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Miss Xtreme – August

Posted in Featured, Interviews, Photos on Monday, August 1st, 2011


2010 Winner of Miss Nude New England Competition

Dancers if you would like to compete in the 2011 Miss Nude New England competition please visit Desire Gentlemen’s Club in Providence, RI on August 29th.

Where do you work? What Clubs? How long have you been dancing?
Well, I work as a mechanic at a shop during the day and at night I work at the Dollhouse in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, as an exotic entertainer and I also feature around the country.  I have been dancing for 3 years but have been featuring a little under a year after winning the Miss Nude New England which gave me an exclusive contract with A-list features, that I love working for! I get to travel all over the country and make great money.

What kind of music do you like? What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I like a lot of different types of music what ever my mood is guides what I listen to.   I like a lot of house music and pop and r&b; some rap and rock and oldies….pretty much anything but country – lol.  I love cars as you can tell, and that definitely started as my favorite hobby, but I also share the same love for horseback riding, which I do have a horse and ride 5 to 6 times a week.  I also like to mess around with music like dj gigs and parties, and I like doing anything active like sports; I can throw a mean spiral for you football people out there lol.

Is there a typical day or daily routine for Tara Dega?
Typical day for Tara is wake up early get my 2 donuts and coffee….if not, u better watch out lol. Then I work at the shop then ride my horse then work at the club, or ride my horse then work the club lol.  I work a lot, but as long as I can see my horse in between then I’m good.

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What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you?
Hmmm…probably that I still think I’m dreaming.…..I cant believe how fast all of this happened to me, I never expected to be Tara Dega I knew I would be a great mechanic but Tara Dega? Lol, it’s fun and exciting and I am thankful – thank you to all the people that stand behind me and support me.

What is your favorite thing about this industry?
Traveling and meeting people from everywhere …everywhere and every club is so different, and seeing new ideas; different peoples’ personalities shine through there shows….maybe that’s why I’m so wired lol jk….. I meet some really cool girls along the way too.

What talents do you have that are not adult industry related?
Horse back riding, fixing cars, DJ’ing & playing with music.

Are you attracted to men and women?  If so, please tell us what traits attract you to each gender?
Definitely both lol, but I was never into women until I started dancing and realized how sexy women are…guys….ehh not so sexy, I’d rather go to a female strip club than a male one…ha ha eww…..but I could never marry a female….or a male for that matter lol I am looking for a girlfriend though, so any ladies holla I’m shy lol.

What do you do to take care of your body?
Um, between work, horseback riding and dancing everyday helps I’m sure but I’ve always been small and athletic I’m always doing sports…..but I started lifting small weights lately since I’ve seen Vayda Kiss (May 2011 Miss Xtreme) I was like dammmn – lol, she inspired me, but honestly I’m the biggest junk food fanatic you’ll ever meet…we’re talking 14 donuts a week here hahaha…seriously…high metabolism.

What sets you apart from other ladies in the adult club arena, performance wise?
Well, a lot of people tell me I have a certain something that lights the stage up and the ambiance of the club. I’m not sure what it is but its that IT factor I have a lot of fun with it and always aim to please that’s what drives me. Also, what sets me apart from a lot of girls is that I have a head on my shoulders I’m sorry but we’re being honest here no sugar coating I’ve never done any drugs in my life not even weed lol; my money gets saved for the future I don’t blow it on material things I’m not a material girl. I have a career I dance for extra money and have a good time doing it.  I’m not going to be young forever, got to strike while the iron is hot I don’t want to dance past 25 years old even though I could.  I really hope girls reading this can relate to me because not many can.

How would you describe your personality?
Funny, nice, genuine and not some one to be messed with hahaha  ….anything but your typical “stripper” lol I hate that word.

What lies in the future for Tara Dega.
One day I want to open my own shop with only hot girls working in it. Maybe a male janitor, but ill think about it…. I want to get as far in this industry as I can with out doing any porn. What ever I do, I do it to the fullest and make the most out of it…. and in ten years I want to have a house with just me and my horses.

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