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Brooklyn Lee

Posted in Featured, Interviews, Photos on Thursday, March 1st, 2012

A Hard Night In

Brooklyn Lee

by Paulie K.

5 AVN Awards this year alone, Brooklyn Lee has officially made a splash in the adult industry.  An innocent girl originally from Ohio, by way of Boston, by way of New York, this young girl has a strong head on her shoulders and a pretty good body attached to that.  Appearing in Pink music videos, she has been called upon to actually act in quite a few porn parodies from Hustler, Vivid, Private and Evil Angel.  Her best known parts are from “Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody” by Vivid and “This Ain’t ESPN XXX” by Hustler.  Brooklyn Lee has just nabbed the coveted 2012 Best New Starlet award from AVN and now has all the directors knocking down her door.  She also won Best Oral Sex Scene and Most Outrageous Sex Scene this year from AVN.  So don’t be surprised if you see much more of this girl, everywhere you look.

PaulieK: Your name is Brooklyn Lee.


PaulieK: I’m assuming there is some chinese going on in there.

BROOKLYN: No, actually there’s not.  Choosing my name was based on what domain names were available.  There was no creative force behind it.

PaulieK: What was the force behind choosing Brooklyn, then?

BROOKLYN: I was in Manhattan at the time and I just used the inspiration around me, from the city.

PaulieK: I just saw you in the  “This isn’t ESPN XXX Parody” movie.

BROOKLYN: Oh god, parodies, don’t get me started about parodies.

PaulieK: Well for people who don’t know, you play Danica Patrick.

BROOKLYN: I do.  I do.  You know the parodies sell very well, so they keep coming up with ideas.

Hustler is coming up with a bunch of parodies based on commercials – like “5 Dollar Foot Schlong”

PaulieK: I love it.  I don’t want to get all cliche on you, but let’s talk about how you got started banging people for money in front of a camera.

BROOKLYN: Oh man, here we go.  I started out as a regular cocktail waitress, then a cocktail waitress at a strip club and then a stripper.  Then I realized there was nowhere to go, no more room for advancement, and I was always curious about porn anyways.  So one day I just stopped caring and did it.

PaulieK: One day you just stopped caring.  That’s awesome.  That’s a great reason for any career- one day I just stopped caring.

BROOKLYN: I did and I want to be in this industry for the long haul, because you give up so much  to do this.  You can’t be a teacher after this, probably no job dealing with a church will have you –

PaulieK: No church would have you after being a cocktail waitress at a strip club – never mind a porn star.

BROOKLYN: You know, I thought of that and I think it would be a great back up plan if this career should not work out!

PaulieK: What’s that.

BROOKLYN: I was in Paris and I went to Notre Dame. It was an absolutely mind blowing experience, like an epiphany.

PaulieK: It can be quite moving, yes.

BROOKLYN:So, I looked around and thought – ‘I’m gonna become a nun!’ This way my soul is saved and I get to go to Heaven and all that shit.

PaulieK: Well not if you say it like that your not! You’re not going anywhere near Heaven with a mouth like that!!

BROOKLYN: Also I’ll have somewhere to live, rent free, I won’t have to pay for food or anything.

That’s my back up plan.

PaulieK: That’s perfect.  All your sins will be forgiven, you’ll still probably be able to masturbate at night-

BROOKLYN: Right – it’s full proof.  I don’t know if masturbation is even a sin – I don’t know if it’s in the bible or not.

PaulieK: Your asking the wrong guy.  I’ve only seen a Bible in the movies.  I’m sure you could masturbate under all those blankets and things that nuns wear.

BROOKLYN: What do they call that?  A Habit?

PaulieK: Yes.  And then you just stopped caring.

BROOKLYN: You know honestly, I did put a lot of thought into this porn career, it was something I really wanted to do, it was the career that I wanted to try to have and it’s going along really well right now, so I can’t complain.

PaulieK: I think it’s a good career, acting can make you a lot of money.

BROOKLYN: Yea, and it’s fun!  I get to travel and do something different every day.

PaulieK: I hate to state the obvious here, Brooklyn Lee, but don’t you also get to have sex?

BROOKLYN: Right, so by definition my job is not that difficult.  I don’t even think you can call it a job.

PaulieK: I think it’s called prostitution.

BROOKLYN: Ahh, yea, it could be defined as such.  As long as people aren’t forced into things, adults should be allowed to do whatever they want.  Except murdering people.

PaulieK: Tell me about your first scene, were you nervous, scared?

BROOKLYN: I was not nervous, because I didn’t want to make a big thing out of it – I wanted to have fun with it.  I definitely was not prepared for the size of the cocks in this industry – not at all.

PaulieK: They are big boys, right?

BROOKLYN: Even the smaller guy, in our industry is extra large in the regular population.  You get used to it though, you stretch out to it.

PaulieK: Oh good – I’m glad you can stretch out around it.  Is that what you say when you date civilians?  Don’t worry, it stretches out – or rather – don’t worry it shrinks down around it.

BROOKLYN: You know what? I have not dated any civilians since I got into this industry.  So I have no idea what it would be like to date a normal person.

PaulieK: How long are you thinking of staying in this business for?

BROOKLYN: You know, I really like it.  I’d like to stay in it for at least a few more years.  If my bookings stay as they are now, I could do a few more years no problem.  If the piracy thing forces companies to slow down a bit and pay girls less money, then I’d have
to reconsider.

PaulieK: You know this piracy problem is by your own people, right?  Manwin, which owns Brazzers, Bang Bros. and now Digital Playground, also own all the tube sites that give away scenes for free.

BROOKLYN: Yea I know. I just want things to get better somehow. If one company has to own everything, for things to get better, then I hope that’s what happens.  Whatever this industry needs to get bigger and stronger again, that’s what I hope happens.

PaulieK: Porn has to save itself, because it’s their own people stealing from each other.  You can’t do anything about it.  The industry has to gang up on them, and regulate themselves.

BROOKLYN: Yes, I guess so.

PaulieK: So do you have sexual fantasies left?

BROOKLYN: You know my fantasy used to be a DP, then I did it.

PaulieK: Nice – was it all that you hoped it would be?

BROOKLYN: It was, it really was.  DP is just amazing.

PaulieK: So what’s the new fantasy, do you have one?  What about black guys, do you fantasize about doing blacks?

BROOKLYN: I do and I want to so bad.

PaulieK: Who would you pick, Mandingo?

BROOKLYN: Um, Lex or Mr. Marcus.

PaulieK: No Mandingo?

BROOKLYN: Well, yea.

PaulieK: Well your small, right?  How tall are you?

BROOKLYN: I’m 5’5”

PaulieK: And your tits?


PaulieK: So your not chinese at all?

BROOKLYN: No, I’m not Asian at all.  My mom is Swedish and Native American.  My dad is from Puerto Rico.

PaulieK: Puerto Rico!!  Man I love your parades!  Amazing.  So your at one with nature, you can navigate around the world and you can do the salsa, nice.  You are the package baby!

BROOKLYN: Thank you Paulie K!

PaulieK: That is it for our time together, beautiful.  Thank you very much for this sit down.

BROOKLYN: Thank you and take care, Paulie, I”ve had a blast.
Brooklyn Lee has just wrapped being the lead role in Evil Angel’s biggest production of the year, the vampire flick “Voracious” directed, written and produced by legendary film maker John Stagliano.  If you like Vampire sex – and high quality horror films- this is totally for you.  It looks great and actually has an amazing story.
For more on this big film, visit voracious.evilangel.com

For more of this little mixed breed hottie, check out her free website, www.BrooklynLee.com and of course contact her directly on
Twitter @BrooklynLeeXXX.


For me, Tweet  @Pauliek2003, or email pauliek2003@yahoo.com, and don’t forget to listen to this interview and all your other porn favorites on my uncensored podcast on iTunes, The PaulieK Show !!

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