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Rubber Doll

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Monday, February 28th, 2011

Rubber Doll

Shiny Slut

Xtreme: Rubber Doll, I’m so excited to be interviewing you. This is something so new and different for me. Also, you just informed me that rubber and latex are, perhaps surprisingly for many, the same thing!

Rubber Doll: Yeah! That’s actually the way [my career] really started; it was because I just loved latex so much that I knew I just wanted to do this.

Xtreme: So how did you find out that you loved latex?

Rubber Doll: They started having parties here where it was pretty much mandatory to wear fetish outfits to go to these fetish parties, and I had never gone to anything like that before. I had been to the clubs here in Miami, but then when I first walked into the fetish party was how I really got hooked. I saw these people walking around in latex and it was very sexual; they were doing so many sexual things and it was so hard to believe you could get away with that kind of stuff here, and that’s really what grabbed my attention was the sexual atmosphere, wearing these shiny outfits, and then later on when I tried [the latex] on I was really hooked. I loved the tightness and the sexiness of it, the way it feels, the way it looks. That’s when I was really hooked. I’ve gone from complete latex catsuits to bikinis, so it’s a wide range.

Xtreme: You must’ve been pretty young. You’re not very old to begin with.

Rubber Doll: This was when I was a teenager. I might not have been old enough to go in there. [laughs] I still go to all these fetish parties, except now I’m the main event, the guest of honor. They’ll have me do a show and afterward do a signing. So it went from me being an admirer of this to being the guest of honor, which is quite nice.

Xtreme: I was going to say, you must love that. What a dream come true!

Rubber Doll: It really is. I love what I do. I love doing the DVDs and getting all wrapped up and meeting all the other girls that are into the same thing that I’m into and it just doesn’t get any better.

Xtreme: Awesome. So while latex is very specific, fetish is very broad; are there any other fetishes that you’re interested in?

Rubber Doll: Yes. I especially love exploring new things. Anything new, I mean, besides, you know, the regular stuff. But anything new, you know, like spanking, sometimes a little bit of hot wax. There’s so many different types of extreme fetishism; I’m really not into extreme play. I’m not into it at all. I’m into kinky stuff, you know, playing around, having a good time, trying new things, but nothing really HARD, hardcore. Some men, for example, like strap-ons, and a lot of girls like that! That’s one of the big things that I do is lot of strap-on play, along with all the latex.

Xtreme: What is your definition of extreme play?

Rubber Doll: Well, like heavy caning. Caning, like when you have those canes, and you hit so hard that you can open a gash. Blood play. Needles. Anything that gets a little too hard, like spanking that gets too hard and you’re not enjoying it. That’s a whole different thing. It can go to that, and a lot of people enjoy that. But I don’t have fun with that; if I’m with someone else, it’s not something that I enjoy.

Xtreme: Are you a dom or a sub or both?

Rubber Doll: You know, I’m not a mistress. What I do is just enjoy playing.

Xtreme: So it just depends on your mood since you’re playing around.

Rubber Doll: Yeah. I can definitely go both ways. It’s not that I’m always a dom. It depends what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I feel like being a little naughty and submissive and playing the bad little school girl, and I play dress-up and put on my little school outfit. Or maybe I’ll feel a little more dominant that night. And it reflects a lot in my shows as well, when I do my live performances. For example, I do three shows at night. It really shows my different types of characters; I can go from naughty to very strict to in between where I just want to play around, and that happens a lot where I want a little of both sides. I’m complicated! [laughs]

Xtreme: I think a lot of people can’t reconcile how your interest in fetish impacts, if at all, your sexuality. You probably get this question a lot – or maybe never! Either way, can you please elaborate on this, like by telling me about a typical sexual encounter?

Rubber Doll: Well, it really depends on my mood. I like to dress up. I really like that a lot. I think it makes sex so much more fun!

Xtreme: Do you have a lot of outfits?

Rubber Doll: Ugh. I’m actually in the process of making an entire 13’x13’ room into a walk-in closet of rubber high-heels, boots, toys, because right now everything is in separate closets, which is kind of inconvenient. But back to what I was saying; it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for, let’s say, a regular night with stockings and a garter belt. Always high heels because I love high heels. That could really start off the night. I might want to get spanked that night, and then give a blowjob that would segue into regular sex. I might want to get a little hardcore, or go a little bit lighter. Maybe we don’t even have to have sex; it could be from that into “I want it all.” [laughs] From that into a quickie… not even a quickie. It could turn into hours of fun!

Xtreme: From the reading that I did, my understanding is that you don’t do any scenes with guys at this point. True?

Rubber Doll: Yes. I just do a lot of girl/girl on my DVDs, and sometimes solos as well.

Xtreme: Would you ever have considered doing normal porn, or was this career choice a vehicle for you to explore your interest in fetish?

Rubber Doll: I’d probably have done regular porn if I wasn’t into [latex]. I was always very interested, since I was very young. I remember taking my brother’s porn magazines and looking at them, back when I was really little, like way too young to be looking at them! I was probably twelve years old, and I remember admiring how beautiful the women were, and how I wanted to look just like that and wanted to do that. I find it really interested how, at such a young age, I wanted so badly to do something like that and to be that girl on the magazine. So I think when I really explored the fetish scene, that’s when I really decided, “Okay, I think I want to combine these things together,” this glamour with the fetish, the high heels and the makeup and adding the porn in it. Not a lot of people are doing this. There’s a lot going on. It’s very sexual, but very glam. I find it [to be] a notch up from regular porn, just because of the outfits, the hair, the makeup, the high heels, and that’s what really turns me on and what I really love about what I do.

Xtreme: So, really, you’ve found an untapped market in many ways.

Rubber Doll: A little bit, yes. You see a lot of regular porn stars wearing latex, although not to the level where I’ve gone with it. I guess you can say that I do it with love. [laughs] And I do all my own hair and my makeup, and I direct all my own films and I know exactly what direction I want to take with my photography and come up with all the concepts, and I think that’s a lot of fun, much more than someone telling me, “Here’s what you’re going to do today,” because it’s what I’m in the mood for. This way, when a fan is seeing one of my DVDs or my website, it’s really all me. It’s what I wanted to do, it’s what I created from beginning to end.

Xtreme: What can someone expect from one of your live feature shows?

Rubber Doll: It’s different from anything you’ve ever seen, I guarantee that! I do a lot of magic tricks. It’s really interesting. [laughs]

Xtreme: Really!?

Rubber Doll: One of my shows is a magic show: very high energy and I have all these different moves. There’s magic tricks all over and I love to surprise people. That’s how, usually, I start: doing a couple of magic tricks at this particular magic show that I do, and then it goes to a little bit more of the extreme; I start removing my clothes, beginning with my jacket until I’m pretty much naked, because really I think that’s what they want to see! Actually, I [recently did] a brand new show. It’s a full burlesque show, but very kinky, and that’s usually how my shows are: very, very, very kinky. It [was] a Valentine’s show, very special.

Xtreme: What is it about one of your shows that ups the kink factor?

Rubber Doll: Well, at one point, in my Valentine’s show, I have a bouquet of flowers that comes out of her cooch. It’s really cute. I do it in a very tasteful way; it’s very sexy, it’s very well put-together. Just like my pictures and my DVDs, it’s very, very well put-together. And at the end of all of my shows, I do a bunch of giveaways. The 20 minutes I’m onstage, I really go all out; I want to give the audience something they’ve never seen before, and luckily, people come up to me after and tell me that it’s something that they haven’t seen, so I just love that!

Xtreme: Have you ever done a show so kinky that you freaked out a guy a little bit?

Rubber Doll: Oh, all the time! All the time! I’m known for one of my toys onstage: it’s a strap-on. It’s a giant strap-on. There’s a whole show with me dancing and putting it on, and of course they get a little scared of it. But at this point in the show I’m usually a lot more directed at the girls anyway! So I’m stroking it, pretending it to jerk it off, and then I go back to my chair and I have an angle grinder – I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anything like this before – and I grind the metal cock. Sparks come out and start going up in the air, so that’s really entertaining, but it freaks the guys out a little bit… maybe they’re thinking about what if that were them? But then they like it when they start seeing the sparks, because it’s really very pretty. They just really freak out at the beginning.

Xtreme: What is the best place for your fans to get in touch with you?

Rubber Doll: My website is www.RubberDoll.net and my sister site is www.ShinySluts.com. Also, come find me on Twitter or Facebook!

Rubber Doll will be Performing Live
March 17th,18th,19th at
Mystique Gentlemen’s Club
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