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Strip Club Feature, Asa Akira

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Posted in Interviews on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Catching the Fever of 


By Paulie K. with Photos courtesy of A List Features

 Strip Club Feature, Asa Akira

Asa Akira Is the star of the biggest porn trilogy in the history of porn, ever. The movie Asa Akira Is Insatiable 1 -  won 5 awards.  Asa Akira 2 won every single award it was nominated for, tallying up 12 awards.  Asa Akira is Insatiable 3 won 4 awards.  21 awards total for her amazing trilogy in which she performs, DV (Double Vaginal), DP, DA (Double Anal) and a bunch of other amazing stuff that I don’t have initials for.  Asa says there are no plans for another trilogy – but remember kids, George Lucas said the same exact thing about Star Wars.

You could say this project was her White Album, every guy in their home has at least one of them or has seen a few scenes from them.  Her deeds were so dirty, her scenes so passionate and wild that these movies became Must See TV for perverts everywhere.  The DVD’s were so popular they were number one on the charts for years at a time, and her dirty little name became a fixture on everyone’s lips.  Now a crowd favorite for well over 4 years, we finally got her on our cover and we could not be more proud or turned on.

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraPAULIE K: The amazing Asa Akira, how are you my darling?


PK: Asa Akira is Insatiable 1, 2 and 3 were huge, were they not?

AA: They did really really well.  I think they are the best movies I ever made.

PK: Those movies are like Beatles records of porn.  Everyone had them, everyone has seen them, they were everywhere.

AA: I think the second one is probably the best one.

PK: Who did you do in the second one?

AA: Who did I do in the second one or what did I do?

PK: Everything, please for the love of God tell me everything.

AA: I believe I did a Gangbang, I did a couple of DP’s, it was like all anal.

PK: A couple of DP’s?!

AA: Yea, you know, it was no big deal.

PK: No big deal?!  These movies stayed on the top of the charts for years!!

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: Yes, you know I think the first one is still doing pretty well.

PK: The first one was released in 2010, I believe, and it is indeed, still on the charts.  Everyone it seems just wants to see you get fucked, it’s amazing!

AA: I know, I’m like the luckiest person in the world.

PK: And you have some interracial in there as well, do you not?

AA: I definitely did interracial scenes in every movie.

PK: I was doing my podcasts at the time, which I should still be doing but I’m lazy, and I did a chart segment about which movies were on the charts, and every single week, it was you.  Every single week, I got tired of saying your name, honestly.

AA: They were a trilogy and I’ll never make one again, so it’s kind of bittersweet.

PK: I think the only movie that even came close to your sales numbers were the Mandingo Massacre series.  Other then that, you absolutely just blew the competition away with these movies.

AA: Well that was right around when he made his comeback.  He wasn’t around for a few years.

PK: Yea, he made a big comeback, no pun intended.

AA: It’s HUGE.

PK: What size is his penis, like 24 inches long?

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: I don’t know, but it’s definitely huge.

PK: It’s bigger then my apartment, I know that.

AA: Definitely, especially if you live in New York.

PK: That’s true.  He could use that thing as a jack when he gets a flat tire.

AA: Honestly I feel kind of bad for him because I can’t imagine that he goes to a club, picks up a girl, and she sees that and is happy about it.

PK: Why would he even go to a club, the guy has sex like, a 100 times a day!!

AA: Actually, he only works on weekends.  I don’t know why, maybe he has a job or something, but I know he can only work on weekends.

PK: Listen, with a talent like that, he should never have to work again!

AA: Mandingo is such a nice guy too, but I just wouldn’t want to take that thing in me every day.

PK: Ok so girls don’t like too big, but girls like big, right?

AA: It can’t be too big and it can’t be too small, and everything in between is fine.  I feel like most guys fit into that category.

PK: No guy wants to hear that.  “oh your penis is fine, don’t worry.”  That’s what you say when they ask if your seat is comfortable – “yea, it’s fine, it’s fine.  Thanks”  What kind of remark is that?  This is the thing that all guys worry like crazy over!!

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: Yea they do, I don’t know why.  For me, it doesn’t make much of a difference, really.

For me, I could never date a Mandingo or the other big dick guys, there’s just no way I could take that every day.

PK: Look, I understand. You’d like to walk again at some point in your life, right?

AA: Right.

PK: Maybe they could just use their pinky one night or something like that.  Give you a break to let your vagina heal or something like that.

AA: Maybe a Q-Tip.

PK: Now have you worked with Lexington Steele?

AA: Several times, yea.

PK: Oh my goodness I am so in love with you.  Is he too big too?

AA: Oh way too big – way too big.  Half of him would be way too big.

PK: Now tell me please, what do you like to do in front of the camera, because everyone loves to see you fuck, you just have one of those cute, hot bodies.

AA: DP – for sure, no question.  It’s just the most amazing sensation for me – it’s one of my favorite things in the world.

PK: How do you even figure something like that out?

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: For the first Insatiable, I was slated to do my first anal scene for that movie.  But before we even shot that scene, I had a Boy/Boy/Girl scene scheduled, and it was supposed to be vaginal only, but I got along really well with the two guys and in the heat of the moment while fucking, I said “Just put it in my ass!” and the next thing I know I was getting DP’d.  If it didn’t happen that way, I probably would never have done a DP, because it kind of scared me.

PK: It is terrifying.  Did the guy slip it in the ass by mistake?

AA: No! I was just so turned on, I told him to put it in my ass.

PK: Oh boy, see – that’s what happens when you are really turned on – you say things like that.  When girls get in the mood, like really in the mood – they start talking in tongues and shit.  It’s like an exorcism, they want to try stuff and do stuff that would freak out a Voodoo Priest!

AA: Yea, I was very turned on when I
said it.

PK: I hear it’s good for a guy too, have you ever tried it on a guy?

AA: Oh of course.  Have I ever fucked a guy in his butt?

PK: Yea.

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: Of course.

PK: Gosh you say it like your ordering a pizza.

AA: Guys love that.  They love it way more then you would think.

PK: Say what?!

AA: A lot of guys request that of me.

PK: Say what now?  How do you do it?

AA: I just do it.  If they want it, why not?  I had an ex-boyfriend who loved it.

PK: Do you use your hands, or …

AA: No he would like for me to use a strap-on.  He ended up doing gay porn after we broke up.

PK: No shit, what a shocker.  What about non-gays – like straight guys.

AA: I don’t see it as a gay thing, I don’t think anything you do with a woman, could possibly be gay, because you’re with a woman.

PK: Yea but you have to bend the guy over and do that, and that’s kind of gay.  I’m just saying to me, a guy getting porked in the butt is like, exactly what the gays do.

AA: Probably.

PK: Let’s move on.  You have had 3 DVD’s completely control the charts, you are on the Mount Rushmore of Porn Mountain, what is next for you.

AA: I just wrote a book.

PK: Oh stop it.

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: I swear, I wrote a book, coming out in May 2014.  I’m not supposed to talk about it, but it’s hard not to, because I spent a year doing this and poured my heart and soul into it, how could I not talk about it.

PK: Did you have a ghost writer putting all the facts together and everything?

AA: No, I did this myself, I have always been a big reader and writer, so I decided to go for it.

PK: Wait – I have to interrupt – all my listeners, readers and twitter people love to know about porn names.  The first thing they ask me to ask girls are about their porn name – so let me do that now, before I forget.  It should have been one of the first things I asked you, but I get sidetracked before I even begin.

AA: Asa is my real name.  It’s Japanese and it means “Morning” like, “Good Morning”.  Akira I got from a Japanimation movie called “Akira”.

PK: Oh nice, good for you – that’s actually classy and beautiful.

AA: Thank you.

PK: You know I just jerked off to a Hentai movie – for some reason I find some of them very hot.

AA: I like to watch them, but I don’t masturbate when I watch them, but I like to watch them out of interest.

PK: I know but this one spoke to me.

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: Which one was it – was it the one with the octopus with 8 cocks?

PK: No!  What?!  No!  8 cocks?!  No it was not the ones with the monsters.

AA: Which one was it?

PK: It was a cute blonde with this massive black muscle guy with a cock like the Empire State Building.  The cock was coming out of her mouth as he fucked her from behind.  It was like he could eat his cereal with his dick.

AA: Japan is so weird.

PK: They are, right?  Look what they got me watching!!

AA: it’s crazy.

PK: What can a guy do during a scene that drives you crazy.

AA: I just like all the standard stuff, choking, slapping -

PK: Do you like your tits slapped?

AA: Not my tits, because they are fake and I’m so afraid that they are gonna pop.  I don’t know if that’s a legitimate fear or not.

PK: So the ass slapping, not the titty slapping – maybe a thumb in the butt?

Strip Club Feature, Asa AkiraAA: Yea I like that.  Love the thumb in the butt.

PK: I can not thank you enough for taking the time and talking to me, and with me, and about me, and all that good stuff. Thank you so much, you were a pleasure, a joy and a major turn on.

AA: Thank you, Paulie K – it was fun.

Kids if you want to hear this interview in it’s entirety, check out my site, Pauliek.net.  Hear us banter and talk and laugh and
be naughty.

If you want more of this amazing sexual creature called Asa Akira you can tweet her @asaakira or go to her website, www.asaakira.com or listen to her podcast DVDASA.com which goes up every Tuesday and Thursday.  Also, if you want to know exactly how it feels to be inside of her, she’s got a Fleshlight.  Oh yes.  www.fleshlight.com/fleshlight-girls/fleshlight-toys/asa-akira   is the link – or just search for her on the Fleshlight website.  It’s like going to Japan, without actually going to Japan.


Tweet me @pauliek2003,
email me pauliek2003@yahoo.com for anything, thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for enjoying.   I’ll see you next time.

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