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Posted in Featured, Interviews on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Original, Outrageous,
All Natural

by Paulie K.

Photos Courtesy of Digital Playground, 
Arial images courtesy allanamato.com

Named Howard Stern’s Strongest Woman – STOYA is no ordinary porn star.  She’s small, she’s wirey but she has the looks of a Victoria Secret runway model.  Not to be outdone by her unique beauty, this New Yorker has stacked some brains in that pretty little head as well.  Growing up from a family that was based in the Bronx, Stoya has gone on to conquer some of the toughest professions in the world.  Signing exclusively with Digital Playground is just one of her many accomplishments.  She’s also had a serious relationship with Marilyn Manson and is now perfecting her artistic acrobatic routine that is known as Lyra.   She balances herself about 7 feet in the air, and does acrobatic moves in, around, through, over and under a hoop that is literally hanging by a thread.  Guts ?  Yup.  Strength?  Yup.  Beauty?  Yup.  Perverted ?  Of course !!   Stoya has the looks of a beauty queen, but has a sexual appetite of a true blue porn star.  Being only one of the rare few to ever do interracial scenes with Digital Playground- Stoya fought them to fuck Mr. Marcus in Bad Girls 6, and won and I could not be happier.   A fantastic scene, for a fantastic girl.

Paulie K:  Stoya – why Stoya ?

Stoya: I had a best friend, we lived together when I was 17, 18.  We had the same first name, so things got confusing.  Then I talked to my Mom – and she said – “Well, I was gonna name you Jimmy or Stoya, so why don’t they just call you Jimmy or Stoya?”

Paulie K: Ah, Mom to the rescue.

Stoya: Y

ea, so I was like – definitely not Jimmy.  Jimmy was her brother, who died early in a construction accident, due to faulty rigging.  Which freaks her out when I do my Lyra act suspended in the air with nothing but a small cable holding me up and saving me from breaking my neck.  So, sorry Mom.  First I do this porn thing which freaks you out, then I do this Lyra acrobatic act with rigging that could snap at any moment, that freaks you out –

Paulie K: Your poor mother !  Don’t you love your mother !!??

Stoya:  Maybe for my third career I’ll find something very safe to do so she can take it easy.

Paulie K: A librarian.

Stoya: Yes, I can be a librarian, so Mom can get off the 10 year High-Alert phase of freaking out.

Paulie K: So you took ballet lessons as a child.

Stoya: Ballet once a week, Gymnastics once a week when I was three years old.

Paulie K: Did you want to ?

Stoya: Yes.

Paulie K: At three ?

Stoya: Yes.

Paulie K: That’s kind of young.

Stoya: I also, so the story goes, at 6 years old demanded to be home schooled.

Paulie K: And they listened to you ?

Stoya: Our school in North Carolina at the time was ranked 49th, so they agreed and I was home schooled.

Paulie K: I know my 6 year old is never gonna boss me around.

Stoya: You never know.

Paulie K: Why Ballet ?

Stoya: I saw The Nutrcracker and told my Mom – “I want to do that”

Paulie K: And so it was done.

Stoya: Yes.  I got my first pair of ballet shoes when I was 9.

Paulie K: That must have hurt.

Stoya: My feet bled.  A lot of bleeding.  I thought I was invincible at that age.

Paulie K: Do you still think that ?

Stoya: No, I never got stage fright until I got older.  Now every time I go on, with the circus stuff, I get stage fright.

Paulie K: What about for stripping ?  Did you get stage fright stripping ?

Stoya: I never stripped.  It would never work.  1, I don’t like being told what to do.  I’m not going to get on my knees and crawl around just for your dollar.  Especially because it’s just a dollar.  There’s this thing called inflation.  It’s always been a dollar.

Paulie K: I still give my bartender a dollar a beer.  Been doing that for 17 years now.  Never goes up.  One dollar, for one beer.

Stoya: Mixed drinks though, $2.

Paulie K: Yea, I’d give $2 for a mixed drink.

Stoya: That’s about right, that’s what I give.

Paulie K: So how did you tell your parents about your porn career ?

Stoya: Well, there comes a point in your porn career, if your lucky, where you have to tell them before they find out, because they will almost always find out.

Paulie K: True.

Stoya: I told my Mom and Dad about it right when I started.  I had to because they would call and say “hi, how are you dong?” and I was supporting myself pretty well and of course they want to know where the money is coming from – so I told them.  They were fine.  My Mom hates the fake eyelashes and high heels – because she was a feminist.

Paulie K: Not the fact that your pussy is wide open for millions to see with a stranger’s cock pounding it – but the fact that you have fake eyelashes and high heels freaks her out.

Stoya: If I was doing turtleneck sweater, Birkenstock wearing lesbian porn –

Paulie K: She’d love you.

Stoya: She would be so happy – I think she would actually cry.

Paulie K: Strange family.

Stoya: I guess.

Paulie K: Explain your act, that your doing now – that’s on tour – you are literally touring the USA doing this act, are you not ?

Stoya:  Yes.  It’s a Lyra act.  The apparatus is called a Lyra – a metal circle.  It’s like a hula hoop – except for it going around me – we hang it from the ceiling and I go around the hoop.

Paulie K: Do you have music for this ?

Stoya: Yes.  Each act requires a costume and some music.  I usually play ManMan, who play a lot of aggressive accordion stuff.

Paulie K: You should play Marilyn Manson music.

Stoya: That’s tacky.

Paulie K: Okay, sorry.

Stoya: I mean, I know Janine played some Vince Neil music, for her stuff – but I think my fans would be disappointed if I did that.  They deserve better.  They are smarter then that.

Paulie K: You have the best fans in the world, and I totally agree with you.

Stoya: That would be a porn star showing up and saying “I like to suck dick”  Really?  C’mon.

Paulie K: I understand.  I know Digital Playground has certain people they hire and work with, and I know Rocco Seffreidi, would never work for DP – would you fuck him outside of work ?

Stoya: No – If I’m gonna handle that ?  If I’m going on that ride – there is gonna be a record of it.

Paulie K: Paloroids ?

Stoya: No, video, has to be video, has to be in HD and I have to show it to people.  I do love challenges.  I met Chyna.  And someone suggested I go into the WWE and wrestle.

Paulie K: You honestly, now, want to go out and join the WWE and wrestle ?!

Stoya: I don’t think they would take me, because of my porn stuff – but that is the challenge that is now stuck in my head.

Paulie K: Wow – you are one crazy broad.  You are very small.

Stoya: I am tiny.

Paulie K: Yet you are wirey – like most small Irish girls are.

Stoya: I am wirey, I’m strong, I’m small – I’m in great shape – I think it would be fun.  It’s something I’m aiming for right now.

Paulie K: Just focus on porn – like maybe a double penetration scene or something.

Stoya: I did that once.  Which is a funny story.  I asked Katsuni –

Paulie K: Oh, Katsuni, the most perfectly built woman in the world.

Stoya: Yes.  I asked her and she said find the guy you do the best anal scenes with and ask them who they work well with.

Paulie K: Okay, so who are they?

Stoya: That would be Everhard or James Deen.  I go to Everhard – I wanna do a DP, what do you think ?  He says, “Frankly?  James Deen is the way to go, my cock is too thick around the base to really get two dicks in there the right way”

Paulie K: Wow.  I have never said that sentence in my entire life.

Stoya: I say great, thanks.  I go to James Deen – James, I want to do a DP, please help me with this.

Paulie K: I have never been asked that in my life, either. All sentences I will never say nor hear.

Stoya: So Everhard mentioned Steve Holmes, so we were all at the Circle Bar, me, James Deen, Joanna Angel –  Joanna gets DP’d by Steve Holmes and James Deen to just show me how it’s done.

Paulie K: Wow – behind the scenes – Steve Holmes and James Deen tag teaming Joanna Angel, just for fun, somewhere upstairs at the Circle Bar.  Just porn stars being porn stars I guess.

Stoya: I saw her do it first, then both guys DP’d me.

Paulie K: Imagine a porn star’s life ?  Hey I’m going to the bar – maybe I’ll be in a DP !!  I go to the bar I get slapped in the face, or I puke on my shoes.  You guys are DP’ing all over the place !!!   Did they cum ?

Stoya:  I don’t know.  I got DP’d, that was the important part.  So after we did it – I called Robby D and told him – You have got to film me in a movie, doing a DP scene !!

Paulie K: Robby D, of course, the multi-award winning director for Digital Playground.

Stoya: Yes.  He is amazing.  I left him a voice mail of doom – you saying you need to make this happen.

Paulie K: Tell me about your tour.

Stoya: It’s called Pretty Things Peep Show or we call it Broadville.  Because it’s like Vaudeville, but it’s all hot broads !!

Paulie K: You all have different acts ?

Stoya: Yes – our MC is called Donnie Vomit – and he calls us out and we all do our acts.  My act is in the middle of the show, it’s a lot of fun.

Paulie K: I can only imagine.  Stoya thank you for your time – you truly are an angel and I wish you luck with your current tour.

Stoya: Thank you Paulie K !!


Kids here are tour dates for Stoya and her Pretty Things Peep Show Tour !!  You can go to www.prettythingsproductions.com for more info.


December 2 The Attic Providence RI
(w/Sasquatch and the Sickabillys)

December 3 Geno’s Portland ME
 (w/Sasquatch and the Sickabillys)

December 4 Lucky Dog Music Hall Worchester MA
 (w/Sasquatch and the Sickabillys)

December 6 Dover Brickhouse Dover NH

December 8 Musica Akron OH

December 9 The Rex Theater Pittsburgh PA

December 10 Sound Factory Charleston WV

December 11 The Jefferson Theater Charlottesville VA

December 14 The Soapbox Wilmington NC

December 15 Red Palace Washington DC

December 16 The Note West Chester PA


For more info on Stoya – Twitter her @Stoya   also her website is on Tumblr, www.stoya.tumblr.com  She does answer everything, so please feel free to stop by and say hello to this smoldering porn star.


I’m Paulie K and you can twitter me @pauliek2003,  and listen to my podcast of this interview and many more on iTunes for free –

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