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Bibi Jones

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Strip Club Feature Bibi Jones

& Digital Playgrounds New IT Girl

by Paulie K.

Paulie K: Let’s start with your name – where did you get the name, Bibi Jones.

Bibi Jones: Bibi is from James Bond – it was a 17 year old girl who tried to fuck James Bond. But he turned her down because she was under age.

Paulie K: Oh how dare he!!

Bibi: I know, right? Nothing better then 17 year old pussy.

Paulie K: Where were you born? Where are you from?

Bibi: Oklahoma. Oklahoma City.

Paulie K: Nice, what’s the population there – 12?

Bibi: Right? Pretty much.

Paulie K: How and why did you get into porn? Did you watch a lot of porn when you were a kid?

Bibi: My first porn was when I was 14, I saw my first porn.

Paulie K: How did you get to see porn at 14? Who gave it to you?

Bibi: The internet.

Paulie K: Oh man, see – I usually ask who gave you the porn, because for so many years it’s been a magazine or a VHS tape or a DVD. Now, with you and your generation, it’s all about the internet. Of course, the internet. How easy is that.

Bibi: Yea, I remember just googling it, and it brought me to a Peter North film and I got off on it.

Paulie K: That easy huh? Do you know back in the day, how many faithfuls would stick their necks out smuggling magazines and DVD’s to underage kids? There was an element of risk, of bonding, of danger – you just googled it and got Peter North!? Amazing.

Bibi: Yea, I love Peter North.

Paulie K: Have you met him yet?

Bibi: Oh yea – I already worked with him. I got a huge facial, I fucking loved it.

Paulie K: I bet you got a huge bucket full of jizz.

Bibi: Yea it was just long ropes of cum, I loved it. Delicious cum too, it tasted so good.

Paulie K: Did you ask him how he does that?

Bibi: He’s just blessed. All that made up stuff about pills and things is just bullshit. He said it’s just genetic.

Paulie K: Now you know Jesse Jane is from Oklahoma too, in fact she still lives there – did she help you in any way to get into porn?

Bibi: No, actually, I never even talked to her until I signed with Digital Playground.

Paulie K: Wow – you know how small Oklahoma is, and you have a major porn star just living there – and you don’t even try to reach out to her and get into the business?

Bibi: No, I was a fan of hers, but no. I was talking to Fox Modeling, then did about 20 scenes, then Digital Playground contacted me and I’ve done about 3 or 4 films with them already.

Paulie K: How did you initially get in touch with Fox Modeling?

Bibi: I sent Fox Modeling an email and they called me within the hour.

Paulie K: Within the hour, a major modeling agency called you from a single email you sent.

Bibi: Yea, it was really fast.

Paulie K: Amazing.

Bibi: Actually before that, I emailed Mark Spiegler and he got back to me within an hour as well, and he told me Digital Playground is interested in me, but I turned them down the first time.

Paulie K: Why on earth did you turn them down?! They came after you twice?

Bibi: Yea, well the first time I didn’t really know anything about the industry, so I was being careful and not getting into anything without knowing about it.

Paulie K: What made you change your mind?

Bibi: Well I came to find out that Digital Playground is the biggest, highest quality porn studio around. So when my second chance came around, I took it.

Paulie K: So you got addicted to porn through the internet, and you got into porn through emails.

Bibi: Yup, pretty much, yea.

Paulie K: So you never stepped foot outside, or audition or anything?

Bibi: That’s pretty much what it’s come down to, yea. When they like you, they like you.

Paulie K: Well with you, what’s not to like?

Bibi: Right, but you can’t really cybersex – you still need that hard cock inside of you.

Paulie K: True – I like the way you think. Now are you 19 or 21?

Bibi: I just turned 20 on July 23rd. I was 19 when I started in this business and I was 19 when I was signed to Digital Playground. July 23rd, 1991, I’m a Leo.

Paulie K: Now when did you move to Arizona?

Bibi: I moved to Arizona the month after I turned 18. I really needed to get out of Oklahoma.

Paulie K: I don’t blame you. It’s Oklahoma, and it’s not OK. Ha ha.

Bibi: Well I wanted to move out of my parents house and live somewhere else in Oklahoma City with some girlfriends, but my parents said no. So I looked on Roommates.com, found roommates in Scottsdale, AZ, packed two suitcases and left.

Paulie K: Wow you got balls.

Bibi: Yep. I didn’t know anybody, had no car, just left to Arizona.

Paulie K: Again, with the internet, you find your roommates and just moved in with them.

Bibi: Yep. Again with the internet.

Paulie K: How often do you shoot when your a contract girl?

Bibi: 2 days out of the month.

Paulie K: Wow, what a rough job.

Bibi: I know.

Paulie K: What is your favorite sex position? I heard it was doggy style.

Bibi: Yea, but every girl says that.

Paulie K: Well, is it true?

Bibi: I like them all – I just want to be thrown around.

Paulie K: Nice. Why do you think all girls say doggy as their favorite position?

Bibi: I think all girls like to be controlled, and that is one position where you can totally be controlled.

Paulie K: I think you are absolutely right!! Look who’s been reading her Sex Ed books!!

Bibi: It’s not that difficult.

Paulie K: Where do you like a guy to cum on you?

Bibi: I absolutely love to swallow, seriously – I love the taste of cum. I’m not kidding, I’m not just saying this for a hot interview – I really love it in my mouth.

Paulie K: Where you scared at all, getting naked in front of 18 guys eating a tuna sandwich on set?

Bibi: I was stripping for a year before that, so I was already very comfortable nude, and in front of guys, and being on top of guys and all that.

Paulie K: What about the size of porn cocks? Did those giant cocks freak you out?

Bibi: Yes. I definitely was. I was like “how is that going inside of me?” I had to mentally prepare myself for that.

Paulie K: Plus the way they fuck is completely different then in real life isn’t it?

Bibi: Yea it is. Personal sex is way more intimate, and when you get in front of the camera you have to open up for the camera, and always make sure they can see the penetration and everything. You get used to it, but it really is completely unlike sex in your bedroom.

Paulie K: When they fuck, they really swing for the fences too.

Bibi: Yea, sometimes I get dizzy, and I have to stop because it really gets crazy.

Paulie K: What is your favorite thing about a guy?

Bibi: I love a guy who has a sense of humor and who just loves being himself. Please, guys, don’t go out of your way to impress me. Be yourself, be a little goofy, that’s what I like.

Paulie K: What turns you on in the bedroom?

Bibi: I love being manhandled. Be a man in the bedroom, throw me around, take control and really be passionate. I love that.

Paulie K: Bibi Jones thank you for your time, you are a sweetheart.

Bibi: Thanks Paulie K.

To book Bibi Jones at your club, contact Dave Michaels, from A-List Features 727-804-4001 or email david@alistfeatures.com

You can twitter Bibi Jones @xxxBiBiJones and visit her website

www.bibijones.com or www.digitalplayground.com and find out where she is dancing near you!! Her big feature now is Babysitters 2, I suggest you pick that DVD up on your way home, it’s kind of her breakthrough movie with DP, I swear you won’t regret it – this girl is as talented as she is pretty.

You can hear this entire interview on my podcast on iTunes, The Paulie K Porn Show – where I talk to your favorite porn stars and porn news every single Tuesday. You can follow me

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