definitely am still considering that.

Xtreme: What’s your favorite way to get off?

Prinzzess: Well, I have a favorite toy, or else it would be with the showerhead.

Xtreme: Did you hear about that through a friend or just happen upon it?

Prinzzess: I just happened upon it!

Xtreme: What is your favorite toy?

Prinzzess: It’s named Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker, I think? It’s like the Rabbit, only not only does it go around and vibrate on your clit, it goes in and out. And it’s the only vibrator I’ve seen that you can hold still and it goes in and out. It’s like instantaneous orgasms.

Xtreme: When you do go around the country, do your male fans try to turn you straight, thinking you only like women or something?

Prinzzess: Well, I tell them that I like men in my personal life but that I’m not ready to share it, and I also tell them that it would take them probably two or three months of dating me to get me, so they don’t pressure me too much.

Xtreme: What turned you onto dancing? I know you never stripped before getting into the business.

Prinzzess: I had someone tell me I should try it out. I’d never even house danced, but I figured, “Why not?” I’d get to tour the country, and I love traveling. So I house danced for four nights at three clubs just to get a feel for that other side of the strip club, because I’d always been a customer before that.

Xtreme: What are your career goals?

Prinzzess: I want to take it slow. Goals are mainly magazines I want to get into. Maybe do some mainstream stuff, which, because I live in Florida and am not close to Miami, going to castings and other mainstream stuff takes a lot of time and because I’m so busy I don’t have time to, and I’ve even gone to castings in L.A. and gotten the part and haven’t been there on the shoot date, so that’s restrictive just because I don’t live in accessible areas and am always on the road.

Xtreme: Would you move?

Prinzzess: Not to L.A.! I hate L.A. What is there to like? There’s traffic, it’s dirty, there’s bums everywhere. I’d be broke off of buying

bums lunches.

Xtreme: What’s the best way for your fans to contact you?

Prinzzess: Definitely Twitter. I’m on there a few times a day, and I read everything. I reply to what needs replying to.

Xtreme: Thank you so much!

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