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Riley Steele

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Friday, November 5th, 2010

Jesse’s Little Sis…
All Grown Up

Riley Steele

by PaulieK.

A beautiful life size blonde barbie doll, Riley Steele may seem like a rookie to us poon hounds, but in reality, she’s been in the smut biz now for about 2 years. Blue eyed, Blonde and a great personality, Riley had the chance of a lifetime this summer starring in a huge mainstream film, Piranha 3D, alongside the likes of Elizabeth Shue, Jerry O’Connell, Richard Dreyfuss and Ving Rhames. Sure she plays a pornstar, sure she’s in a thong bikini the entire movie, but she was damn good at it.

PaulieK: Good morning, Riley – thank you for making some time for me today.

Riley Steele: Hey Paulie K, no problem.

PaulieK: Now I read a biography on you because I thought you were kinda brand new to this business, but it’s been like 2 years?

Riley Steele: Yes, 2 years, I feel old but you say I’m brand new.

PaulieK: Your work is so rare, it’s tough for people to see you, and that’s why I consider you brand new, because not many people get to see your work.

Riley Steele: Yes, Digital Playground has a whole office on websites constantly making sure no one is stealing anything or using my image or whatever, so I’m pretty well guarded.

PaulieK: So in this biography I read, it said you were a golf course snack girl – is that right? I’ve never heard of that, then again, I’ve never been on a golf course.

Riley Steele: Yea, I miss it. It was the best job ever. There were no cameras in the room, so I could have sex in there, I could workout in there, I could do anything I wanted to in there, plus the golfers tipped me so incredibly well, I really had a lot of fun with that job.

PaulieK: Wow, would you prefer that over say, doing porn?

Riley Steele: No, but I would love to do both. Maybe in the summer time I’ll go back there, especially in Beverly Hills, you can really make some great money there.

PaulieK: If you went back there now, you’d be swamped with autographs and fans everyday – you would own that golf course.

Riley Steele: Oh yea

PaulieK: Now you were something else too, right? You held a few jobs I think before you leaped into superstardom.

Riley Steele: Starbucks, and I was a sandwich artist  at Subway.

PaulieK: So a guy would walk into Subway, order a ham sandwich and you would make it for him – that is so hot – Jared never told us about that! That there are porn stars working at Subway!

Riley Steele: Well I wasn’t a porn star then, but yea, that was my first job, to make sandwiches. I got fired though, because I went to Ozzfest.

PaulieK: Do your parents know what you do?

Riley Steele: They do, yea.

PaulieK: Are they mad?

Riley Steele: They were upset at first, yea, but Samantha Lewis, one of the owners of Digital Playground called my Dad, and explained to him that they are very hands-on, they take very good care of their girls and those two still talk to this day, so I’m lucky that way.

PaulieK: Samantha Lewis owns Digital Playground?

Riley Steele: Yea, Samantha and Ali Joone are the two owners and they are like my Mom and Dad when I go to LA. Extremely nice, caring people, I love them.

PaulieK: Now you have a very simple story of how you got into porn, don’t you. Some girls have these amazing journeys about being plucked from their home state from a strip club and doing photo shoots for years before doing porn – not you.

Riley Steele: San Diego, Hustler Store signing for the Pirates I movie, Joone was there. He never goes to these signings, Jesse Jane was there, turned to Joone and told him that I wanted to do porn. He gave me his card, but I had barely reached 18 years old, so I was still nervous and a little scared and had the boyfriend at the time –

PaulieK: Sure, what hot girl doesn’t have a boyfriend at 18.

Riley Steele: Yea, so I took his card, and 2 years later, me and the boyfriend broke up and I called Joone and sent him some pics and before I knew it I was in Pirates II.

PaulieK: So young, Riley, so young – were you always into porn – was this like your lifelong dream?

Riley Steele: Yea, I pretty much was always into it, I love it. My Dad eventually had to put those parental control settings on our computer because I was constantly looking up porn stars and porn sites – gosh they were so hot.

PaulieK: Who is your favorite old school pornstar?

Riley Steele: The first porn I ever owned was called “Devon does Gigantic Cocks” – and Evan Stone was in it, and he fucks Devon in this photo booth with a hat on that says “Photo”, and it was pretty funny. So when I got to work with him for the first time, that was all I was thinking about and it was kinda trippy.

PaulieK: Yea, Evan is kinda trippy – now you had a very unique opportunity this summer, although it was released the last week of August, this was kinda meant to be a tongue in cheek horror / summer fun flick, you were cast in the mainstream film, Piranha 3D.

Riley Steele: Yes, with Kelly Brooks.

PaulieK: With Kelly Brooks, who was in Playboy to help sell this film to the masses. Riley I was so happy to see your perfect ass in 3D, but the whole film, you never said a word.

Riley Steele: I know! I had one line, “put it anywhere you want”

PaulieK: Really? I must’ve missed that – because you were in about 90% of the movie –

Riley Steele: In a thong bikini –

PaulieK: 90% of the movie, in a thong bikini and even less –

Riley Steele: Yes, naked too, which I didn’t mind –

PaulieK: Naked, 90%, thong bikini and they only give you one line to say in the entire movie – which I missed!! It’s an outrage!!

Riley Steele: Next time I’m demanding a speaking role, a bigger one.

PaulieK: Good for you! Now everyone in the biz knows about you and Jesse Jane, right? Everyone I talk to says you guys are inseparable, you guys are joined at the hip – and honestly, you guys even look alike!

Riley Steele: Yea, yea – well when Jesse is in town she stays at the hotel right next to my house, so we go work out everyday together, and we tend to get into some trouble together too.

PaulieK: You guys are always Twittering that you miss each other, and it’s like you guys are twins separated at birth.

Riley Steele: We are very close, and I do miss her, so, yea – we love being with each other.

PaulieK: Now tell me about your first scene.

Riley Steele: My first scene was in Pirates II with Ben English and Shawna Lenee.

PaulieK: Now do you prefer B/G/G or B/G or what do you prefer?

Riley Steele: I prefer B/B/G, because it makes me feel dirty like I’m a bad girl, and there is always something to do. Tagging people with Jesse is more fun but we do that off camera.

PaulieK: Wait – you and Jesse Jane tag up to fuck guys off camera?

Riley Steele: Oh yes and we love it. Last time we tagged a guy I was giving him  a blow job while Jesse jacked him off into my mouth. We are a really  good team.

PaulieK: Man that is hot. Now you had two B/B/G scenes in your movie Bar Pussy, right?

Riley Steele: Yes, it was awesome.

PaulieK: And it was the same two guys – Scott Nails and  James Deen.

Riley Steele: I know! They had more scenes in my movie then I did!!

PaulieK: Still, you were very very hot, great film, too. Now what is your favorite sex position?

Riley Steele: Doggie.

PaulieK: Oh man, that is hot. Favorite place for a pop shot?

Riley Steele: My face, I love it on my face. Makes me feel like a really  dirty girl.

PaulieK: Now usually the rule is not to get it in your eye or hair, right?

Riley Steele: Right, no eyes and no hair. Me and Jesse always go out afterwards, so getting it in the hair would mean the whole showering thing and re-doing make up and all that.

PaulieK: What do you look for in a guy?

Riley Steele: I love a manly man who can fix the car, and fix up the house and gets his hands dirty and gets things done. That, to me, is  super hot.

PaulieK: It sure is. What can a guy do to you, during a scene that just drives you crazy, that really turns you on.

Riley Steele: Umm, I like to be kissed on the neck, or on the ear, that really turns me on.

PaulieK: That’s a little romantic for a porn star isn’t it?

Riley Steele: Yea, but I’m not into romantic sex, making love is disgusting to me. I love to fuck – tie me up, pull my hair – spit, that kind  of thing.

PaulieK: Very nice, I like that. Now that is spoken like a true porn star. What about anal sex?

Riley Steele: I do anal in my private life, but I dunno about on-camera, because those cocks are huge, I mean, they are huge. I don’t think I could ever do that.

PaulieK: Well I will start praying that you do. So Riley, what are your plans for the future?

Riley Steele: I’d love to direct in the future, direct my own films, direct  features, just have my vision up there for everyone to see, it’d be  so hot.

PaulieK: It sure would and I definitely look forward to that day. Before we go, do you wanna plug your websites and any upcoming films?

Riley Steele: RileySteele.com, follow me on Twitter.com/RileySteele and DigitalPlayground.com

PaulieK: And you have really good Tweets! You take those ass shots in the bathroom – people, if you tweet – follow this girl, she rewards you with amazing ass pics and other body parts as well. I’m not gonna give it away, you gotta go tweet her.

Riley Steele: I do my best – and I’ll be feature dancing soon, so check out my schedules on any of those sites, look for upcoming movies on those sites or if you wanna good time – just go to my sites.

PaulieK: Very well said. In other words, just go to your sites.

Riley Steele: Yes.

PaulieK: Riley thank you so much for this time, I am truly a big fan of yours, you are gorgeous and cute and you did so well against those Piranhas, I am very proud of you.

Riley Steele: Thank you, Paulie.

Folks, she really does Tweet pics of her ass and naked body just about every day, so I suggest you follow her, I do. Riley’s newer movies include Body Heat, Teenlicious, Teachers, and Bar Pussy. Go to any of her websites to check out trailers and clips from those movies. Those same sites will also have her traveling schedule when she begins touring and dancing which is believed to begin very soon, so keep a look out for her in your neck of the woods. Until next time, stay horny America.

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