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Jessie Lee

Posted in Featured, Interviews on Friday, June 1st, 2012

Angel On Fire

Jessie Lee

Xtreme: Jessie, welcome to your first Xtreme Magazine interview!

Jessie Lee: Thank you! I’m excited about this because my home club in Massachusetts always has the magazine and I’ve read it so many times. And you guys also did a little article about me after my car accident last year and I still have like ten copies of it!

Xtreme: Well, this is obviously going to be much better, and you’ll get copies for sure.

Jessie Lee: Excellent.

Xtreme: And I’m stoked to interview you because every time I interview Joanna and the other Burning Angel girls I’ve chatted with, you guys always end up being super cool, grounded girls that remind me of my friends.

Jessie Lee: Oh, thank you. We obviously draw a really specific type of girl physically to the site, you know, girls with tattoos and piercings and just a whole alternative look, but the girls who actually stay with Burning Angel are the really down-to-earth girls. The girls without a good personality are the ones who do one or two photo shoots and maybe a video. I feel like it prides itself on having amazing girls with great personalities. All of my closest friends are Burning Angels.

Xtreme: I know you’ve been involved with the company since summer of 2007. Did you just do some photo sets, or was that actually your first scene? How did it progress?

Jessie Lee: Well, I had applied to Burning Angel earlier in the year but it took a while for them to accept me because I didn’t have any really revealing photos. I was a stripper at the time and all I really had was, like, stripper-in-the-mirror photos that were not that great! But they set up a shoot with me, and after getting photos taken, I was looking around the site and checking out the trailers for their movies and was like, “Oh my God, this is so hot, I want to do videos.” So then I asked if I could do videos, and about a month after my first photo shoot with them we shot my first scene. It was a week after my birthday!

Xtreme: Okay, so how did you feel going into it? Were you nervous, or were you just excited?

Jessie Lee: I was really excited. The only thing I was nervous about wasn’t even the sex, but getting my lines right. It was a feature that got bought up by ClubJenna called Joanna Angel’s Totally Screwed Out Of A Shower, and ClubJenna never even sent us any copies of the movie. So I’ve never seen my first scene!

Xtreme: Did ClubJenna ever release it?

Jessie Lee: Well, it was originally for Playboy Spice, and then ClubJenna bought it, but they ended up editing it all weird so it doesn’t even look that great, and a lot of my stuff had to be taken out and censored because I guess I was too rough and asked to be, like, spanked and choked too much.

Xtreme: Who was your first scene with?

Jessie Lee: Jason Dallas and James Deen, so it was a boy/boy/girl.

Xtreme: Did you do a DP?

Jessie Lee: No, no, just regular.

Xtreme: That would have been a crazy first scene.

Jessie Lee: I know, right? For my comeback scene last year I did a double vag though. Mr. Pete was stretching me out with his fingers and his cock and he kept telling me that he should have both him and Tommy Pistol go in my pussy, and he kept talking and talking about it while we were having sex until finally I was like, “Okay, let’s do it!” So it was really just because Mr. Pete had convinced me. That was funny too because Tommy was in my comeback scene, and I was in Tommy Pistol’s comeback scene.

Xtreme: You’re like each other’s welcome-back wagons!

Jessie Lee: Pretty much!

Xtreme: Did you like the double vag?

Jessie Lee: Well, I’d never done it before so I didn’t know what to think of it at first, and it was my first time having that kind of sex in a really long time, too. So it was almost like my first scene again.

Xtreme: Would you do it again? Have you done it since?

Jessie Lee: I haven’t done it since, but I’d love to do it again. I got three facials in that scene too, and I love facials.

Xtreme: Was there another guy?

Jessie Lee: Oh, no. They both gave me facials, and then afterwards Mr. Pete gave me another one.

Xtreme: Mr. Pete just had a really good time.

Jessie Lee: Exactly. So did my face!

Xtreme: You’re known for bringing out the toys in your movies, like dildos and strap-ons, and you even said that in your first scene that you had to be censored after the fact for being a little too rough. Is that the kind of sex you’re into off-camera?

Jessie Lee: Yeah. The sex I like off-camera is really aggressive and passionate with a million different positions. Like the sex I had last night, it was like porno sex off-camera. [laughs] It was pretty awesome. I don’t like having normal, regular sex. I like sex that I can say, “Wow, that was amazing,” and think about it for days.

Xtreme: Do you film often?

Jessie Lee: I don’t. I probably shoot every month or every other month.

Xtreme: So you’re not fucking a lot on-camera. You’re not getting tired of the porno sex that you love.

Jessie Lee: Absolutely not. And I think that’s why I don’t shoot a lot, and why I’m not part of an agency, because I don’t want to have porno sex on-camera every day or three times a week like most girls. I don’t want to get tired of sex. I want to enjoy my sex. Sometimes I’ll go two weeks without it so that way I’m, like, fiending for it.

Xtreme: You’ve said before that one of your favorite things to do is fuck a girl with a strap-on. Can you explain to some of our perhaps more confused readers why you get off on it so much when, in reality, you’re not even feeling any sensation?

Jessie Lee: I’m all about reaction. The energy coming from the other person totally turns me on. I love giving head because I love looking at the guy’s expression. I’m such a giver. I also like to take it, but I’m a giver. If you’re fucking a girl with a strap-on and you make her cum all over the place, she’s just so into it, it turns me on so much. It’s sexy. Guys watch porn because they like to watch a girl get fucked good and hard. It’s like watching live porn and you’re in control of it.

Xtreme: What’s your favorite way to cum?

Jessie Lee: I love it from behind, laying down with my legs closed. So good.

Xtreme: So are you exclusively involved with Burning Angel, or do you sometimes work for other companies?

Jessie Lee: I’ve worked for Belladonna and Naughty America, but I haven’t worked for them recently. I’m not under contract with Burning Angel; I just really prefer to work for them.

Xtreme: If another company approached you with an idea that you really liked, you’d consider taking the job?

Jessie Lee: If I trusted them… I like Joanna, because she always puts me with good talent in good movies, so that’s why I trust Burning Angel above all other companies. But if it was a good company that had a good scene for me, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

Xtreme: You obviously hold the company in very high praise. What else do you think sets it apart from other companies in the industry?

Jessie Lee: Well, we have a lot of beautiful, all-natural girls. I know not everyone in Burning Angel is completely natural, but a good majority are, and so many girls in the business have had some kind of plastic surgery. I just really like natural girls, and I love tattoos. I think they’re so sexy.

Xtreme: Do you think the movies have a different tone than other companies’ movies?

Jessie Lee: Yeah. They’re all pretty big-budget, but they’re all so funny. Joanna’s such a great writer and she writes really smart, funny movies.

Xtreme: You mentioned this earlier and I would like to mention it, if you don’t mind. You did have a major, major car accident last year – about how long ago was it now?

Jessie Lee: About a year and a half ago. November of 2010.

Xtreme: How are you doing?

Jessie Lee: I’m doing much better. When I was in the accident, we crashed the car, I fractured my neck and I died for five minutes. I read that in the police report. That was pretty rough. I had really severe brain damage, and I had to learn how to do everything – and I mean everything – again, like how to eat, how to just remember to eat. For a while I lost a lot of weight because I was just forgetting to eat and how to do it. I had to teach myself how to walk again and how to talk and have conversations. I was in the NICU for neurology for thirteen days, and when I was released I went to intense physical therapy for about a month and a half. Once I went back to L.A. I basically made myself get better by forcing myself to go out, walk around and do stuff on my own. Some days things are really easy, but some days I still have a lot of problems and I’ll get really confused.

Xtreme: Did that completely change your perspective on life?

Jessie Lee: Before my accident, I was super jaded and took so much for granted, but since my accident I have become so thankful and grateful for everything. It has definitely changed my views on life. I try to be positive about everything because I could have been dead, but I’m alive and living an amazing life right now, and I’ve been given a second chance that I don’t want to waste. I feel like I was brought back to life because there was something I was meant to do. I believe in karma, and I try not to wrong anyone on purpose and I try to be good to everyone. I feel like all that stuff happened because I was so jaded and ungrateful for everything, but now that I have a second chance I try to live my life in happiness and enjoying more things.

Xtreme: Did you ever consider not getting back into the business?

Jessie Lee: I thought I was completely done with porn. [The accident happened when] I was on my way to the New Jersey eXXXotica convention, so I was like, “Screw this, I was on my way to a porn convention and I died!” But after a while, I talked to Joanna, and she and I have been through a lot together, and when I told her I was considering coming back she was just so excited. And I’m really glad I did. Not to mention how grateful I am to my friends and fans, who were so supportive of me and who donated money to help me get back on my feet. It was honestly amazing how people went out of their way for me, because I would never have expected that. I thought they just liked watching me have sex on camera.

Xtreme: Clearly your fans connect with you in a real way, although now that I’ve had the chance to meet you, I completely understand.

Jessie Lee: Oh, thank you.

Xtreme: Jessie, you’re a true inspiration to everyone inside the industry and its fans, and I’m so glad we had a chance to sit down and talk. Thank you so much!



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