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Posted in Featured, Interviews on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Priya Rai

Indian Goddess of Lust

By Paulie K.
Photos Courtesy of Pria Rai

Priya (pree’-ya) Anjali Rai (rye) is and has been one of the most popular porn Indian actresses of our time. Her dark complexion, her big gorgeous eyes, her wide smile and pouty lips. Everyone and anyone fell in love with this curvy girl right from the start. Born in New Delhi, India, then growing up in Minneapolis, MN and eventually finding her calling at Arizona State University in a strip club, Priya has always done things her own way.

First a stripper, then a model, then a porn star, Priya was always around adult entertainment. She had been friends with Jenna Jameson in Arizona for a long time before Jenna was Jenna, before finally listening to Jenna and gave movies a try, thank God.

Paulie K: Priya – Are you the only Indian porn star on Earth?

PRIYA RAI: On Earth? No. I am the only one born in India and making movies in America. Sunny Leone is Indian but she wasn’t born there, she was born in Canada. So it’s a little bit different.

PK:: Yea – she’s not real. You are the only true Indian porn actress.

PR: Well there are some in Europe – but I am the only one who made it big in the states.

PK:: How tall are you?

PR: I’m 5’2”.

PK:: Wow, you are a spinner.

PR: Yes, I’ve been told that many times.

PK:: How big are your tits?

PR: They are 34 DD to a DDD.

PK:: How old were you when you got them done.

PR: I was 19.

PK:: DId you pay for them?

PR: I always pay for my stuff. I’ve had people make donations to my account, but never the full amount.

PK:: Is there a special meaning to Priya Rai?

PR: It means basically, “Princess”

PK:: How did you start your amazing life in porn?

PR: I knew Jenna Jameson from Scottsdale, AZ – so I was hanging out with her and going to her parties before she blew up and became “THE” Jenna Jameson. I was in Arizona, just being the local stripper in Phoenix, and one day I decided I was just tired of it and was ready to move on to the next thing.

PK:: Yea, I guess everyone gets tired of stripping eventually.

PR: I was a really late bloomer though, I didn’t get into porn until I was about 29 years old.

PK:: You were 29? You still don’t look 29!!

PR: When people meet me and I don’t wear make up – they think I’m 24.

PK:: Must be the water at the Taj Mahal because you really do look way younger then you are.

PR: Well I do take really really good care of myself. I eat very well – I do party like a rock star – but I eat lots of vegetables, drink lots of water – no meat. Fish, eggs and cheese are where I get my protein from.

PK:: No steak?

PR: No, not really.

PK:: You think your youthfulness is genetic? Or do you think if everyone took care of themselves they way you did – they could look like you.

PR: If you knew the way I partied – you’d know if it was just about the genetic make up, I’d be looking like someone’s grandmother right now.

PK:: Do you fuck your co-stars off camera?

PR: No. No I don’t play with them outside of work.

PK:: So you fuck civilians.

PR: Yes. A lot of civilians that I do fuck, are usually in the limelight.

PK:: Oh, so celebrity civilians!!

PR: Ha ha, yes.

PK:: Have you fucked Charlie Sheen?

PR: No, I wasn’t able to get on that boat. I’m not supposed to say, but no.

PK:: Mel Gibson?

PR: It’s more leaning towards musicians.

PK:: Fifty Cents?

PR: No, I never fucked Fifty Cents.

PK:: Do you prefer white guys or black guys?

PR: I love them all, but recently I’ve been fucking more white guys.

PK:: I’m white.

PR: Good for you. I am open to all of the above, as long as your sexy.

PK:: Eminem?

PR: No, we’d butt heads. I’m a very dominating personality, and so is he and I think we’d clash, so I’ve been staying away from him.

PK:: You are domineering?

PR: Oh yes. Especially when it comes to people putting down women. I stand up for that shit and I get very angry when that subject comes up. I’m ready to break a bottle over someone’s head.

PK:: Ah, you are the fun kind. You are the fun drunk in the crowd.

PR: Yes – and I always have my girls watching my back. I’m never worried.

PK:: Do you find it hot when guys or people in general watch you have sex?

PR: It doesn’t matter to me who watches. It never really mattered to me, who cares. I’ve always been on a stage. It’s more interesting fucking with people watching, then doing it privately.

PK:: How did you enjoy doing it with Ramon from Bang Bros in Miami? You two were in a very hot scene together.

PR: Ramon has a very very big dick. It’s about as big as my arm.

PK:: Yea, but you’re only 5’2.

PR: But it’s still an arm!! Doesn’t matter how small I am, that is still a
big ass dick.

PK:: How tough is it when you have to do scenes with a guy hung like a donkey.

PR: Those days are rough. I have to prepare myself. I have to be totally hydrated, and the more calm I am about it, the easier the scene is.

PK:: Does it bring you more pleasure after you relax and your ready for the scene?

PR: Listen, I’d rather have an average size guy, any day.

PK:: An average size dick rather then a Mandingo or a Ramon.

PR: Yes. It’s because it’s not about the size, at all. It’s about chemistry, always.

PK:: You always seem to connect with your co-stars.

PR: Everyone thinks that the act of sex is just purely physical but there is so much more then that that goes into it. It’s more spiritual, and more mindful, then just robotically thrusting your dick in and out of a pussy.

PK:: Right. What really turns you on about sex.

PR: What I really love is the intensity of the newness of each partner. Not knowing what I’m going to get, or how it’s going to go – that really turns me on.

PK:: So you don’t feel up the guys to see what they’re packing.

PR: When I have sex with the same guy for too long, I start to get really bored. I need that newness, that change, the freshness. Yes, everything in life is like that.

PK:: What about civilian life?

PR: No, that’s more about the relationship then about the sex.

PK:: Would you prefer porn now or would you like to go back
to stripping.

PR: Oh I love fucking.

PK:: So you prefer the porn.

PR: Oh absolutely.

PK:: Your living the Buddha life.

PR: I am loving life right now. I just came back from Montreal from shooting a music video with a Pakistani rapper – it was amazing.

PK:: A Pakistani rapper? What the – did you fuck him?

PR: I can’t say that.

PK:: So you did.

PR: I can’t say that.

PK:: Okay, so you did, but just can’t say it.

PR: Whatever.

PK:: Does your Indian culture look down on porn?

PR: It’s totally banned in India.

PK:: All porn is completely banned? Like banned?

PR: Yes. It’s illegal. No buying it, no watching it, nothing.

PK:: When did India become communist!!??

PR: They are not a communist country, they are just a
very old country.

PK:: What was the one thing you were surprised about in porn when you first started doing it.

PR: How professional it is. I had no idea. You need testing papers, ID’s, choreographed sex, breaks, paperwork, stopping for stills – it truly is a job, and it truly is work. You don’t just show up horny and go for it. There is a lot to it, and you’d never know that until you actually show up on set and see how un-sexy it all really is.

PK:: If a guy is having problems with getting wood, would you help him out?

PR: I have done that before. I will help a guy out a little bit, but there is an extent to it. I’m not gonna help him out all day. If he can’t get it up, it’s not my fucking problem.

PK:: Have you actually said that to a poor limp guy?

PR: I have. I mean listen, if I”m standing there naked, ready to fuck you and that doesn’t turn you on, then fuck you. He’s wasting my damn time, and if he can’t get it up he shouldn’t be in porn.

PK:: What if the guy had a bad day?

PR: That’s not my problem, then don’t show up to fucking work. Please guys, don’t ever come at me with a limp dick.

PK:: Do you always orgasm on camera?

PR: I can make myself orgasm any time I want.

PK:: Really?

PR: Oh yes, I have complete control of my body. I can orgasm whenever I want. That is never ever a problem with me.

PK:: Well thank you so much for coming out tonight Priya –
you are amazing.

PK:: Thank you Paulie K. I had fun.

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