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Ash Hollywood

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Monday, April 2nd, 2012



By Paulie K

Photos courtesy of  Juliland.com/Richard

You know a lot of great things have come from Seattle, WA.  Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Starbucks Coffee – and now we can add Ash Hollywood to the list.  Porcelain skin, amazing curves, piercing blue eyes and a sharp, blonde hairstyle makes Ash Hollywood a girl to remember.  A fairly new girl, only in the business since around 2010/2011, she has made everyone and everything, stand up and take notice.  A dominant attitude, with a sometimes soft, childlike touch, Ash is a hottie that can command the attention of every single light and camera lens in the room.  Her dirty girl antics are quickly making the rounds in the adult world and all that know her, know that this is no act.  She truly loves her job, she truly loves the attention and she truly loves all her fans – so much so, her website is currently free.  Visit www.ashgirl.com to learn and see more. Being who I am, I just happened to rope this beauty in for a bit to have a chat.

Paulie K: Hello Ash – thanks for coming.

ASH: Hey Paulie K – long time no talk, I’m kidding.

PK: Thanks.  Let’s remind everyone how you got this name, because that’s one of the first things fans stop and ask me – “why don’t you ask where they get their names from?”  So I wish to make it very clear – even though I know – the first question I am asking, and it’s on the record – Ash Hollywood – how did you get that name?

ASH: Well thank you so much for asking PK – do you want me to go through the whole thing?

PK: Speak as if I never heard this before.

ASH: Okay.  Where I come from, Seattle, and because of the social nature of my job over there, about two, three years ago, I would either be on the phone all the time, or be getting calls or texts all the time.  So my friends would be like, “oh look at Ms. Popular, look at Hollywood over there”.

PK: This was before porn, right?

ASH: Yes, this was before I got into the industry, everyone wanted a piece of me and my phone was constantly being blown up and they just called me Hollywood because of it.  This name has carried on into the modeling world, and now into the porn world.

PK: Tell everyone how tall you are, because the camera can
be misleading.

ASH: I am 5 foot short, which is 5’1”.

PK: Now 5’1” makes you a spinner.

ASH: Yes, I am a spinner, and I’ve never really done it before.  Although whenever I work with Danny Mountain he just picks me up and starts eating my pussy – that might be considered the same kind of thing.

PK: I think it is.  Any position that takes advantage of your height, would be considered spinning.  It’s weird that I’ve never seen you spin in a scene.  For some reason, guys don’t spin you and you don’t spin.  Maybe you get them locked in some kind of weird mood where they get serious and just pound you rather then have fun and spin you.

ASH: Yea, maybe.

PK: Tell me about your new show on Streammate.com that is called Boot Camp. Folks if  you don’t know, Streammate.com has a lot of your porn stars doing their own webcam shows / chats from their very own house, in their spare time, or they will set up show times where they well perform sex acts for you and their fans.  Ash Hollywood has teamed up with Immoral Productions to begin a show called Boot Camp every other Sunday night.

ASH:  Yea thanks – now I don’t have to say anything.

PK: No I was just setting it up for you, go ahead.

ASH: Boot Camp is from Immoral Productions or Immoral Live, just look for it.  I am the host of it and we go live every other Sunday.  I bring on a fresh-off-the-farm girl.  I mean these girls are green, they are brand new, for real.  These agencies are just sending them to us brand new.  We go through a gir/girl scene with each other, I put on a strap on and show them what to do, how to suck cock and everything like that.  Then we bring in a male talent and we both fuck him on camera of course, with me directing this fresh, innocent, nubile young thing.

PK: I must say I saw the pilot, I loved it.  The webcam was good, no buffering or jittering image.  Sound was good, I heard everything you guys said and every moan you guys let out.  It’s great to see you take such control, because your this little thing, yet you don’t mess around.

ASH: I don’t mess around, at all.  It’s like human Tetris.  The worst part about a new girl is that they don’t know how to talk during sex.  They just kind of lay there like a dead fish.

PK: Well it’s not really natural to talk dirty to a camera when your having sex with a stranger.

ASH: True but they have to remember this is entertainment.  So I’m there trying to coach them, trying to get them to open their mouths and speak while they get pounded.

PK: Well, some jobs are harder then others I guess.

ASH: I have to tell them how to suck on it, and then ask specific questions, “how does that taste?”  “Do you like sucking on cock?”

PK: It’s called Directing

ASH: Yes, directing while getting fucked, while directing.

PK: Let’s see Clint Eastwood do that!!

ASH: Yea, really.

PK: Now tell me your road-to-porn story.

ASH: Didn’t we go over this last time?

PK: Yes but these are all new readers, not my podcast peeps.

ASH: Oh, okay.

PK: Is it true you were a runway model?

ASH: Runway model?  At 5’1” ?  No.  I did Swimsuit, Catalogue, Glamour, Calendar and a very small amount of local runway jobs.  I did Extreme Sports where I would model for motor-cross, car shows, things like that.

PK: Okay, nationwide, making a ton of money – why go into porn.

ASH:  I was absolutely traveling across the nation, the money was amazing – and then I get a call from this agent to come to Hollywood.  It was for Twisty’s.  I didn’t know who they were because I never watched porn and I still don’t watch it.  I go and I shoot for Twisty’s and they say “ok now we’re gonna film”.  I was never filmed before doing anything.  They said “Yea, we’re gonna film your masturbation scene now”  and I just froze.  I was completely frozen, like my mouth was open, I was floored.

PK: Surprise!

ASH: Yes exactly  – but I told them, guys your not gonna believe me because I”m only 20, but I have never masturbated a day in my life.  I’ve just never done it.  Someone else was always around to do it for me.  They gave me some time to think about it – and in that moment, I decided to be a little porn star.  So I did it.

PK: A star was born!!  Thank you Jesus!!

ASH: Then I moved on to doing girls, which I love.  They are the most beautiful creatures on this Earth.  I love doing girls, I can’t date them because they are too crazy, but fucking them is just simply divine.  So I was doing solo work and G/G work for about a year.  This industry fluctuates – terribly – worse then the weight of a girl with a thyroid problem.  So by the time I moved out here and got settled and ready for my new career – G/G scenes were not all the rage anymore.  It had dried up – so it was either sink or swim.  So I jumped and took cock.  That’s when everyone knew who I was, when I started taking cock.

PK: Have you done black guys?

ASH: No, this year I will add something to the list.  You know you have to pace yourself – so this year I’ll add something, either anal sex or interracial.  Then that will make news, then next year I’ll add another thing.

PK: What are your thoughts on condoms?

ASH: I’m impartial to the new condom law.  We get work shut down now from scares or outbreaks.  Half of the civilians out there don’t even get tested, never mind doing it regularly.  It’s very hard for guys to work with condoms.  So now we’ll see the men from the boys.

PK: Ash Hollywood thanks so much for seeing me again.
I love you.

ASH: Thanks Paulie K.  I always love talking to you.



Ash Hollywood’s free website is www.ashgirl.com
and her twitter is @AshHollywood –
yes she really responds, yes those are very much her own tweets.


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