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Shay Lynn

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Shay Lynn

Ringmaster of Horror

by Maya Cherry

Xtreme Magazine: Thank you for chatting with me, Shay! I’ve been looking forward to talking to you.

Shay Lynn: Thanks!

Xtreme: How are you?

Shay: I’m good.

Xtreme: Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself, like where you’re from, how you got into the business, that sort of thing?

Shay: Okay. I’m from Detroit, Michigan, and I had done a little bit of modeling back home, but nothing really big. Then I came out to L.A. and met some people in the business and started doing a few things on the internet, some videos, and I really loved it so I started doing it.

Xtreme: If someone had told you in high school or something that you’d be in the industry now, would that have surprised you, or have you always been a really sexual person?

Shay: I would say that I’ve always been a really sexual person. Back in high school some of my girlfriends and I would always talk about being porn stars. [laughs]

Xtreme: When did you lose your virginity?

Shay: Male or female?

Xtreme: Oh, both! That’s a good answer.

Shay: Sixteen, seventeen.

Xtreme: Now that we’re on the subject, I know you have a number of girl/girl scenes out there, but do you ever fuck guys on camera?

Shay: No, I don’t. But there is like one scene from a few years back out there!

Xtreme: It’s like the hidden gem of Shay Lynn’s career. Only the truest, most dedicated fans can dig it up.

Shay: Oh, if you look it up I’m sure you can find it!

Xtreme: So does this mean that you are genuinely bisexual in your personal life?

Shay: Oh yeah! I love women.

Xtreme: Have you ever actually dated a woman or is it just a physical attraction?

Shay: I’ve actually had quite a few girlfriends.

Xtreme: In terms of your personal life or being on camera, do you have a preference when it comes to men or women?

Shay: I like both in terms of having sex. Hmmm… can I have them both at the same time?

Xtreme: I think a lot of people would oblige in this case! So what exactly made you want to get into the business? I know you said you and your girlfriends talked about it in high school, but is it really something you’d thought about seriously?

Shay: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I love what I do and I always have a great time. I love working on my website,  ShayLynnXXX.com, and I’m always trying to put up new videos for my fans. I have a big movie out through Evil Pin Ups that I shot for Jim Powers called “Interrogation Room,” which I loved making and it was so unbelievably hot. Plus I get to travel and do all of the dancing, so I definitely love being in the business.

Xtreme: Well, that’s actually my next topic – your dancing. I know that you’re very invested in your featuring, and that you were even named  MissExoticDancer.com for June of this year, not to mention Club Favorite Entertainer of the Year 2010 at the Exotic Dancer Magazine Awards, which are both huge honors for a feature entertainer. So I’m guessing that you are not the average porn star that just goes around and draws a crowd based on her name but doesn’t actually put any effort into her show.

Shay: No!

Xtreme: It’s a really big part of your career.

Shay: Yes, definitely.

Xtreme: When did you start doing that?

Shay: I started featuring back in 2007.

Xtreme: Had you had any experience in any kind of dancing?

Shay: I had actually danced all my life. And now I go all out, I’m really familiar with a lot of pole work, all of it.

Xtreme: Wow, so you really go all out!

Shay: Oh, yeah!

Xtreme: It’s always so nice to see a real show. It’s rare, but it’s definitely a nice change of pace when you’re used to normal boring shows.

Shay: I try to do different things for the fans. I’ve used fire in my shows, which people like a lot. [laughs]

Xtreme: That’s awesome!

Shay: I’ve always really liked dressing up too, so it’s fun being able to put on the different costumes and feel so sexy and look nice for everybody, so that’s a good part of it too!

Xtreme: I can imagine. The costumes are always so beautiful, and I heard that our photo shoot with you was amazing.

Shay: Thank you!

Xtreme: What is your favorite part of featuring? Do you like meeting the fans, traveling, getting to dress up…? What’s the best aspect of it for you?

Shay: Honestly, I would say I really love all of it. I love getting to go all over the place and knowing that you’ll be meeting all different kinds of people who watch you do what you love; it’s very cool. I’m so lucky and I love it.

Xtreme: Do you find that you get a good reception at the clubs from the dancers? I always find that different feature performers have such different experiences. Some girls have a blast and make friends, but some girls are treated horribly and the house dancers seem completely threatened.

Shay: Oh, I have a blast with the girls at the clubs. We always have such a great time, and they usually get in on my shows. I do a lot of contact shows, and sometimes we’ll do a little bubble bath, and I love to tease the audience with them. The girls are always really great to me. It’s always a good time.

Xtreme: It sounds like, between the other dancers and the audience as well, you have a really interactive show.

Shay: I definitely do. The fans love it and I like making them have fun.

Xtreme: So what would you say is the difference between Shay Lynn’s public sexual persona and your private sexual personality? Or is it the same?

Shay: I would say it’s kind of the same! [laughs] I love sex. That’s why I love what I do so much!

Xtreme: Have you directed at all yet?

Shay: It’s something I’d love to do. “Interrogation Room” was big for me because it was such a big project and it definitely made me want to direct and I have a lot of ideas. It had such a good script. I’d love to try it. It would be sweet!

Xtreme: What are some fantasies that you’d put into your movies?

Shay: Well, I’m pretty dark and evil. I love to do a lot of dominatrix stuff, and maybe some vampire scenes.

Xtreme: Have you ever done any dominatrix work in your life?

Shay: In my personal life?

Xtreme: Sure!

Shay: Oh, definitely!

Xtreme: Really!

Shay: Yeah. It’s definitely a turn-on for me. I’ve worked with some guys before and cracked the whip!

Xtreme: Have you ever gone the other way and been the [submissive] in that situation?

Shay: I’ve done that too, yeah. Whichever one you’re doing it can get pretty crazy. I’ve performed with Evil Pin Ups and done shows in Norway where you can basically fuck on stage, and we just pounded each other with a double dong and it was absolutely insane. It was a lot of fun.

Xtreme: That’s insane! What’s the best place you’ve traveled to so far?

Shay: I think probably Finland.

Xtreme: Why Finland?

Shay: Everybody there was so nice, and it’s absolutely beautiful there. All of the mountains there are amazing and it’s just beautiful. Plus, it was the first exhibition that I did so the whole experience was awesome.

Xtreme: You also recently did a mainstream movie, didn’t you?

Shay: I did! It was a horror film called “Cross Bearer,” which I’m so excited about! It was a total blast and I was cast as a stripper who is condemned by an evangelist psychopath and gets killed with a hammer to the head. It was so awesome.

Xtreme: Seriously, that really is so awesome.

Shay: Thank you!

Xtreme: So I know you have a Twitter, and you’re pretty active on that, and that’s all you, right?

Shay: Definitely! Come follow me there, which is  twitter.com/shaylynnxx.

Xtreme: Do you want to mention your website again?

Shay: Sure! It’s  ShayLynnXXX.com.
Come hang out!

Xtreme: Awesome! I’m sure a lot of people will do just that after checking out your smokin’ hot photos, and thank you so much for sitting down with me.

Shay: I was so excited. No problem at all. Thank you, Maya!

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