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Bunny Ranch

Posted in Interviews, Photos on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Xtreme Visits
Dennis Hof’s
World Famous
Bunny Ranch & Love Ranch

Photos by John Cole

Ever wonder what would happen if Xtreme sent one of their crack pervert row hardened photogs on an all access field trip to Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch and Love Ranch just outside of Carson City, Nevada?  Yup, that’s me.  A tad bit of anxiety ran through me as my flight from Vegas started its descent into Reno.  Would someone actually pick me up at the airport?  Jared Rozborski, Xtreme’s New England Publisher had assured me…”this will be bigger for you, John, than Playboy was.” Yes, somehow I did manage to get four photographs and a photo credit on Playboy.com last year.  I wasn’t buying what he was saying to me.  I’d just shot my 8th Expo down in Vegas so maybe I could survive this.  John, a driver from the ranch did pick me up and i got to check out the scenery on the 45 minute ride from the airport.  Felt like i was in a cowboy movie.

[imagebrowser id=13]

Virginia City is a real place.  Once we got to the Bunny Ranch i was ushered into an office to meet with Dennis and Madame Suzette.  Madame Suzette’s assistant, Sharon, gave me a tour of the compound and showed me to my room. Nice room with it’s own bath but you don’t really care about that.  Then I started meeting the ladies.  Unbelievably friendly, they put me immediately at ease.  Hey, I know I’m kinda jaded and all that shooting hotties in the finest clubs in New England but I’ve gotta tell you, this was one accommodating bevy of women!  Now why would that be?  I asked that very question and the answer….”we’re Pleasers.”  A certain logic there.  Dennis and Suzette then took me down to their other establishment, the Love Ranch.  Same thing.  Smokin hot very friendly women.  What’s not to like?  I broke out the Canon and the rest is on these pages.  Ever heard that old blues line…”too many women not enough time”?  Well, that came into play here for the local guy.  Just about every lady I asked to pose did…did I tell you they were accomodating?  Dennis is an extremely personable larger than life guy and we had some interesting conversations.  Same for the ladies and the staff.  Very interesting and genuinely nice people.  Let’s just say that is not always the case per my experience.  And, before I close, a very cool thing happened on the Saturday afternoon that I was out there.  A small herd of wild mustangs showed up just outside the ranch. Wild horses….now that’s something a guy from New England doesn’t run across very often.  I grabbed my camera and went for it. Unreal experience.  One of the Bunny Ranch ladies, Felicia Foxx, a great photographer managed to get a shot of me in a stare down with the stallion.  Great shot despite the fact I’m in it.  Cudos to Felicia.  Anyway, I had a fantastic time with some really cool people.  If and when I come back, Karla….you’re on notice!

Posted in Interviews, Photos

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