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Jacky Joy

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Attending Penn State With

Jackie Joy

PAULIE K: Hello Jacky Joy how are you!! Thank you for coming out tonight!!

JACKY JOY: Hi Paulie K!

PK: Let’s tell everyone how you got started sucking cocks.

JACKY JOY: Okay, well I was attending Penn State, and I was pretty much a waitress on the weekends. Someone found me on MySpace.

PK: Wait – how come none of my waitresses ever looked like you? What is going on?  I would kill for a waitress like you.

JACKY JOY: Yea, well, what can I say? You’ve ben unlucky. So someone found me on MySpace when MySpace was hip and cool.

PK: Was it ever ? Jacky? Honestly.

JACKY JOY: Yes, back then it was. They asked if I ever would be interested in doing a blow job scene on film. Honestly, I don’t think I hesitated, I just said yes.

PK: Some strange people contact you through the web and ask you to do a BJ scene and you don’t even think about it ?!

JACKY JOY: It was a company out of Philly, I think it was Exploited Teens.com. I went down there and just found out about this entire world of porn.

PK: I still can’t believe you were on MySpace!!

JACKY JOY: I still am on MySpace, yes.

PK: I never had a MySpace.

JACKY JOY: Do you remember Xanza? That was the popular thing when I was in high school.

PK: Man you must have been a geek.

JACKY JOY: Ok, I’ll admit, in high school I was kind of a geek.

PK: Everyone who goes to Penn State is a geek.

JACKY JOY: No, no.

PK: What were you doing in Penn State, anyway. You’re a porn star!!

JACKY JOY: I started out there as a normal girl. My whole concept was that I wanted to finish school, and then join the adult industry.

PK: So someone just says that want to film you sucking dick and you jump on it ?

JACKY JOY: Well coming from waitressing, the blow job stuff was a lot of money.

PK: Did you tell your folks ?

JACKY JOY: They just kind of found out.

PK: How do parents just find out ?

JACKY JOY: My aunt called me when I was up in Penn State – and said “hey do you want to come home this weekend, because I want to talk to you about something.”

PK: Not good. Red flag!!

JACKY JOY: I know. I go home, she gets on the internet and my heart started to sink little by little. She opens up an email she got from her friend from Michigan which read – “isn’t this your niece?”

PK: And a video popped up.

JACKY JOY: And a video popped up and there I was in all my glory.

PK: That sucks.

JACKY JOY: I told her I would never do that again, and that I just wanted to do it for money, just to try it out – but somehow I kept on doing it.

PK: Obviously.

JACKY JOY: They accept it now, they are very supportive and cool with it.

PK: Ouch.

JACKY JOY: I mean I don’t know what I would if it were my daughter or my niece, but then I have a different mind set then everyone else.

PK: You would slap the stupid out of her, if your daughter did porn.

JACKY JOY: Maybe not.

PK: You have to slap the stupid out of her!

JACKY JOY: No! I’m not against it! I can’t be if I’m doing it! I would give her advice and help guide her through the rough waters of the industry.

PK: Did you have anyone giving you guidance ?

JACKY JOY: I would loved to have someone but I didn’t have anybody and I had to learn things for myself.

PK: You should have called me, Jackie.

JACKY JOY: Why, so you could have slapped the stupid out of me ?

PK: Yes. And also teach you how to suck a good dick.

JACKY JOY: Oh if I only had known you back then.

PK: Your loss, sister. What can I say. Now did you end up graduating Penn State ?

JACKY JOY: No, I transferred to a community college. Penn State was not offering online classes at the time.

PK: Why would you need online classes ?

JACKY JOY: I was traveling too much to stay there and always be in class, plus I just hated going to class. So I found the community college that offered it and took that instead. So I was able to study on the road from my laptop or from wherever I was at the time.

PK: See that sounds smart, but really – graduating from Penn State is smarter.

JACKY JOY: Oh well.

PK: Yea. You say that now, but wait until you want that lawyer or doctor job. Don’t come crying to me.

JACKY JOY: I graduated at least, doesn’t that count for something ?

PK: Oh you did end up graduating.

JACKY JOY: Yes, last May. I graduated.

PK: Okay now let’s talk about your tits.

JACKY JOY: My tits or my kids ?

PK: You have kids ?

JACKY JOY: No, but that’s what I thought you said.

PK: Your hushpuppies, your Fun Bags.

JACKY JOY: My Boobies ?

PK: Girls like to say Boobies, I don’t. Are yours real ?

JACKY JOY: They are 100% fake.

PK: How big are they ?


PK: And how tall are you ? I feel like I’m drafting you into the army with all these medical questions.

JACKY JOY: I’m 5’3”, Dr. Paulie K.

PK: That is fantastic.

JACKY JOY: I had a really good doctor based out of Philly – through the armpit, under the muscle and they feel great.

PK: Through the armpit ?!

JACKY JOY: Yes. It took me 3 months to recover from the surgery, that’s how bad it hurt.

PK: Tell me about your very first sex scene with ExploitTeens.com

JACKY JOY: I was 21. I was not the professional that I am now, I was giggling the entire time. When that came out, everyone was making fun of me because I was literally smiling the entire time.

PK: You must have loved the camera.

JACKY JOY: I think it was because no one had told me how to act. No one told me to act sexy or be sensual – I was on my own, at 21, and thinking, okay – I’m cute, I’m a teenybopper, and I’m smiling.

PK: I don’t give a shit if your smiling or not. If your naked, I’m jerking off to you.

JACKY JOY: True, a lot of people did jerk off to it.

PK: That’s why men breathe – to jerk off. Only reason.

JACKY JOY: Only reason huh ? To masturbate ?

PK: Only reason I figured out so far.

JACKY JOY: Good to know.

PK: Wasn’t it difficult – weren’t you shy to take off all of your clothes and have sex or suck dick in front of a group of 80 year old guys eating tuna fish sandwiches ? I mean that’s not a normal thing to do.

JACKY JOY: I have to admit it did take me one or two years to get used to it.

PK: Years ?

JACKY JOY: I was a bit shy in front of the camera. It felt weird doing it. I was afraid to cum, I was unsure of what I was doing. When you get five guys cumming on your face it can be a bit over whelming.

PK: Were you a “loose” girl before you started doing this ?

JACKY JOY: No – I actually had sex with only 5 people before I started doing porn. So I wasn’t exactly doing it all the time. Plus my boyfriends weren’t “Industry Guys”

PK: Ah, I wonder what the difference is between Civilians and Industry Guys. Let me think real hard about this.

JACKY JOY: Mind you, my boyfriend has a nice size cock, but his is not that thick – which I love. I love thin, long cocks.

PK: So “no thanks” to guys like Shane Diesel – have you done him yet ?

JACKY JOY: Oh yes. Just the last time I was out there, I worked with him. I’ve been shooting with him for 5 years. Each time I go out there to see him, I totally forget how big his dick is.

PK: It’s a monster alright. It’s unnatural.

JACKY JOY: Every single time I see him, I’m just floored. And he always jokes he’s gonna fuck me in the ass.

PK: Who’s the biggest cock you’ve ever been with ?

JACKY JOY: Mandingo.

PK: Ouch.

JACKY JOY: I told him I’d work with him again, but I mean, I could not even fit my mouth around that cock. It’s crazy.

PK: Yes – job hazards. Never good. I know.

JACKY JOY: He probably got, maybe, 5 inches in me, at most.

PK: Yes, well your only 5’3”.


PK: Mandingo’s dick is about 5’3”.

JACKY JOY: True. It is enormous. He could play baseball with it.

PK: Well Jacky Joy – that you so much for spending some time with me!

JACKY JOY: Oh it was my pleasure, Paulie K. I love your podcast.

PK: Good, thank you. Please subscribe to it on iTunes, “The Paulie K Show”, It’s free – it has awesome people like you on it, and it comes out every Tuesday, and as you know, things do get a bit naughty.


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