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Sunset Thomas

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012



She began her career in 1990, and since then Sunset Thomas has been known throughout the industry as the classic pornstar.  Her work ethic since she began has been unwavering, her body has always been in the best condition in the business and her acting style has been nothing, if not unique.  A face and body that has been in demand for decades, is now moving up the food chain and is featured in an amazing gallery on a website called SunsetThomasArtGallery.com.  A wonderful site of classically taken, neo-pop photos of extreme high quality that is meant to hang on walls in living rooms, play rooms and dens in everyone’s house who wishes to class things up a bit.   Shot masterfully by Tony Chiu – the art evokes feelings and similarities to Miami Vice, Sin City and even the most successful artworks of Andy Warhol.  Mixing beautiful, rich and contrasting black and white images with eye popping splashes of bright neon color, these pictures are unique, classy and culturally bold portraits of the Las Vegas Icon that is known as Sunset Thomas.



Paulie K: Okay so I have here before me, Sunset Thomas, Kent, and the master artist behind all of this, Tony Chiu.  Hello guys – and let’s start with what this venture is all about.

SUNSET THOMAS: Well it’s simply, SunsetThomasArtGallery.com and it’s something different.  People have seen me in Penthouse, Playboy, and Hustler and everything, and I wanted to do something tasteful for my fans.  I hooked up with Tony Chiu and told him to come to my house and we’ll do something artsy.  I wanted to do black and white – but in each picture Tony added a dab of bright, rich, vibrant color.  It’s brilliant, it’s tasteful and so far my fans love it.

PK: Is it a book you buy or a calendar?

TONY CHIU: Its photos for sale, Paulie.  Ranging from 8 x 10’s to a 40 x 60 canvas.  Signed and Unsigned.  All the prices for each size photo are on the website, and you can pay by major credit card.  Instead of a painting – they are high quality photos that look magnificent in any home, & on any wall.  They’ll only be about 1,000 sold of each photo so they will be collector’s pieces.

SUNSET THOMAS: Those who buy one, will get a DVD of me autographing their photo on the artwork they purchased, with their name and of course giving them a very personalized video message along with the artwork.

PK: So you started your own art gallery, with artwork featuring you.

SUNSET THOMAS: Yes. We got a lot of things in the works here in downtown Vegas.  The art world is exploding down here and me and Tony Chiu will open a place down there as well.

PK: Who started all this you or Tony?

TONY CHIU: I went down to a Playboy / Adult Model Autograph seminar at the Marriott in LA to meet up with and shoot a Playboy Playmate. While there, I approached Sunset Thomas, knowing that she lived in Las Vegas too, and approached her about the project.

PK: Hey Tony were you a big fan of Sunset Thomas before this project happened?

TONY CHIU: It’s funny – I was just watching the HBO series – Cathouse and I was watching Sunset Thomas on it, and here I was now, involved in this groundbreaking project with her.  I mean, just 5 years ago I was in Philadelphia watching her and here I am now being really good friends with her and working wonderfully with her.  It’s a pleasure to know her and to work with her.

SUNSET THOMAS: I have had no one shoot me in about 5 years.  When I got to Tony and talked with him, it was very exciting; because I knew he had a great eye and was an amazing photographer.

PK: Well Sunset, believe it or not, you still have one of the best bodies in the industry.

KENT:  Let me tell what’s remarkable about this woman, Paulie.  If you were to go back 5 years ago, at her spread in Las Vegas Magazine, and then look at these purchasable artworks, I defy anybody to tell me which one came first.  She seems fairly ageless.  These pieces of artwork are not just Glam Shots – they are thematic.  Each one is a dramatic theme.  Lying down the stairs with blood coming out of her mouth, or the wild vampire look on top of the pillar – these are more than just pin up glamour shots.  Each one of them stands alone, and tells a story, like great artwork does.  The art in this SunsetThomasArtGallery are not pussy shots, or just spread your legs kind of artwork.  They are thematic in nature that tell stories and have their own identity.

PK: So forget smut pics- these are more like theatrical shots with props and costumes and everything?

TONY CHIU: Yea – we have an Native American costume, we have blood, we have a gun, we have everything we need to create emotion and a story in each high quality photograph.

PK: Who came up with each scenario?  Did you guys bounce ideas off of each other for years or was it more off the cuff than that?

SUNSET THOMAS: Actually, Kent was pretty much the coach on all of them.

PK: Oh what a surprise that is!!  Kent taking over a project.  Wow.

KENT: Everyone came to the table with ideas, Paulie.  I’ve had some ideas going into it – of what would be an interesting shot.  Tony would capture it perfectly and then his guy would add the splash of color.  The splash of color was all Tony’s idea.  We originally wanted B&W.  She never shot in B&W before, and I wanted to have some images available for her and for her fans, in Black and White.  So we agreed to do that, and then Tony had the great idea of adding just a splash of that amazing bright neon-color – only where he thought it needed it, and it came out beyond brilliant.

PK: Tony is this true?  Is Kent actually giving you credit for something?

TONY CHIU: Basically after the whole set was said and done, we came up with some amazing photos.  Actually we were at the Mayor’s restaurant last night and we gave him a piece of this artwork and he loved it.

PK: The Mayor of Las Vegas?

KENT: Yes, Oscar Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, owns a steakhouse and we were there and gave him some artwork.  He loved it.

SUNSET THOMAS: Right, because it’s not dirty – it’s a classy thing.

KENT: Oscar said he’s gonna get it professionally framed, and proudly hang it in his home.

PK: Well that certainly is a compliment, to have the Mayor of Las Vegas hanging an image of you in his house.

SUNSET THOMAS: We are getting a lot of great feedback from this.  Tony and Kent, and myself we all did a great job at creating some very tasteful, classy, thematic artwork.

PK: Honestly, I’m looking at one of the pictures now, and it reminds me of Andy Warhol.

KENT: I didn’t want to say it, but yes – I think it does.

PK:  This is legitimate Pop Art.

SUNSET THOMAS: A lot of people love the one of me in the tub, with the gold faucet and the black and white surroundings.

PK: That one is definitely a front runner of the collection.

SUNSET THOMAS: I wanted to change things up and give something different to my fans.

PK: This kind of work is something Pam Anderson would do.  It’s very mainstream and very neo-classical.

TONY CHIU:  Every single bit of color in these portraits took me about 30 to 60 minutes.  It was extremely painstaking but I think it came out absolutely beautiful.

PK: Well these pieces of artwork are a great combination of Sin City and Film Noir.  For an adult model to do this I think is completely original and fantastic.

KENT: I think Sunset Thomas honestly is just hitting her stride.  I mean she’s been working hard for a few years now and all that hard work just now, is coming up to the surface.  This SunsetThomasArtGallery.com is popping up and doing amazingly well, she just signed on to endorse a male sex enhancement pill, LasVegasShowtime.com, she will be the face of that product.  In fact, we might use one of Tony Chiu’s prints to be on the front label of the package. The guy will have his pictures of Sunset seen clear across America!!  You know what they say – “You can’t keep a good girl down, but you can keep a good girl going down.”

PK: Clever, Kent.  Thank You.

KENT: Sunset Thomas has become a Las Vegas personality.  Just like the city of Las Vegas – “this pill keeps you up all night.”

SUNSET THOMAS: It’s an all natural product, which was something I was very particular about.  I wanted it to be all natural, and it is, and it works.  I wouldn’t put my whole name, reputation and image behind something that just doesn’t work, because people find out and it catches up with you, so what’s the sense in that.

PK: Make sure you guys send me a pill.  At my age I need all the help I can get.

KENT: Well Paulie, if it will work on me it will work on anybody, believe me.

PK: Did Tony Chiu get some of this product, LasVegasShowtime.com?

TONY CHIU: I didn’t get it yet, but they have mine reserved.  I also wanted to let people know that the SunsetThomasArtGallery.com has all pieces in all sizes for sale, you can pay with major credit cards and it will be shipped to your house, with a DVD of Sunset actually signing your name and saying hello to you, as she’s signing your artwork that you bought from the site!

PK: I think it’s great, it looks great, and guys thank you so much for being so generous with your time.  I really do appreciate it.

KENT: Thanks Paulie!! Keep in touch.

SUNSET THOMAS: Goodbye Paulie, it was great talking to you again, please come to Las Vegas and visit us soon!

PK: After I take your pill, I might have to go down there!

Folks if you want to visit the artwork available for purchase please visit:

If you want learn more about the magic pill that Sunset Thomas is now the face of and is whole heartedly endorsing – please visit

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