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Strip Club Feature, Samantha Saint

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Posted in Interviews on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Samantha Saint

Strip Club Feature, Samantha Saint

Completely Wicked

by Paulie K., Photos courtesy of Wicked Pictures

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintWicked Contract star. Penthouse Pet of The Month for October, 2012.  Covers of Penthouse, Club, Hustler, Club International, Twisty’s Treat of the Month for February, 2011 – I could go on, but I won’t.  Samantha Saint is a blonde bombshell from Denver, Colorado, and is about the prettiest, sexiest porn star you will ever see.  She fits the cliche and breaks it at the same time.  Blonde hair, blue-green eyes, sensual lips and a stare that could make an Eskimo melt, this gorgeous snow bunny is with us this month to discuss her brand new ground breaking DVD, with a brand new company that she is now working with.  An amazingly hot beauty, with a DVD that will blow our minds.  Read on, minions, and prepare to have a party in your pants.

Paulie K: Finally, for the love of God – I got Samantha Saint.

Samantha Saint: Hi Paulie K, how are you?  I’ve got to tell you life in California is wonderful.  I just moved out here from Denver, and I made the move to Malibu, so, not too many complaints in my book.

PK: Malibu must be beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

SS: Oh it is, it definitely is. I love to cook, and I love to eat, so I got my vegetable garden going, and they have tons of nice restaurants everywhere and it’s just beautiful out here.

PK: That is so great for you.  Hey congratulations on your Denver Broncos.

SS: I know!

PK: They are destroying teams this year and you could not be more proud of them and John Elway for all the great work he’s done.

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: They better make it to the Superbowl.

PK: You know the Superbowl is in New York so I hope to see you over here if they do indeed make it to the Big Game.

SS: I know and I have a feeling that during the game it’s going to be brutally cold out there.

PK: Yes it is.  I hope so anyway.  I love football games in the snow, it’s special for me and a lot of people I think.  Well coming from Denver you must be a little snow bunny, aren’t you used to the snow?

SS: Yes, but New York has a different level of cold.

PK: Then Denver?  I think Denver has the colder cold – but who knows, I’ve never been there.

SS: Okay, I was just wondering.

PK: I have never had a discussion about who has the colder cold.  Isn’t cold just cold?  Then you go by degrees?  I don’t know – I defer to you, you are the cold expert, you are the snow bunny, and you are the porn star.

SS: I don’t know.

PK: I don’t know which cold is colder, I guess maybe there is a colder cold, like there’s a hotter hot, you know?  Like there’s a Vegas hot, which you don’t mind when it’s 109 degrees, then there’s the New York hot, where you can’t breathe when it’s 109 degrees.  Anyway – if you came here during the Superbowl – you’d probably think it was summer and wear a bikini.

SS:  Oh God.

PK: Listen, let’s get out of this cold and hot thing, and tell everyone what prompted the move to Malibu, because it’s big news, right?

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: I am a Wicked Contract Girl.

PK: Yaaaay!!

SS: I love Denver, it will always be one of my favorite cities, but California is where my work is now, with Wicked.  I was tired of living out of a suitcase, being independent, and living here in Malibu, I can be close to my job, my company, I’m a team player now so I want to be involved more and really give them my all.

PK: After being an independent mega porn star, you decide to settle down and give your name and talent to Wicked – why Wicked?

SS: I love their high caliber girls, they are all gorgeous.  I love having a big company like them push my brand, push my name and get my face out there, because they have an investment in me, they want it to pay off and they want me to be a lasting success rather then just a big hit for one movie.  Plus they are condoms only – which provides a good safe working environment for me and everyone else associated with Wicked.

Wicked is one big, happy family and it’s something I want to be a part of.

PK: So the condoms finally come into play.  Condoms have come around and went from the most hated villain in porn, to it’s Prince Charming.

SS: Yea, the condoms policy is definitely a big plus for me.  Listen, I started out doing solo, then Girl / Girl, then Boy/Girl, and I’ve worked for all the big companies and I’ve done all the outrageous things and now at this stage in my career, I want to do something different, on a different level that my fans have never seen before, and this seemed like a natural step, a natural evolution.

PK: Will you be doing interracial?

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: I just finished shooting, “Samantha Saint Is Completely Wicked”  It’s a DVD where I came up with all the concepts for each scene.  I chose all the talent, all the set designers and wardrobe and everything.  There are a lot of firsts and I show an extreme side that I’ve never shown before, in this DVD.  My first Interracial scene is in here, my first anal scene, my first gangbang, my first gloryhole, an amazing scene with Dani Daniels – it’s fantastic.

PK: Gangbang?!?

SS: Yea.  It was supposed to be just a gloryhole scene, but the way things were going on and how everything was happening, I got carried away and just went crazy.  I was very horny that day.

PK: You got carried away?

SS: Yea you know when you start these things you don’t know if it’s gonna work, is someone gonna be a jerk, will there be chemistry with these guys, will they turn me on, will I turn them on – I mean there are a lot of things you just can’t plan for.

PK: No of course not.

SS: So we began with meager predictions, and thankfully things escalated very quickly. All the right buttons were pushed, I got hot and they got very hard and we kept going and turned it into a gangbang.  It was fantastic and very hot.

PK: This is sounding like a very hot DVD.

SS: I really get into my work, I’m telling you.

PK: Where did all these penises splatter you with people juice?  On your tits?

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: Oh, everywhere.  Everywhere.  Face, tits, mouth – where ever they came, they came.

PK: That sounds beautiful.  Sounds like they created a Picasso on your naked body.  This is one hot DVD.  “Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked.”  I have got to look at this.

SS: It’s hot, I’m very proud of it.

PK: Now I think I saw somewhere, that you pierced your nipples again – did you take them out and then put them back in?

SS: I have never taken them out.  They’ve always been pierced.

PK: Good for you.  Tell the kids about your stats.

SS: I am 5’8”, I’m pretty tall.  34DD boobs, Oh God, I wear a 27 in my pants, that’s about all I know.  I work out alot, so I’m not chubby.

PK: Absolutely not – your body is perfect beyond belief.  Obviously a ton of people agree since you are a porn superstar and everyone wants to watch you have sex.

SS: I am curvy, though.

PK: You are a woman, a true woman.  What color are your eyes?

SS: Blueish green, I think.

PK: And your mouth is fucking hot.  I am in love with your mouth.  I want to marry your mouth.

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: Thank you.

PK: Now when you give out lap dances, do you get up there and grind them to make them jizz?

SS: No, not really.  I give them a good show, though.  All clubs have different rules and I don’t wanna get kicked out of any of them.

PK: Okay Samantha Saint – what turns you on.

SS: Well, a little romance is nice sometimes, and I also like going butt-fuck crazy sometimes as well.  I guess just mixing it up is really what I like.  Don’t let it get boring.

PK: So a Denver girl likes a little romance,
does she?

SS: Yes.

PK: A nice log cabin with a fire place and a comfy couch with snow outside?

SS: A fur rug, some snuggling and we can sip some wine.

PK: Oh my.  Have you ever fucked on a bear skin rug?

SS: I have a rug from IKEA, it’s faux fur, it looks like a bear skin rug.

PK: Did you do it on there?

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: Oh yes!  Of course!

PK: What positions?

SS: I don’t know, we should assume that I’ve done all positions known and unknown on that rug.

PK: I think that would be a safe bet.

SS: Yes.

PK: Weirdest place you’ve had sex?

SS: Hmmm, you know they all run together after a while.  I’ve had sex in the woods, before.

PK: In the woods?

SS: On a hike, we were hiking.

PK: How old when you lost your virginity?

SS: I think about sixteen.

PK: With the boyfriend?

SS: I was a cheerleader, and he was a
football player.

PK: No!!  THAT is hot!!  That’s like one of your movies!! Did you wear panties as a High School cheerleader?

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: Of course!  You had to wear bloomers.

PK: DId you let guys finger you when they lifted you up for like pyramids and shit?

SS: No, guys weren’t allowed on our squad in high school.

PK: Oh!! This close!! You were close this to living out my fantasy!!  How many players did you fuck?

SS: Just one.

PK: What position did he play?

SS: I don’t remember.

PK: Did he fuck good?

SS: No.

PK: Where did you guys fuck, under the bleachers?

SS: No, at a house party, during New Years Eve or something.

PK: Oh – so no one wore their uniforms then.

SS: No, no uniforms.

PK: Have you ever had sex in your cheerleading uniform?

Strip Club Feature, Samantha SaintSS: No, no.  It would have been very cool though.

PK: Oh fuck yea!  That’s the first thing your supposed to do with a high school cheerleading uniform!! Your supposed to jizz it up!!

SS: Yea, I didn’t do that.

PK: What turns you on, in a guy?  What things do you look for?

SS: Nice teeth, pretty smile, and a nice fit body.  Somebody who takes care of himself, you know?

PK: What about a penis?  Does he even need
a penis?

SS: Ummm, I’m not a size queen by any means.    I get big dick all the time, so I like it pretty average.  It has to have good girth, but not too long.  I love girth on a cock.

PK: You like thick cocks.

SS: Love thick cocks, yea.

PK: Where do you prefer a guy to cum on you?

SS: Wherever they want or wherever it lands, I don’t care.

PK: What’s the first thing you do after sex?

SS: I lay there for a bit, then I go pee.

PK: Are you a cuddle bunny?

SS: No, I’m usually sweaty or he is, and I would just rather they shower then cuddle.

PK: Sammy thanks for the time, it was a pleasure to finally get to talk to you.

SS: Thanks Paulie K.


She will be co-hosting the 2014 AVN Awards along with Chanel Preston, don’t forget to pick up her groundbreaking Wicked DVD, “Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked” and if you want more visit her website, “SamanthaSaint.com” and tweet her @misssaintxxx.

 Visit me at Pauliek.net, and tweet me @pauliek2003 to see what’s going on in my sick little head.  Thanks for reading folks – you can hear this entire podcast at my website, so go check it out.

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