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Jenna Haze

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Thursday, March 31st, 2011



by paulie K. With over 40 adult film awards to her name, Jenna Haze may be small in stature, but she has become a giant in her industry. She has started her own company, Jenneration X Studios, entirely from her own wallet, making all decisions herself, including writing, wardrobe, directing and editing her own material. She chooses the box covers, schedules the photo shoots, handles all the production, plus finds time to feature dance and still have an acting career that garnishes her multiple nominations each and every year. Jenna has quickly become the blueprint on how to be popular, well loved, and powerful in the adult community. She has power behind her voice from helming a popular and money making production company, being a consistent mainstay at AVN Awards show for over 10 years and winning over 40 awards in that time period and still remains a constantly in-demand talent to star in the biggest movies porn has to offer.

Paulie K: Now Jenna Haze, let me first say it is a pleasure to be speaking with you right now because I know how much work you have on your plate these days.

Jenna Haze: Anything for you, Paulie.

PK: Thank you, darling. Now there is no doubt, from anybody that you are at the top of the industry, you have become a legend, in both business and as a talent. Your blowjobs are famous –

JH: The Corkscrew.

PK: Yes, your blowjob technique which is dubbed The Corkscrew is now famous, it’s fun to watch, I’m sure it’s fun to get as well –

JH: Oh they are – they are fun to give too.

PK: Ha ha, yes, they are fun to give, to get and to watch. You are in demand as a name, as a feature dancer, as a brand, as a director, as an actress and as a business owner. You are successful in every single aspect of this industry – and yet I read that you were a high school dropout ?!

JH: Yes, it’s true. I had to drop out of high school. My mom instilled in me this hard work ethic -she had to raise 4 kids on her own, she went through two divorces, and had my older sister when she was just 16. I saw how she struggled in life and that’s something that I don’t want to have to do in my life. I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want my kids to be poor, so I work hard for what I have, and hopefully that won’t happen. I’m gonna work my ass off and rest when I get old.

PK: Why did you have to drop out ?

JH: I stopped going to school when I was 14. I did get my GED, so I’m proud of that, but at the time, at 14, I had to drop out and help my mom and my family make some money.

PK: At 14 ?! What could you possibly do at 14 ?

JH: I started working wherever I could. I had to give most of my earnings to my Mom, but I was able to keep a sliver of it for myself as well.

PK: Yikes – this is like Oliver Twist or something.

JH: Yea, it wasn’t easy. My mom is a very hard worker, and I became a very hard worker and we all made it through.

PK: Gimme some places where you might have worked.

JH: I worked at Taco Bell, I worked at Easy Lube doing oil changes, then I worked at Toys R Us stocking shelves, I did just about everything.

PK: It’s amazing to me, that you are gorgeous, fun to be around, great personality, had all these jobs and they never went anywhere.

JH: Well all these things were things I hated and just didn’t want to do. I was doing them for money, so my family would have a roof over it’s head. I also worked as a waitress, as a Pie Girl, then I got into porn.

PK: And here you have stayed, thank the heavens above.

JH: Yewp – then I went and got my GED.

PK: Good for you.

JH: I scored in the 99th percentile of everything, so I did very well on that test.

PK: Well we all know you are smart, my dear, as well as sexy.

JH: Thank you.

PK: Let’s talk about how and when you got started on this famous career path.

JH: I got started in July, 2001, so that’s about 10 years ago, I did a scene with my agent and his best friend.

PK: See, see – that’s why I wanna be a porn agent – you get to fuck the girls you discover. It’s like a casting couch – but there is no shame or argument about it.

JH: The scene was supposed to be a double blow job, but I ended up having sex with them both because I got so turned on from it all.

PK: Yikes, they are some lucky guys.

JH: I only got paid for the blowjob, because they never agreed to pay me for the sex ! So I don’t really consider that my first scene, just my first good time on-camera.

PK: Wow – you know we can tell that you love being watched and performing on camera for us all.

JH: Oh absolutely – I love it ! I don’t need drugs or alcohol to get through a scene, I am totally sober and I look forward to doing hot nasty things for my fans and anyone who loves to watch.

PK: For some reason, I think you have found your calling.

JH: Then my real first scene, was for Evil Angel, for Joey Silvera and I did an anal scene.

PK: You jumped right into it, didn’t you.

JH: I did a DP my first week too.

PK: For all you kids out there, a DP is a Double Penetration, which means she had both her ass and pussy occupied at the same time.

JH: Yes, exactly.

PK: I like to think that I have a following and that maybe some high school kids are reading this and thinking – “what did PK mean about DP ?” So, I try to educate as I do my job. I’m a teacher of all things perverse. A Doctor of Pornography.

JH: Good for you.

PK: Yes, like a lone beacon in the darkness of smut.

JH: Okay.

PK: Indeed.

JH: So I was in the business for about 8 or 9 months and Jill Kelly swooped me up and signed me to a contract.

PK: Now Jill Kelly, actually was one of the first girls to helm up a production company, like what you have, only ten years earlier.

JH: Yea, she started JKP – Jill Kelly Productions, but she had investors and backers and all that stuff.

PK: You do Jenneration X all on your own ?

JH: Jenneration X, Jen X Studios, is all me, it is very nerve racking because I gotta write all the checks and everything and if something fails or doesn’t happen, it comes out of my pocket and I lose a lot of money.

PK: That is risky – especially in this business.

JH: Yea, so I use people I know, that I love, and I go over everything, every detail and every shot, every photo, everything.

PK: Plus you have to find time to fuck on camera.

JH: Yes, and feature dance.

PK: And feature dance – when do you sleep ?

JH: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

PK: Now JKP put together quite the stream of stars. It was you, Tyler Faith, Shyla Stylez, Jill Kelly, Star E Knight – all of you were headliners in your own right, and JKP signed all of you.

JH: Yes, it was a great, great time. Sometimes I still can’t believe I was a Pie Girl making $5.75 an hour to fucking on film, having a great time, and making thousands of dollars a day. It’s quite amazing.

PK: Do you consider yourself a size queen, when it comes to cock ?

JH: A lot of the girls in the industry only want to work with smaller guys. I always have been wanting to work with the bigger guys. So people always ask me if I’m a size queen because I always try and pick the bigger guys to work with. I do love the big cocks, but I have had guys with small dicks, that have made me orgasm like crazy, much more then the big ones do. I know this sounds cheezy, but it’s true – it really is all about how you guys do it, then what you have to work with. It’s the connection, the way they fuck – small dicks have definitely made me a puddle.

PK: Now how did you come up with The Corkscrew, your famous blowjob technique.

JH: When I was a kid, I made a pack with my best friend that we would never suck a dick – we would fuck guys and never ever suck their dicks. Two days later, I totally broke that pack.

PK: Jenna Haze – you are a born cock sucker.

JH: I am, I love doing it. I tried it, I love doing it, and it really really turns me on having a cock in my mouth.

PK: Is The Corkscrew just a hand thing or a stroking thing ?

JH: It is a hand twisting, stroking thing with my tongue twirling while I suck and twist and stroke kind of thing.

PK: Jesus, that sounds like a dance.

JH: It turns me on just as much as it turns him on, believe me.

PK: Do people ask you for instructions ?

JH: You know what – women come up to me all the time and ask me that. I always tell them to just enjoy it. If you love doing it, it’s gonna be good, no matter what. If you hate sucking dick, don’t do it. I love it, I love how it feels in my mouth, I love sucking it – and it really makes me wet.

PK: I think it’s amazing that after 10 years and countless scenes, you still love doing it.

JH: I do, I don’t know why. I have always said that once I stop loving it, I’ll quit the business, so. You have until then to watch me fuck and suck on some good cock.

PK: Oh trust me, I will. Thank you for taking the time with me, Jenna Haze, I know how busy you are and I greatly appreciate the time.

JH: Anytime, Paulie.

Folks you can see Jenna Haze 24 hours a day at JennaHaze.com, Twitter her @JenXStudios, MySpace/Jenna Haze, she has no Facebook folks, so don’t be fooled by imposters, and all her videos are available to buy at JulesJordanVideo.com. If you wanna follow me, @Pauliek2003 is my Twitter, for all questions, comments or critiques. To listen to my entire interview with Jenna Haze, and many more pornstars – visit ThePornCaster.com.

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