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Miss Xtreme January 2012

Posted in Featured, Interviews, Photos on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Asia Ray

Coming out of the great Northeast we found the very sexy and up front Asia Ray whose no BS attitude and sexy looks have found her a nice niche in the adult entertainment industry.  Although not very long in the biz she has left her impression on many customers that have crossed her path and of course us at Xtreme, and we hope she leaves a nice impression on you as well as she is the first new Miss Xtreme going into 2012. You can friend Asia Ray on Xtreme’s Social Site at Xtrememagazine.com 

Where do you work? What Clubs? How long have you been dancing?
 Mac Two’s Lounge in Billerica, MA, is the only club I have danced for.  I’ve worked there since April of 2011, so you do the math about 10 months.

What kind of music do you like? What are some of your hobbies and interests?
At the club I dance to Hip Hop because that’s what a lot of the customers listen too……but techno/house is what really moves me, Hobbies and interests include the stand by favorites; shopping, dancing, traveling and dating. All though some past dates have been pretty far from successful, I’m always looking for new ventures. ;)

Is there a typical day or daily routine for Asia Ray?
Asia Ray’s routine usually unfold’s from the night before………depending if I ended the night with work I tend to try to grab last call with the girls from work, that leads to waking up late, trying to finish errands for my personal life and usually rushing to work for the day of.  If it’s my day off I have a “me” day which includes hair, nails, shopping and going out at night.

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you?
One of the things people don’t know much about me, is that I haven’t been doing this long……I know everyone says that, but it’s true!

What is your favorite thing about this industry?
One of my favorite things about the industry is that you can be what you want.  You can change your music to the outfits you wear, try a new look and the guests all think it’s happening because your a dancer and anything goes!

What talents do you have that are not adult industry related?
Talents that I have that are not adult industry related?  I’ve been in restaurant based positions for most of my jobs before I danced, I can bang out up to 10-12 drinks pretty fast and make a mean margarita!

[imagebrowser id=58]

Are you attracted to men and women? If so, please tell us what traits attract you to each gender?
I’m attracted to both men and women however; men have been pissing me off a little more recently. Women are gorgeous in nature and if it came down to having a one night stand a woman would definitely be my pick.

What would be a perfect date for you?
Perfect date, let’s just say a man for stereotypical purpose: A gentleman that picked me up (in his car) brought me out with friends and was able to be himself by ourselves. Obviously picked up the tab on everything and didn’t expect me to return home with him (unless initiated by me)!

What do you do to take care of your body?
To take care of my body I pretty much just enhance the natural characteristics that I have. I like to tan once a week, I do my ab roller twice a week and leg lifts for my ass.  I try to always eat healthy but sweets and sugar are my downfall. :(

What sets you apart from other ladies in the adult club arena, performance wise?
What sets me apart from others in the arena is that I tend to be pretty flexible and I use my training in gymnastics to rule my stages and I pretty much try to work for every customer that sits at the banister.  All the girls at my club rock and I think that’s what allows us all to be different and have are own specialties.

How would you describe your personality?Asia Ray is extremely outgoing and bubbly, I think that’s what made it hard for some of the girls to accept about me when I started however; once you get to know me I can be a loyal friend, cross paths with me and I can be a real bitch, I don’t take shit at all especially from ignorant people.

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