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Weird News This Week

Posted in In the News on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Every few months we like to reflect on how weird this world is, by highlighting some of the weirdest things happening. I don’t know about you, but I get so sick of all the negative and depressing news stories out there, that I look forward to taking some time to check out the truly weird stuff going on.

Condom Dress
Condom DressA Vietnamese design student recently created a designer dress out of 700 condoms, to raise awareness of AIDS and to promote condom use.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t look so bad. Let’s just hope he didn’t use lubricated condoms.

Sex School Opens in Vienna
Sex School in ViennaThey say practice makes perfect, and this new sex school in Vienna aims to help its students practice to become sexperts.

Not only do students learn the theory behind better sex, but they are supposed to practice it in the dorms. So basically it’s like any other college, but with less awkward boners.

Drunk Man Wearing “I Am Drunk” T-shirt Crashes Into Police Car
Drunk Man Hits CopHow stupid can you be? If ending your life in a fiery crash doesn’t scare you away from drinking and driving, then at least the possibility of a DWI should.

This NY man was so drunk that he crashed into a police car, and when he emerged from the wreck he was wearing an I Am Drunk t-shirt. And the dumbass of the year award goes to…

Sex With Humans Is Bad
Sex with a NeanderthalNational Geographic recently published an article stating that sex with humans made Neanderthals go extinct. This is great news for people who prefer body pillows to human beings.

The plus side is that Neanderthal DNA supposedly merged with human DNA, meaning many of us are literally Neanderthals. “Hey baby. Wanna bang a Neanderthal? No? Hey, come back!”

Bigger Booty with Fix-a-Flat
I Like Big Butts and I Cannot LieA fake Florida doctor was recently arrested for injecting fix-a-flat and cement into women’s asses to make them look fuller. Um. WHAT?

While she claimed to be a real doctor, the woman injected this horrifying mixture, then sealed the wound with superglue. The patient/victim was hospitalized.

Got any other good, weird news this week? Tell us your favorite weird news story in the comments below.

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