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Sunset Thomas Back at the Bunny Ranch

Posted in In the News on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Yes, old habits die hard my friends. Sunset Thomas makes her return to “The Cathouse” as it’s called on HBO, or “The Bunny Ranch” as it’s called by pervs around the world, on June 21st, 2012.

“My new male sex enhancement product, “Las Vegas Showtime” has got guys so hard and horny I figured it only natural that I would find a place to facilitate all those no longer flaccid flag-poles”, said Sunset.

“So many of my fans have wanted to either have another go at it or have their first experience with me that I decided to come back to where I belong, The Bunny Ranch.

Naturally for those who don’t know, The Bunny Ranch or The Cathouse, both are one and the same, is a legal brothel where you can legally pay for sex without any kind of punishment except for your own shame. You can go there and make an appointment to bonk whomever might be working that day – your favorite porn star, hooker, amateur or a legend, like Sunset Thomas.

The Bunny Ranch is owned and operated by Dennis Hof, who used to actually be married to Sunset Thomas, many many moons ago. The place does practice safe sex, including a personal scrub down by the lady or ladies of your choice, and of course, they make you put a jimmy on it. Happy Hunting kids!!

– @Pauliek2003

Posted in In the News

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