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Getting Friendly with Tyler Faith

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Saturday, February 5th, 2011

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Getting Friendly with

Tyler Faith

by paulie K.

Paulie K: Hey Tyler Faith – hello and thank you for sitting with me.

Tyler: Well it is my pleasure, Paulie K. I’m glad to be here.

PK: So let’s begin at the beginning, how did you lose your virginity?

Tyler: Well, I lost my virginity when I was 16, to my boyfriend of 4 years.

PK: So it was your first love kind of thing? I think that’s romantic.

Tyler: Exactly, he was my first love, my High School sweetheart.

PK: That is so cute for a porn star, I love it. Did it take place in the backseat of a car?

Tyler: No, it was not in a car.

PK: Where was it?

Tyler: It was actually in that place where the kids play baseball?

PK: In the dugout? You lost your virginity in a baseball dugout?!

Tyler: Yep, yes, that was it.

PK: Now did you start out stripping or were you a model, because I see you as a model first.

Tyler: I was, I was a model first, your right. I started out as a lingerie model for catalogs, I was 18, and it was great. It was for Fantasia Designs.

PK: 18? Was it awkward for you or anything? You were okay with all that?

Tyler: I was fine, yea, I enjoyed it.

PK: So you are already loving the camera at 18, in lingerie, how do you make the jump to porn, because modeling could be a much more lucrative move for you.

Tyler: Well they sent me to lingerie shows around the country, and we had shows in Vegas and Atlantic City about 3 times a year. I met Andy from Pleasure Productions, in Atlantic City and he would always seek me out and ask me to do stripping videos, like, PG rated stripping shows where you don’t show anything, but just strip out of your lingerie. I had already started dancing in strip clubs from time to time, so it really was no big deal to me, so I finally caved and said yes.

PK: Oh my, you sound like a pushover. I’m gonna start asking you out every single day until you say yes.

Tyler: Yea, really.

PK: Now did you have tits at this point?

Tyler: Yes, I got my tits at 19 years old.

PK: Who paid for that?

Tyler: I paid for that. On my lingerie modeling salary.

PK: You don’t mess around, do you.

Tyler: After the videos I kind of stopped for a while because I got engaged to a boxer.

PK: You were engaged to a boxer? What was his name?

Tyler: I’d rather not mention his name, but we were engaged and I

stopped modeling.

PK: Thank the Lord it didn’t last.

Tyler: Right, so when we broke up, I went back to Andy and he suggested I do some girl/girl videos.

PK: Lesbian videos? Really? How terrifying was that?

Tyler: Are you kidding? I’ve been with women since I was 17 years old.

It was fantastic!

PK: So you’re bisexual?

Tyler: Oh yes. I’m not Gay for Pay, I am a bisexual, so I had a great time doing it.

PK: The contract with Pleasure Productions, to do women only, was for what, about 3 – 5 years?

Tyler: Exactly. After a few years me and Pleasure Productions mutually parted ways, and I took a year off.

PK: Man you are really taking your time fucking guys on camera!

Tyler: Yes. My porn career took a long time to develop.

PK: OK, so what next.

Tyler: I then took a year off.

PK: Oh lord.

Tyler: I knew Jill Kelly and she contacted me telling me that she started her own company, Jill Kelly Productions, and if I ever wanted to come back in, to give her a call.

PK: Here we go.

Tyler: Yep – JKP.

PK: The famous, and legendary Jill Kelly Productions.

Tyler: Yes, we had so much fun in those days, so much fun.

PK: Let’s run down this famous class of girls that Jill Kelly brought

into porn.

Tyler: Quite a list.

PK: Shyla Stylez, You, Jenna Haze, Star E Knight – you girls were young, Jill Kelly was your boss and the company rivaled the Vivid Girls at that time.

Tyler: It truly was an amazing time, I’ve never had a better time in my life, then in those days.

PK: Jenna Haze was just a baby, Shyla Stylez was brand new and took porn by storm, you were like Sporty Spice of the group – it’s legendary. You guys were the 1983 draft of Quarterbacks!! Shyla is still going strong, your going strong and Jenna Haze turned into a big, big deal.

Tyler: Yea, those days were the best, no question.

PK: Who did Jill Kelly start you out with? Who was finally your first dick?

Tyler: My first dick on camera, ever, was Dale DeBone.

PK: Oh – very nice. He is a great guy and he’s also playing Elvis in the new Elvis Parody by Axel Braun.

Tyler: Is he? I believe it. I bet he is, and I bet he loved every second of it.

PK: What’s your take on all these parodies that porn is producing

these days.

Tyler: I think it’s all a little bit too much, but –

PK: If you could pick a porn parody of anything on this earth – what parody could you see yourself doing?

Tyler: I would love to do a Family Guy parody.

PK: Family Guy? That’s a cartoon!

Tyler: I know it’s a cartoon, but I love that show to death!! I am a huge Family Guy fan.

PK: Mmm, aren’t we all. So how long was this contract with Jill Kelly Productions?

Tyler: It was fantastic the stuff we were putting out at that time. My contract was for 5 years, and I was happy and stayed with Jill for all 5 years and it was the best time of my life.

PK: Yes it was, and like everything else – all good things must come to an end. Jill Kelly’s company hits the iceberg, as they say.

Tyler: Unfortunately, yes.

PK: The main money man in that company vanishes into thin air and questions get asked and shadows begin to creep everywhere and the company has to fold.

Tyler: Yea, it was too bad.

PK: So Jill Kelly goes under, what happens to you?

Tyler: Well I started to look for and to shoot for companies on my own.

PK: Did you enjoy that?

Tyler: It was new to me, so I liked it. It wasn’t too bad. In my career I had always been a contract girl, I was always a stable star. So for the first time, I had freedom over myself, became my own boss and I already had a name, people knew me, so it wasn’t too hard and it was kinda fun.

PK: The freelance thing actually came a perfect time after you were already famous, like Brett Favre.

Tyler: Kinda.

PK: So now more then ever you have to rely on your website so please tell the lovely people what it is.

Tyler: Sure, my website is TylerFaith.com

PK: That is certainly easy enough to remember. What do you have

on there?

Tyler: I have things on there that you will never ever see me do in a movie.

PK: Really? Black guys?

Tyler: No, no black guys, but there will be double penetration, there will be some anal, and other stuff that I do not do on film. So it’s worth checking out.

PK: Do they cum in your hair, on your website?

Tyler: Oh that you can see anywhere – that happens all the time.

PK: Where is your favorite place for a guy to splooge?

Tyler: In real life or on camera?

PK: Both.

Tyler: In real life I love for a guy to cum inside me. On camera I love how it looks when I guy just explodes on my face.

PK: Have y

ou had any embarrassing or amazing moments on set?

Tyler: I don’t really have any embarrassing moments.

PK: What about awkward moments?

Tyler: Awkward, well you know – when I was under contract, we worked a lot, compared to how often I work when I’m freelance, and this guy actually thought I would help him get hard before the cameras started rolling. I was like, dude – I’m not helping you. As soon as that camera goes on, I’ll blow you, but I’m not touching you until those cameras roll. If you want me to help you, then I’ll take your paycheck too. Your job is to fuck me, my job is to get fucked, and that’s it.

PK: Wow. That could not have been helpful.

Tyler: It’s not nice, I know, but this is how I look at it! If a guy can’t keep his dick hard he should not be doing porn, he should be doing something else!

PK: You are – I was not aware you were this mean.

Tyler: I’m not mean, I will help all I can when the camera goes on, but when it’s off, we are not playing games here. This isn’t like a dating service or anything.

PK: Guys are so easy though – I bet all you had to do was blow on it. That’s it – the wind would have given him a hard on.

Tyler: If that was the case I probably would have done it, but I don’t think so. Maybe, who knows.

PK: I saw some BTS footage where Shyla Stylez was talking to the camera, naked, on the bed, while the guy had his back to the camera vigorously jerking off trying to get wood.

Tyler: Yep. That is exactly how it is.

PK: But you girls are the most beautiful creatures in the world – and the guy can’t even look at you when he has trouble getting wood? That is ridiculous.

Tyler: Hey, it’s a job description like anything else. I’m here to fuck – not help with your wood issues.

PK: Porn is so confusing. Your fucking the guy in 2 minutes anyway!!

Tyler: Doesn’t matter. When the cameras are on, we perform. It’s performing for the cameras.

PK: Okay, fine. I’m not gonna push it. What else are you doing these days because our time is just about up. Give the shout outs.

Tyler: I just shot a scene for BRAZZERS, it’s for a Wife Swapper movie.

PK: People can email you and get your schedule and hot pics and everything through your website, right?

Tyler: Most definitely. TylerFaith.com is the place to find me, my friends, my exclusive videos and you can email me there too.

PK: You are still feature dancing, right? Your schedule would be on there?

Tyler: Yes, my schedule is on there, I do still travel a bit, and I do scenes for BRAZZERS and other companies and for my website as well, so I still stay very busy.

PK: Tyler Faith you are one of the pillars of this community, I am so glad you are still enjoying what you do, because I know I do, as well as all of your adoring fans.

Tyler: Thank you, Paulie.

PK: Thank you so much for your time, Tyler – I wish you all the best.

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