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By PaulieK

A true native New Yorker, Richelle Ryan still has most of her family up there. She, unfortunately has moved down to Virginia, since becoming a porn star. Richelle remains an East Coast women and flies to Los Angeles to do her porn work. She truly enjoys traveling and feature dancing in local clubs to meet her fans and show them a good time. If your interested in seeing this girl up close and you live on the East Coast, tell your club manager about her and you will not be disappointed. She brings in the big crowds and shows everyone a hot and horny time.

Paulie K: How did you get into this strange new world of porn?

Richelle Ryan: I was 18, I was dancing, and believe it or not I became this big lesbian whore. I was chasing all kinds of women around.

PK: Your

not a lesbian are you?

RR: No, no – I still love the men, at that time, I was just crazy about the ladies.

PK: Did you watch any porn when you were 18?

RR: Yea, I loved it. I didn’t masturbate to it or anything, but I was definitely in awe of it and very interested.

PK: Who were some of your favorites?

RR: I loved watching Jules Jordan videos, because he makes the girls look so good and everything, I really enjoyed his work. He made them all look like rock stars.

PK: Yes he does.

RR: So I saw how good he made all those girls look, and that’s when I decided I wanted to do porn.

PK: You’ve made the decision to go balls deep into porn, what did you do next.

RR: I began looking online for agents and managers and porn companies and everything and the next thing I know I’m being flown out to LA to do porn when I was 20.

PK: Boy you don’t mess around do you? You made all the calls, sent all the photos and did everything online except the sex part.

RR: Yep.

PK: Let’s back up here – how did you start stripping?

RR: My hot friend was a dancer for about 5 years, and she is fucking hot. She used to tell me all this money she was bringing home and how easy it was and everything, and told me that I should do it. So she gave me one of her favorite outfits and just literally pushed me out the door telling me to try it just for one night and see if I don’t fall in love with it.

PK: And of course you did.

RR: Exactly. So I went and got hired on the spot and just began dancing.

PK: That is one evil friend you got there. Stay away from her.

RR: I know.

PK: Did you sleep with her, since you were a lesbian whore during those days?

RR: No, but I played with her tits constantly.

PK: I’m sure you did. Now do you date guys as well as girls?

RR: I love them all, bring it on. If you are a guy though, you better know how to handle me and my huge tits, and you better have a big cock.

PK: Oh my goodness – what is wrong with you!

RR: A lot of guys just don’t know how to handle a woman with big tits like this, they get intimidated or just stare at them, and I want a guy who knows what to do with them.

PK: Alright, I guess that’s fair.

RR: And for his cock – I need at least 7 inches or more. I can’t deal with anything smaller then that, I’m sorry. I will apologize in advance if I walk out on you – but that is the deal.

PK: Wow you are harsh!

RR: It’s true, man, I’m sorry. I almost fucked this guy the other night, he was a big boy, because I’m a chubby chaser, but he was big like football player big. I asked him how big his cock is, and don’t lie to me, because I’m gonna find out later on anyway. He told me it was about 6 inches with some girth. I looked at him and told him to go, I said it wasn’t gonna work for me. That’d be throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

PK: Ha ha – so you pre-screen your dates. That’s nice. Parents ask what college they are attending and you ask how big their cock is.

RR: Yup – I gotta know, I don’t have time to play around.

PK: What guy in porn has impressed you with his skills so far?

RR: Hmm, Marc Ashley. No question about it.

PK: Really, you like the Marc Ashley?

RR: Oh yea, he has a massively huge cock. He has 10 inches and he is very thick. When I first saw that thing I was running away from it, then he shoved it in and I was in heaven. It felt really good – like, really good.

PK: Ha ha, Richelle – welcome to your first 10 inch penis.

RR: I completely fell in love with it. Now I can’t go back to small guys, ever. You gotta be big.

PK: Were you terrified or scared when you had to shoot your first sex scene?

RR: No, I was more excited like, Fuck yea, I get to fuck Joey Ray, and I finally get to make a fucking porno. I was pumped.

PK: Interesting.

RR: I mean I didn’t know what I know now – I was fucking him like I would in my bedroom or something. I had no idea about opening up for the camera, and all the different angles you had to do, and all that stuff – but I still loved it.

PK: Yea, on camera sex is extremely different then bedroom sex, and a lot of people don’t realize it, because they don’t think about it. You are in awkward, sometimes painful positions, getting wailed on, making sure to stick your ass out, and moan like your having a great time while your knees might be bleeding or you might be cramping up from the awkward position your in.

RR: Oh it’s a job, and I fucking love it. Like when I did my scene for Squirters – I told them I’m not a squirter, they said don’t worry about it that they fake it anyway.

PK: Tell the good readers how they fake the Squirter series.

RR: They just give you a douche bottle, you squirt water up there, start rolling the cameras and you push the water out. Simple, which is good, because I never squirt, so, it came out great.

PK: Hollywood magic, folks. Now you’ve been in the biz for about 4 years now, how do you like it so far.

RR: I love it. I am concerned with these Tube sites though, that just steal our scenes and throw them up online for free.

PK: Yes, the piracy issue.

RR: They are killing our industry and making it very difficult for us to make money over here. I hate them.

PK: Why pay for the DVD when you can just search for a girl and watch her clips for free, on your computer, right? Easier, cheaper, faster.

RR: Yea but then I don’t get the money, the company doesn’t get the money and it’s bullshit.

PK: I’ve learned to jack off in 35 seconds, because that’s how long those video clips usually are, so I’m good.

RR: Nice. Please people – all my fans and all you readers, do not go online and watch me on those Tube sites. If you love watching me, pay for it either online or buy a DVD, so I can continue making good porn for you to watch and enjoy. I would greatly appreciate it and it would make me so very happy.

PK: I heard that.

RR: Even when I’m touring, people come up to me, because I have a table full of posters and DVD’s to sell, they say: “Why should I buy these DVD’s when I just look you up online?”

PK: Oh man, wrong move. That is how NOT to impress a lady.

RR: I know! I told him to get the fuck out and called him a douche.

PK: That’s my girl. Guys, you do not go up to a porn star and tell them you steal their movies from the internet. Not a good idea.

RR: Hell no! You should be buying the autographed copies I got – not telling me you steal from me. Fucking idiot.

PK: Richelle thank you so much for talking to me today, I wish you all the best and I will definitely pay for you sex scenes.

RR: Thank you Paulie!

Folks to find more of Richelle Ryan please visit
RichelleRyanonline.com, myspace.com/RichelleRyan, and @RichelleRyan for Twitter.

For more about yours truly, follow me @Pauliek2003, and hear all my full length interviews at ThePornCaster.com

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