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Posted in In the News on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

PornbotThere you are, minding your own business on Twitter, when you get a new follower. She’s hot, sure, and her profile description says that she’s pretty kinky, too. Fun. OR IS IT?!

You may have just encountered the dreaded pornbot. Neither woman nor pornstar, the pornbot’s sole mission is to connive you into spending craploads of money having fake cybersex or paying to see pornstar pics that you can see for free on our site.

Pornbots aren’t a new phenomenon, either. Before Twitter, pornbots were deployed into chat rooms to convince well-meaning horny guys to whip out their credit cards and start spending. Do not fall victim to the pornbot!

Pornbot or Real Person?

Okay, so you get it. Don’t let a pornbot take your money, but how do you identify a pornbot? In Twitter you can look for a couple signs. One: what is her profile description? This one below is so strange, but it’s all over Twitter. The pornbots seem to use very similar profile descriptions.

Pornbot - Who knows more about love than an orge? Just trust me...

Sadly, Aura isn’t going to become your best friend, your girl friend, or your sexting buddy. She’s trying to convince you to go to her link, which is probably some type of scam.

You can also tell that a follower is a pornbot by the way she tweets. Does she tweet at all? Does she write in decent English? No, she doesn’t have to be a perfect grammatician, but you can often spot a pornbot by the fact that her tweets make absolutely no sense at all.

We encourage you to hang out on Twitter and in chat rooms, for sure! Join our adult social network and hang out. But be aware that pornbots appear from time to time.

Have you ever encountered a pornbot? Did you think it was a real person?

Posted in In the News

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