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Strip Club Feature Kendall Karson

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Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Strip Club Feature Kendall KarsonStrip Club Feature Kendall Karson

Rising Star

By Paulie K., Photos courtesy of Kendall Karson

Young and rising – Kendall Karson is a type of new breed of porn star who actually has runway model looks.  Look at her lingerie pics and you could easily think your looking at a Victoria Secret Catalogue.  There’s not a lot of them, but in a dire economy, there have been more and more beauty queens stepping into the porn scene and not going crazy sexually, but still get the jizz job done.  Sunny Leone, Sasha Grey, Andy San Dimas, have stepped over into mainstream films because of their unreal beauty.  Hot, sensual girls with a sizzle that rivals Heidi Klum, slip through the cracks here and there, and I believe Kendall Karson to be one of them, and I would absolutely be on the look out for her in the mainstream world. 

PAULIEK: Hello to the wonderful Kendall Karson!

Strip Club Feature Kendall KarsonKENDALL KARSON: Hi Paulie K!  So great to talk to you!

PK: Thank you!  Now you are usually a low key kind of girl, with amazing looks, what are you doing on the circuit?  Why are you making the rounds like a Circus?

KK: I am actually in Miami right now, shooting some scenes for BangBros. And I’m also involved in a charity tournament for the families of fallen police officers of South Florida.

PK: Wow – a porn star involved in a charity for police officers?

KK: Yea, I feel like if I have the ability to be in the spotlight, in the public eye I mind as well put it to good use.

PK: Wow.

KK: Yea, so I’m really trying to put it to good use, so I’m trying to get involved with a lot of charities and good causes.  I have a lot of good friends that are on the force, so I figured I would try and help these guys out as much as I can.

PK: Wow.

KK: Another cause I’m trying to get involved in is the National Coalition of Domestic Violence.  Unfortunately I’ve been a victim of domestic violence myself recently, so I’d really love to be a spokesperson for them and help empower girls to get out of situations that was similar to mine.

PK: Wow.  Was your situation serious?

KK: It was very serious, yea.

PK: Listen, I only hit my dates with a 2×4, so you don’t have to worry about me.  I never lay a hand on them.  Their head goes straight to the wood.

Strip Club Feature Kendall KarsonKK: Ha ha!!  Well my situation was that I was threatened with a knife, and actually choked, in public, at the airport.

PK: Ouch, man.  That is not cool, see that’s not right.

KK: I love getting choked and spit on during sex, but not in an airport.

PK: Yea, no.  Not good.  If I ever started choking you in public, I would have to get naked and fuck you right there, so that it would start to feel good.  Then we’d get arrested for doing it in an airport, and all that stuff and it’d be a mess.

KK: Yes it would – it definitely would.

PK: Now I was watching something of yours – it was a BTS (Behind The Scenes) of a photo shoot for your website.  The guys of course were all hanging around oogling and googling and eating bagels or whatever, and your were posing for the camera.

KK: Okay.

PK: The one thing they were all just mesmerized with was your abs.

KK: Really?

PK: Yes, every guy was talking about how incredible your stomach is, and your abs are just fantastic and how sexy it is for a girl to have such a flat stomach as you do, and they are right.

KK: Wow, I had no idea.  My abs, really?

PK: Well you know the rest of you is good too, but it was your stomach that they were all crazy about,and rightfully so.

Strip Club Feature Kendall KarsonKK: Well thank you!  I didn’t know that my abs were causing such a stir.

PK: I think that’s the new thing that guys really look at now, because we’ve all seen the fake tits a million times, and even asses are bought now, but a good flat hard stomach like yours, is just a major turn on.

KK: Well thank you.

PK: It’s not just flat – but it’s toned, with a perfect amount of ab definition – it’s tough to explain.  You’re not just a stick, you know?  I dunno.  Your hot – that’s all I can say.

KK: Thank you.

PK: Must be your genetics.

KK: Must be.  You know I get asked all the time what I do to keep my abs like this and I honestly don’t know what to say.  I played sports all growing up, but I have not seen a gym in about 8 years.

PK: Ugh I hate you.  I haven’t seen a gym in 8 years either, but it’s pretty obvious with me.  You though, look like you workout every day!

KK: Well I’m on a sex and cum diet right now, which is all cardio and protein.  So I should be all set.

PK: Yea your set alright. What’s your genetic background?

KK: I”m French, German, Dutch, Welch, and Native American.

PK: So your abs are so confused they don’t know what to do.

KK: I guess so.

PK: Now when you go to sign up for your charities – do they look down at your because you fuck for a living and they don’t want to be in that same spotlight with you?

Strip Club Feature Kendall KarsonKK: Actually, they’ve been pretty receptive, because I have had those experiences and they know that I can do some good and help some people out.  So I haven’t come across any resistance yet.

PK: Okay, back to porn – are you a size queen?  I saw a scene with you and Billy Glide and you looked like you had no problem with it, at all.

KK: Billy is definitely the biggest guy I’ve worked with in the industry so far.  I don’t think I would take much bigger then him, honestly.  I love him to death, and he’s a great guy but I do have a very very tight pussy and it took a lot for me to do that scene.

PK: It’s so weird because all you porn girls say your not crazy about the big ones and you would prefer to get jack-hammered by smaller guys who can really give it hard.  Yet when I talk to fans, they all say they want to see you ladies get slaughtered by Mandingo, Lex and the big guys – they just want you ladies to go for it.

KK: Yea, I’ve done 4 scenes with Billy now, we work great together.  I don’t think I’d go much bigger then him.

PK: After you do a scene with monster Billy, is it hard to go back to a smaller, average penis?  Do you just continuously crave the big ones?

KK: No, no, no.  No matter who or what I work with, it’s always great to go right back to a more comfortable penis that I can really work with.

PK: So no Mandingo in your future, no Shane Diesel.

KK: No, I don’t foresee that happening, but you never know.

PK: Are you bisexual?

Strip Club Feature Kendall KarsonKK: I am.  I can go down on a clean pussy all day long, but I could never give up cock.

PK: You had to add “clean”, didn’t you know.  This speaks volumes to me.

KK: I do, because some girls are more hygienic then others and I wouldn’t want to be down there all day if someone has not done their house cleaning, if you know what I mean.

PK: No I hear you.  Good for you.  Now you know why us men are so frightened when asked to go down there for a weekend.  We don’t know what we’re gonna find down there in the basement.  Cobwebs, old board games, you never know.  Not everyone keeps their basements clean you know.

KK: Plus the girl has to be turned on by it.  If a girl is “gay for pay” and she’s just going through the motions to pay her phone bill, you can tell and nothing is really gonna get wet that day.  I need a girl to be into it just as much as I am to make it fun and hot.

PK: That makes sense, sure.

KK: I’m a giver, giving pleasure to people is what gets me off, so If the girl I’m with is not getting excited, it’s a turn off for me.

PK: Listen, I will accept your giving.  Anytime you want to give, please, by all means, come on over.

KK: Ha ha!  Well thank you.

PK: What’s the worst pussy you ever went down on?  Was there cabbage stuck in there or something?

Strip Club Feature Kendall KarsonKK: Um, no cabbage, no.  It was just smelly, and sweaty and had a yeast infection.

PK: Oh my!!  And you still went down?

KK: Yea, I stayed up top more, near the clit and made it look good, but I wasn’t going to town or anything.

PK: That whole town should have been condemned!!  Do you say something to her or just grin and bear it.

KK: I don’t want to embarrass girls on set, so if or when I get a moment alone with them,   I’ll kind of say, “Hey can you go douche?”.   If I can’t get them alone, I won’t call them out in front of all the guys because then that’s just being mean so I’ll just go and do my job.

PK: “Hey can you go douche?” That’s great!!  Imagine guys saying that to a girl?  “Go fucking douche yourself asshole!” – I think that’s how guys would say that.  That’s funny.  Sometimes we just say “Fuckin’ Douche!”

KK: Yea.

PK: I would throw them the box, in front of everyone – and just say, “Go Douche”.  It’s their job – that’s part of their job – douching and keeping it clean!  How many vaginas do they have to take care of, they they forget to clean one of them!!   Clean your stuff!  That’s unreal to me.  That’s like a guy going to work and forgetting to get dressed!!  It’s unreal.  Alright, we gotta go, Kendall Karson – thank you.  You are hot, you are fun and I will whack off to you later on tonight.

KK: Thanks Paulie!!  I’ll be feature dancing all over the country so look for me!!

PK: I’m looking for you right now, on the web, so I can whack off.

Okay kids – Kendall Karson will be coming to a town near you – please follow her and ask her questions or just bug her for pics at the following:  Twitter is @kendallkarsonxo   Her website is KendallKarson.com, and her Instagram is KendallKarsonxxx.

These days all porn stars will write you back, or at least see your comments and questions – I mean they are waiting at an airport half the time anyway, so don’t hesitate to follow her and read what’s going on.

You can follow me, @Pauliek2003, although I’m not that exciting, you can do it anyway and visit Pauliek.net, for more podcasts of your favorite hotties.

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