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Cheerleaders vs. Bad Girls

Posted in In the News on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Do you prefer cheerleaders or bad girls?

I think it’s time we address the ongoing rivalry between cheerleaders and bad girls. I’m sure your high school had them both. The cheerleaders with their glistening smiles and bobbing ponytails. With their short skirts and quarterback boyfriends. Maybe you dated a cheerleader. Or maybe you wanted to.

Then there were the bad girls. These girls wore lipstick a shade too dark or a shade too red. They cut class and smoked cigarettes on the loading docks. They didn’t give a damn about what anybody thought of them, and when they looked at you, you couldn’t tell if they hated you, pitied you, or wanted to seduce you. Maybe you dated a bad girl. Or maybe you wanted to.

Now that we’re all grown up and out of high school, we still meet girls who fall somewhere into the cheerleader/bad girl dichotomy. I’ve conducted a series of scientific studies (i.e. I’ve made up some stuff), and here are the pros and cons of dating a cheerleader and a bad girl:

Cheerleader: First, let’s start with the pros. A cheerleader works hard at what she does. She has to be in amazing shape to pull off those dances, jumps, and gymnastics. So of course, a cheerleader has a killer body.

Also, a cheerleader is really good at making people excited. She has to be good at it in order to get people involved in the game. So, if we assume that this skill translates to other regions of her life, then we can assume that she’ll do a pretty good job of getting you excited. Definitely a bonus.

Now the cons. A cheerleader is usually very popular. She has tons of friends. Friends are great, of course. Everybody should have lots of friends. But sometimes the sheer size of a cheerleader’s social circle can become exhausting. And what if, for some reason, her friends don’t like you?

Also, while I’m sure there are some really bright cheerleaders out there, our stereotyping indicates that the cheerleader may not have a whole lot going on upstairs. If you’re interested in a girl you can talk to, make sure your cheerleader cares about more than jumping around and looking pretty (chances are she will, but it can’t hurt to double check).

Bad girls: Now onto the bad girls. We believe that the bad girl’s pros are also her cons. That’s what makes her so dangerously enticing and mysterious. First, the bad girl is unpredictable. This can be excruciatingly sexy, or painstakingly annoying. Will she return your calls? Will she chain you to the bed? Who knows!

Second, the bad girl might not have the same code of loyalty as other girls. She does what she wants, when she wants. She might be willing to go farther, faster with you than other girls. But then, she might also stand you up to have sex with her face-tattooed ex-boyfriend in the middle of the Mojave desert. She’s crazy like that.

Overall, it’s tricky to say which I’d prefer. I guess I like my cheerleader to have a little bad girl in her, and for my bad girl to have just the faintest trace of cheerleader. Which do you prefer?

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